Smackdown recap and review 11/14/17 : Survivor Series Go-Home Show

It’s the Immortal KB back again with the SmackDown recap. Tonight’s go home edition of SmackDown is live from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The next Smackdown PPV is WWE Survivor Series a cross brand event and one of the “big four” PPVs live from Houston, Texas, USA in the Toyota Center this Sunday November 19th 2017. Survivor Series match predictions will follow.

The camera showed the wrestlers gathered together then the camera panned left to show Shane McMahon addressing the wrestlers, giving them a pep talk about turning Smackdown from being perceived as the B-show to “Thee Show.” Shane asked Becky Lynch how she feels about Asuka saying she’s going to break the entire Smackdown team. Becky said she’s going to break Asuka’s arm this Sunday. Everyone hooted and hollered other than Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, who were noticeably stoic in the background. Shane asked Corbin if he’ll shut up Miz. Corbin said it’ll be his End of Days. More hooting and hollering. Shane said Triple H has been added to Team Raw’s men’s team. He said they added John Cena, so no worries. Shane said this Sunday they will be the survivors and they will dominate. He said no one can stop them now. He said Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon, and The Shield cannot stop them. New Day said they accepted The Shield’s challenge. Big E said they accepted because “Smackdown Rocks!” Smackdown Rock!” Everyone clapped and chanted together.

Phillips introduced the show as the camera panned the crowd.

Daniel Bryan came out to his music there was a replay the Kane attack. Back live, Bryan said he should have known better than to think Raw was interested in making peace. He said Smackdown doesn’t stay down. “You knock us down, we come right back up and hit you twice as hard.” He said that’s why Raw is afraid and why they added Triple H to their Survivor Series team. Boos from the crowd. He said they’re not only afraid, they’re embarrassed because Smackdown ransacked Raw. He said he didn’t agree with that tactic. He said he knows how vindictive Stephanie McMahon is, and he suspects they will counter-attack. He said they aren’t afraid and they will be ready. He said he bleeds Team Blue because he is proud of this show and proud of their performers and every single person’s heart. He said on Sunday, they’ll prove Smackdown Live is a far better show and they have far better performers than Monday Night Raw. Bryan said a lot can change in a week, such as Smackdown adding John Cena and also a new WWE Champion. He introduced AJ Styles.

Styles came out to his music. The announcers talked about Styles facing Brock Lesnar on Sunday. He absorbed a sustained “AJ Styles!” chant. Styles smiled. Bryan said on Smackdown they like to treat their champions just as good if not better than the champions on Raw, so over on Raw, their “Champion of the Universe” has his own personal advocate for Survivor Series. He asked Styles if he wants his own personal advocate. Styles looked at Bryan and asked, off mic, “Are you saying you?” The crowd chanted “Yes!” Styles said yes. Bryan then imitated Paul Heyman: “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Daniel Bryan, and I am the advocate for the reigning, undisputed WWE Champion of the World, the Phenomenal AJ Styles!”

Bryan said he agreed with Heyman’s first four points, but not point F5 where he said Lesnar would dominate Styles. He said he understands why he’d think that, though, because Lesnar is big and strong. He said, however, Lesnar has a tendency to quit. “Just like he quit WWE years ago,” he said. “Just like he quit to a half-assed knee-bar on a UFC show.” The crowd “oohed.” He said anytime Lesnar is in trouble and gets uncomfortable or pushed into deep water, Lesnar quits. He said Styles will push Lesnar into deep waters. He said you can also about ten minutes, but then you start to drain and, when Lesnar gets tired, he will mentally quit. He made the case that Lesnar is big and strong, but Lesnar cannot go on and on and all night long and keep up with Styles. He said the real fifth reason to tune in on Sunday is to see a 6-3, 285 pound beast mentally beaten, mentally victimized, and mentally conquered by the best in-ring performer of this generation, AJ Styles.

Styles said he can talk because he’s not a puppet like Lesnar. Bryan smiled and nodded. The fans “oohed.” He said fatigue does make quitters of us all, and it may have Lesnar quitting this Sunday. He said he also agrees with Heyman that he is the underdog and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He said this isn’t a Rocky movie, it’s an AJ Styles Production. He said he will find a way at Survivor Series to beat Lesnar and he will prove that Smackdown Live is the A-show and is the House that AJ Styles Built.

Backstage the camera was following Styles when he happened upon Jinder Mahal. He snarled and said after Lesnar rips him apart limb by limb, he will take back what is his. Styles laughed him off bumped his shoulder as he passed.

The first match of the night was a US Championship match between the champ Baron Corbin against the challenger Sin Cara. There were formal ring introductions for the title match. Sin Cara threw a flurry of rapid-fire offense at Corbin. Corbin bailed out seconds into the match. There was a cut to break, but stuck with the action on split screen.

