About Us

Yo, it’s your boy Kosher & JC here bringing you our podcast titled: FromTheEastsideWithLove or FTESWL for short.

You maybe wondering where we got the title from. It’s simple! We are based out of Eastside Long Beach, CA.

On our podcast and website we talk about sports, entertainment and social topics. We encourage all listeners to come on the show and talk to us. We believe our podcast is where your heart will reside and your ears will listen.

Please follow, subscribe and join the FTESWL Movement… One episode drops every weekend. LET’S GO!

Stay blessed, stay positive, stay righteous…

Please donate to the FTESWL Team here:

Thank you in advance for the donations. Each one applies towards making a better quality experience for you, the fans.

Don’t take our word for it check the feedback from our listeners:

“It’s dope. Once y’all get more comfortable y’all will be straight. It’s a unique lane for sports talk.” @Jutt

“Just finished listening. I think you brehs did a good job.” @SkiHatDaGawd

“I listened pretty good, I agreed with most of the opinions expressed. Especially the one’s on the NBA, and I couldn’t agree more with the evaluation on Lavine and Exum.” @jdashmaj

“Overall it is a good podcast, and I work from home and listen to stuff all day and watch youtube while working — so I will listen again. I do respect what you guys are doing…and hope it cultivates into something for both of you.” @Kalik

“Yes sir… I like the aspiration it was cool breh”@So-Chi

“Y’all got the personality for it, it’s a real laid back vibe I can just chill and listen to casually. Same with the voices.”@Chill

“I think you guys are very knowledgable on the subjects yall speaking on.” @SobeSoles.com

“I think it’s a really good idea” Personal friend

“Pretty insightful” Personal friend

“Sports fans! Go check out @FTESWL Go, do it now! @FTESWL @FTESWL @FTESWL @FTESWL @FTESWL get that fresh, interactive sports talk!” Personal friend

“Where is the link I wanna hear the next episode!” Personal friend

“This is very entertaining you guys got me tuning in!” Personal friend

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