Smackdown Recap for 10/3/17

It’s the Immortal KB back again with the SmackDown recap. Tonight’s SmackDown is live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, USA. The next Smackdown PPV is WWE Hell In A Cell on October 8th 2017 this Sunday away live from the Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Hell In A Cell predictions will be after the review.

The show opened Smackdown just as they did Raw, with a silent moment with Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and the wrestlers on the stage in acknowledgment of the Las Vegas mass shooting on Sunday night. Not to be that guy but I did not spot Kevin Owens.

Then a video package on Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal interactions over the last few weeks aired.

Renee Young stood in the center of the ring to open the show. She introduced her guest, Shinsuke. Graves said, “What a way to kick off Smackdown Live!” A “Nakamura” chant broke out. It almost turned into a competing “Nakamura! / Nakamura!” battle chant between two sides of the arena. Renee asked Nakamura about Jinder perhaps crossing the line with his comments. She asked how they affected him. Shinsuke paused and made some faces, then said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the words can never hurt me.” He smiled and made more faces. Renee said Jinder has called him eccentric. Nakamura said, “The greatest fear of all is the fear of the unknown, but Jinder will know when I beat him and become WWE Champion.He was interrupted by the Singh Brothers. They said, “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”

They apologized for interrupting “this thrilling interview,” dripping with sarcasm. They introduced Jinder. They turned to the stage, but Jinder attacked Nakamura from behind. He beat him down. Saxton called it a well-laid-out plan. Graves called it a brilliant plot. Nakamura, though, came right back with some kicks. He took care of one of the Singh’s, tossing him head-first into the middle rope then the other Singh. Shinsuke nailed Jinder with a tornado kick. He played to the crowd and signaled for the Kinshasa, but the Singh brothers grabbed his legs. Jinder attacked him. Then a three-on-one resulted. Graves said you have to retain your championship at all cost and that’s what Jinder is all about. Jinder then hit the Khallas (cobra clutch slam). He stood over Nakamura and held up his belt. Graves said he’s been ruthless and will do anything to retain his championship.

Coming back from a break in backstage clip from earlier, Natalya told Carmella that she better not cash in her MITB briefcase tonight or Sunday at Hell in a Cell or she’ll be sorry, “and so will you little dog.” James Ellsworth barked in response to the insult. Natalya said if Ellsworth is a male dog, she is a female dog, “and you know what that means.”

The first match of the night was a women’s division tag team match between Natalya & Carmella against Charlotte & Becky. Soon as the bell rang Charlotte and Becky cleared the ring of the heels early, and then there was a break.

The action was aired with a split screen during the break. The heels took over and Natalya settled into a chinlock during the break. Charlotte got the hot tag and rallied. She went for a figure-four, but Natalya kicked out and then ducked into the ropes. The ref had to pull Charlotte off of the ropes. Meanwhile, Carmella hit Becky with the briefcase. That distraction opened up Natalya to hit Charlotte from behind. Natalya then applied the sharpshooter mid-ring. Charlotte tapped out ending the eight minute match with the team of Natalya & Carmella being victorious.

To be honest this was actually a very solid match in my opinion. Charlotte and Natalya are best Women wrestlers on Smackdown. This was a C- grade match. The plot thickens for this Sunday.

The announcers hyped the HIAC line-up then a break.

Coming back a six minute long video package on the Kevin Owens-Shane McMahon feud aired then another break.

Coming back again Bobby Roode was shown backstage heading out for the next match then yet another break.

The second match of the night was Bobby Roode vs Mike Kanellis. This was a two minute squash with a Glorious DDT from Roode to end it. As KRS-One said in his best song “the bridge is over’ the push for one Mr.Kanellis is over. Maria is pregnant so she will be gone until maybe around this time next year that’s even if she comes back.

The Roode man looked strong and with his PPV debut on Sunday I’m interested. This was a A+ squash.

As Roode celebrated, Dolph Ziggler came out onto the stage and congratulated him on his win. He said he’s a huge fan of the whole production. He said he’s working on an entrance for HIAC on Sunday. A siren sounded. He said that was one idea, but he has another. In the dead space, a “CM Punk!” chant broke out. Ziggler came out banging on a bass drum from a marching band. He then shot off some children’s party confetti and spun noisemakers. Graves, hilariously, told Saxton to calm down “because I know this reminds you of your birthday.” Ziggler then sounded a horn.