Corbin took over during the break at ringside and threw Sin Cara into the security barricade a few times. Back in the ring and continued to dominate. The announcers talked about who they’d rather represent Smackdown against The Miz. Saxton said Corbin, as much as he doesn’t like him, has had sustained dominance. Sin Cara made a comeback and flew through the ropes and knocked Corbin into the barricade. Back in the ring Sin Cara landed a crossbody for a two count. Corbin whipped Sin Cara into the corner, but Sin Cara ducked. Corbin slid under the ropes and then came back and hit a Deep Six for a convincing near fall. A minute later Corbin stopped a Sin Cara rally and hit End of Days for the win in eight minutes.

Overall this was a decent match not to bad not too long and Corbin really out here. Him vs Cara in hair vs mask match who says no ? Tonight’s match was a B+ match.

The announcers hyped Sami & Owens vs. New Day.

The camera showed members of the Charlotte Hornets in the front row including Dwight Howard.

A video recap aired of the Raw-Smackdown saga in recent weeks.

The camera went backstage to Bryan on his phone. Shane walked in and said it’s great to have him back. Shane said on behalf of the Smackdown roster, he thanks him for his support. Shane said he is stressing cohesion with everyone. Bryan said after Sunday, speaking of cohesion, they need to have a talk after Survivor Series. Shane asked what for. Bryan said he didn’t consult with him before “the raid.” He said because of him, when he tried to make peace, he got chokeslammed for his troubles. Bryan said he’d see him on Sunday, but didn’t want to hear more from Shane, and walked off.

Charlotte made her ring entrance.

In the second match of the night Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya defended the title against Charlotte Flair. Charlotte went for a quick schoolgirl for a near fall. They locked up and Charlotte pushed Natalya into the corner. Charlotte pounded on Natalya with forearms and then at ringside threw her aggressively into the ringside barrier. Graves said it’s good to be aggressive, but Charlotte needs to be careful because a DQ does her no good. She went for the cover in the ring quickly and aggressively and Natalya kicked out (well, Charlotte more or less rolled off of Natalya as if Natalya kicked out). Charlotte gave Natalya a boot, and Natalya rolled out of the ring to avoid another cover. Charlotte slide kicked her.

Back live, Natalya had Charlotte in a surf board submission then she gave Charlotte a discus clothesline for a two count. Charlotte came back with a spear. Graves attributed Charlotte’s energy to a hometown advantage having her more amped up than usual. When she went for the figure-four, Natalya kicked her into the turnbuckle. Natalya set up a sharpshooter, but Charlotte slapped Natalya to break free and then rolled up Natalya for a two count. Charlotte overhead suplexed Natalya into the corner. When Natalya bailed out to ringside, Charlotte kicked her. She set up a moonsault off the ringside barrier, but Natalya grabbed her and powered her back-first into the ringpost. Graves said Charlotte took an unnecessary risk. He said Natalya just needed to get Charlotte into the ring and over her. She instead slapped Charlotte at ringside first. Natalya then put Charlotte in the sharpshooter mid-ring. Charlotte cried out in agony. She crawled toward the bottom rope, but Natalya dragged her back. On a second try, Charlotte reached the rope. Natalya stayed aggressive, but the ref pushed her back. Charlotte then caught her with a big boot and applied the Figure-Eight for the tapout win in twelve minutes.

Flair vs Hart in a another generation. This was the greatest Smackdown Women’s match of all time. Charlotte is the goat and is the first to have held every Women’s championship in the WWE including NXT, Unfortunately Bret Hart was not walking through that door for Natalya. This was a rare A++ match.

Renee Young interviewed Charlotte who gave a tearful interview about how this belt is everything to her. She said every day she works for this belt and it took her longer to get it back than she anticipated. She said it’s great to do it in her hometown. She said this Sunday she’ll walk into Survivor Series and make Alexa Bliss bow down to the Queen. She said there was a Queen of Raw before the Goddess, and she will win for Team Blue. She said most importantly, all of them know that her dad for the last couple months “had a really hard time.” She choked up as she said she knows fans have seen the ups and downs. She said her dad couldn’t be there tonight, but she knows he’s watching at home like he does every Tuesday. She said she knows she’ll get to the back and see a text message congratulating her. She said this was for him.

As Charlotte made her way to the back, Ric Flair’s music played. He walked out onto the stage. The crowd popped. Charlotte ran into his arms. They hugged and cried. RIC FLAIR LIVES. I myself shed a tear. Watch his 30 for 30.

They showed the Usos and then Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable.

Another Bludgeon Brothers vignette aired. They said their purpose is obliterate everyone. This gimmick is trash and the videos come off as comedy.

The Usos walked to the ring and cut a promo about facing Cesaro & Sheamus at Survivor Series.

The third match of the night was Young Chad Gable vs Jimmy Uso. Uso popped Gable in the chin, knocking Gable to the floor in the opening seconds. He went after him, headbutted him, and threw him back into the ring. When Shelton distracted Jimmy, Gable went after Uso’s knee. He stomped away at him in the corner and then scored a two count. They went to commercial but stayed with the action on a split screen.

