Pace Yourself and Take a Break

Written by: Kem3

The art of pacing yourself and learning to take breaks is extremely important. Workaholics and perfectionists love to work hard and to essentially work nonstop, so if you have these types of personalities, it is really easy to burn yourself out by continually pushing yourself despite your body and mind telling you to stop. For example, you might get a headache or your body might be extremely sore, but you keep on pushing because that’s what you were taught. However, I’ve found that, if, day after day, you keep ignoring your feelings of fatigue and displeasure, those feelings will become deep-rooted and turn into a feeling of dread and you will be fighting against yourself ever day once this feeling comes about.

This is why you must learn the art of taking a break and avoid mentally punishing yourself for taking that break. It’s very easy to get into a state of mind where you feel like if you’re taking a break that you’re falling behind or you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, but realistically, when you start burning out, the time off you will have to eventually take from burning out and the loss of efficiency that comes from that feeling of dread from pushing yourself so hard will set you back much further.

Learn to pace yourself and take breaks when you start feeling dread. Push yourself, but never push yourself to such an extent that you are stressing yourself out beyond belief. This is a very important concept that you can apply to many areas of life. Peace and God bless to the righteous.

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