Ziggler asked if everyone had goosebumps and if everyone liked him now. He said Bobby thinks his entrance is everything, and congratulations after all of these years, he found a way to weasel his way into the back door and make to the WWE. Roode fake laughed. Ziggler said at HIAC he’s going to show the world an entrance like they’ve never seen before. He told Roode to bring all the smoke and mirrors he wants, “but at some point the bell has to ring, buddy, and I’m going to expose you for what you are.” He told Roode, “Bobby, you are nothing more than an entrance, and that is all you will ever be.” He dropped the mic and left to his music. Roode asked Ziggler where he is going because he has an answer to his question, asking for his opinion on his entrance. He said it was horrible and absolutely terrible. “You’re doing it all wrong,” he said. “It goes a little something like this.” Roode then did his Glorious body movements and his music played.

The Usos came out and delivered a message for New Day. Jey said one of them will be at ringside eating Booty-Os while the other two are getting worked over inside the Cell. They went on to explain what will happen when New Day are “on lock” with them inside the Cell. They referred to their shirt as “not trying to sell merch, but a lifestyle.”

New Day came out and pitched their “New Day underwear” exclusively at WWE’s online store. Xavier said they’re not really feeling like pitching stuff because this Sunday is HIAC. They said instead of talking about rights, they’re going to talk about lefts, because since they left Raw and came to Smackdown, nobody knew the Smackdown tag division could be this good. They entered the ring and Kofi said they’ve left everyone in awe of what they do. Big E said whether they were in the Kick Off or main show, a regular match or a street fight, they’ve left no doubt they were in the best match of the night. Xavier said most of all, last time they left “with these,” looking down at the tag belts around their waists. Kofi said the Usos will be left in a “pile of their own Day One Ish.”

Coming back from another break we were taken backstage to Jinder who commented on his attack on Shinsuke earlier in the night. He claimed it took nothing but a “simple distraction” to throw “the rock star” off his game. While he said that, the Singh brothers were holding both of Nakamura’s legs, much more than a mere distraction. He said he will stand tall as champion at the end of the night on Sunday.

The announcers hyped Hype Bros. vs. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable on the Kickoff Show. Saxton also broke the news that the Fashion Files, which was scheduled to return tonight, will instead return at HIAC. DAMN At this point Fashion Files is like when a rapper you like keeps pushing back projects. King Pusha should have been out

The third match of the evening was Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger. Graves said he expected a big fight from Tye, but Corbin might be unstoppable tonight. He said Corbin wants to “make money and win trophies.” Tye went after Corbin aggressively from the start. Corbin threw him hard into the corner, but Tye fought back right away. When Corbin tossed him to the floor, Tye quickly ran back into the ring then he rammed Corbin’s head into the top turnbuckle. They showed AJ Styles watching backstage with the U.S. Title belt over his shoulder. Tye superkicked Corbin and knocked him to the floor. There was a break as Phillips asked if this could be his night.

They stayed with the action during the break with a split screen. Corbin took control blocking an attempt by Tye to suplex him off the ring apron and then knocked Tye into the ringside steps. Corbin got in a beatdown. Phillips hyped that they’d hear from Styles after the match. Graves said Corbin told him he is staying in Denver for a few extra days to train at high altitude to prepare for Sunday. Tye then surprised Corbin with a small package as a counter to a methodical vertical suplex attempt, and Tye got the three count to win the eight minute match. Corbin was shocked and Tye fled the ring to celebrate as his music played. Corbin threw a fit. Saxton said Corbin seemed perhaps mentally preoccupied with his obsession with Styles.

This was truly an A+ grade match. The ending was great and made every man look strong.Tye should be in the match this Sunday. Corbin was better than average.

Afterward, Styles appeared on the big screen and rubbed it in that he “squandered away another opportunity.” He said he has the ability of a thoroughbred, but the attitude of a jackass. He said if he thought it’d be handed to him, that’s not how things work. He said this is Smackdown, “the house that AJ Styles built.” He said if Corbin pushed himself a little harder, maybe he wouldn’t have lost to Cena at Summerslam and maybe he’d have cashed in the MITB contract successfully or beat Tye tonight. He said Corbin doesn’t take responsibility, he throws temper tantrums. He said his tantrums are getting in his way, and at HIAC he will teach him shortcuts won’t work with him because his opportunities will get cut short.

A video package aired on Susan G. Komen.