Gable worked over Uso’s knee the whole time. The announcers, back live, said this could cost the Usos on Sunday. They said they might have made a mistake demanding this match tonight. Gable climbed to the top rope and went for a moonsault, but Uso moved out of Gable’s path. Gable landed on his feet, but Uso rallied and landed a Samoan Drop. Gable came back and threw Jimmy throat-first into the middle rope. Gable went after him at ringside and threw him right back in. Phillips said Gable has been ruthless. When Jey had a few words for him, Gable shoved him and ran into the ring. When Shelton went after Jey, Jimmy surprised a distracted Gable with a kick and scored the pin in seven minutes.

Jimmy and Gable were impressive in an C+ match.

Coming back from break the camera was backstage to Sami when Owens walked up to him. Owens asked what’s wrong. Sami said they’re not on Survivor Series. Owens said it’s because Shane has a vendetta against him. Sami said New Day is a circus act, playing trombone and feeding people cereal. Owens said no one is better than them. He said the only show that matters is the Sami and Kevin Show. Sami said, “You mean the Kevin & Sami Show.” Sami put on his hat.

The New Day made their ring entrance. Graves talked about their match against The Shield on Sunday. New Day then cut a promo about The Shield. The said The Shield, between them, have 13 title reigns. But between the three of them, they have at least 27. “Most of them are Kofi,” Xavier said. Kofi agreed. Kofi wondered why anyone would want to be referred to as a dog, who eat their own poop. Big E said it’s disgusting. Kofi said unicorns, by contrast, are mythical, mysterious, and bring magic onto this Earth. He said they know they can trust each other 100 percent, unlike The Shield. He said the already turned their backs on each other in the past. Xavier said everybody knows the only reason The Shield are together is it’s cuddling season. Big E said for those not on Black Twitter, Xavier would explain it. He said when it gets cold, you get together with your ex and cuddle up until it gets warm again. Big E said they would never betray each other because New Day Rocks.

Tonight in the main event tag team match Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens took on the New Day. Phillips talked about this as a big first-time ever main event tag match. There was a cut to a pretty early break.

Owens had his long mid-match chinlock on Xavier. Eventually Xavier hot-tagged Big E in and tossed Sami around, including a belly-to-belly. Big E landed his running splash, then led the crowd in slaps. When Owens interfered, Big E threw him to the floor. Xavier then flip dove onto him at ringside. As Big E celebrated, The Shield’s music began. Cheers from the crowd. They all knew where to look, and out walked The Shield in half red-Raw t-shirts and half-Shield t-shirts. Graves said it looks like there’s a counter insurgency going on. They marched toward the ring with ten minutes left in the show.

Owens and Sami stood next to New Day, but then rolled out of the ring. The Shield attacked New Day. Out came the Usos. There was a brief staredown between the Usos and Reigns. Next, Sheamus and Cesaro ran into the ring from the crowd. There was a cut backstage to the Raw Women’s team and they attacked the Smackdown women in the locker room. The camera followed them in,. The Raw fivesome surrounded Charlotte. Alexa Bliss then showed up and hit Charlotte with the Raw Women’s championship.

Back to the ring, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Titus O’Neal, and Apollo Crews joined in the brawl in red t-shirts. Shane McMahon charged to the ring with Corbin, Roode, Dolph Ziggler, and Shinsuke Nakamura. The Hype Bros joined in the fight. Kurt Angle stepped onto the stage and out walked Braun Strowman. Graves said the rest don’t stand a chance. He entered the ring and tossed out Nakamura. Shane went after Braun with his trash punches. Braun brushed them off and knocked him down. Braun threw Ziggler into the ringside barricade. In the ring The Shield held Shane against the ropes and Joe yelled at him from ringside. Shane tried to fight back, but The Shield overwhelmed him. Graves said Shane has only himself to blame having started all of this. Joe bashed Big E with remnants of Xavier’s trombone.

Angle approached the ring and entered as The Shield held Shane. Angle took satisfaction and grabbed Shane’s face and asked how it felt. He told him if he thinks this feels bad, wait until Sunday. Angle did a thumbs up, and then a thumbs down. The Shield then gave Shane their triple powerbomb. Angle then gave Shane an Angle Slam. After more time passed, The Shield delivered another triple powerbomb. Graves said if this is the scene on Sunday, Smackdown could become the C-show. The Raw wrestlers stood together on the stage as the Raw theme song played and the show ended.

Smackdown had an explosive ending more crazy than when they invaded Raw. I am very excited for Survivor Series. This was an A+ Smackdown and with what has happened over the last two weeks in the WWE card subject to change.

Now for the Survivor Series predictions

In the Women’s traditional Survior Series match my pick to win is the Raw Women’s team. Askua will be very impressive.

In the Shield vs New Day dream match my pick to win is The Shield.

In the Women’s interbrand championship match my pick to win is Charlotte Flair over Alexis Bliss.

In the match up between US Champion Baron Corbin against Intercontinental Champion Miz my pick to win is the Miz.

In the match between the two tag team champions my pick to win is The Usos.

In the Men’s traditional Survivor series match my pick to win is team Raw because they have too much star power to lose.

In the main event where Universal Champion Brock Lesnar takes on WWE Champion AJ Styles my pick to win is Brock Lesnar.

Raw – 5 Smackdown-2

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