About Us

FromTheEastsideWithLove (FTESWL) delivers new content on sports, entertainment and social topics. You are probably wondering where we got the title from? It’s simple! We are from Eastside Long Beach, California. You can find all the podcast episodes from FTESWL on the site. Our podcast episodes are approximately 40-90 minutes in length. On the podcast we talk about trending topics at the time of the episode which can include: sports, movies, music, video games, culture and politics. Occasionally, high profile guests in the entertainment world or sports industry come on the podcast for an interview and/or to chat. The podcast can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud. On our site there are also various articles and reviews from our writers covering sports, entertainment and social topics.

We encourage all listeners to come on the show and talk to us. We believe our podcast is where your heart will reside and your ears will listen. We also encourage people who are knowledgable in sports, or keep up with entertainment news and likes to write to please reach out to be a writer on the site.

Please follow, subscribe and join the FTESWL Movement. One episode drops every weekend.

Stay blessed, stay positive, stay righteous.

iTunes – fromtheastsidewithlove or fteswl https://itun.es/us/1YP07.c

SoundCloud – fteswl https://m.soundcloud.com/fteswl

Donate to the FTESWL Team here:

Thank you in advance for the donations. Each one applies towards making a better quality experience for you, the fans.

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