Stranger Things Officially Renewed For Season 3

Written by: Darius Purse

Although its return was never really in doubt, Netflix has officially renewed Strangers Things for Season 3. It has become one of the biggest hits for the streaming service, achieving both critical and commercial success. When season one released in July 2016, it became a word of mouth sensation with viewers quickly discovering the show and spreading the word about how good it was.

By the time season two premiered, just a couple of months ago, Stranger Things had morphed into a massive hit with much anticipation and fanfare. Netflix even produced an after-show, “Beyond Stranger Things”, to recap each episode of season two.

It’s definitely one of my favorite Netflix series and I look forward to seeing season three whenever it does release. One of the biggest achievements the show made was in the casting department, especially with the core group of child actors. I watch a lot of television and generally speaking, it’s rare to find young actors that really stand out and improve a show. Stranger Things has a whole collection of them.

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