Dana Warrior did what she did on Raw, standing alongside breast cancer survivors with the Smackdown Women’s Division standing behind her. She unveiled three title belts for the women and then they shook the ropes as Warrior’s music played.

The announcers hyped Randy Orton vs. Aiden English was up next.

They showed Aiden English singing last week and then Orton attacking Rusev.

Live in the ring, Rusev said, “Last week was supposed to be Happy Rusev Day,” but you ruined it!” He said there will be plenty of Happy Rusev Days yet to come, such as Sunday when breaks him at HIAC in front of the WWE Universe. He said the day after when his family is embarrassed to look him in the eyes, at which point Orton’s music interrupted.

The main event of the evening was Randy Orton vs Aiden English. Rusev leaped onto the ring apron as soon as the bell rang, which gave English a chance to attack Orton from behind. He kicked away at him in the corner. Orton fought out of the corner, but ate a boot. When he went for an RKO out of nowhere, Aiden avoided it and took control. When English ducked a clothesline, he rebounded off the ropes right into an RKO to lose the three minute match.

Another squash match Randy is spamming the RKO at this point. B+ match grade.

Clips aired of last week’s incident when Shane McMahon charged right into Sami Zayn with a chair wrapped around his neck when Owens shoved him.

Backstage Sami approached Shane. Shane said after what happened last week with the powerbomb off the apron, he didn’t expect to see him. Sami said he can tell he expects to beat up Owens in HIAC on Sunday, but he has no idea what he’s in store for. Shane said, “I won’t be locked inside the Hell in a Cell with Kevin Owens, Kevin Owens will be locked in the Hell in a Cell with me.” Sami said this isn’t the snarky Owens, this is a more ruthless version of him. He told Shane he was the best man at Owens’ wedding, and look at what he did to him. Shane thanked him, but said with all due respect, Shane can take care of himself and he’ll take care of himself. Sami nodded as he grabbed at his injured ribs. Shane headed toward the ring.

With a full 15 minutes left in the show, Shane McMahon came out to his entrance music. Graves said Owens stepped way over the line when he attacked The Chairman, and now he’s looking for revenge. Shane asked, “What’s up, Denver?” He called Owens out, but Owens didn’t respond. Shane said it’s just as he expected. He said Shane is what he thought he is – a coward. He said he disparaged his family including his children, beat down his father, and then hid behind Sami as a human shield to avoid him. He said on Sunday he can’t run anywhere because he’ll be locked inside the HIAC with him. He said when the Cell door closes, “I’m going to change your life.” He said he’s also going to change the HIAC match rules – it’ll be Falls Count Anywhere. I thought they were always falls count anywhere.

He said he won’t have any barrier in his way as he extracts his revenge. He said he’ll beat him beyond recognition. Owens showed up in the crowd and mouthed off. Shane said “Face to Face” means he needs to actually walk into the ring and face him. Owens said he aims to please, but then stopped and said he’s already spent too much time in Denver as it is, so he’ll see him in Detroit. Shane said, “Just as I thought. Coward.” Owens stopped in his tracks, but then began walking away again. Shane said if Owens won’t bring the fight to him, he’ll bring it to Owens. Shane went through the crowd and ran up the steps. When Shane finally got to the concourse, Owens attacked him from behind. The fans had been pushed back behind a barrier, making the whole ordeal seem so fake and pre-orchestrated. Owens powerbombed Shane through a concession table. Owens walked back toward the arena bowl and down the steps toward the ring.

Owens entered the ring and said if Shane is having a hard time now, he has no idea what is coming his way at HIAC. He said he likes the Falls Count Anywhere rules, because he wants to beat him up inside the cell and outside the cell and anywhere he wants to. He said he grind his face against the fence until his flesh comes off, he will powerbomb him until he forgets the names of his kids, and then he will throw him off the Cell “and there is not getting back up this time.” There was a ruckus in the crowd and the camera panned over as Shane limped his way down the steps. Owens said he better stop if he wants to make it to Hell in a Cell. Shane struggled, but continued his way to the ring.

Owens met him in the crowd and beat him up in an area that had conveniently been pre-cleared by security. Shane fought back and threw Owens into the ringside area, then leaped off the ringside barrier. Owens threw Shane over the announce table. Owens returned to the ring and checked on his left eye. The crowd chanted “This is awesome.” Shane crawled into the ring, but Owens beat him down again. Shane fought back with some punches. Owens superkicked him. Owens began to leave, but returned. Shane punched him a couple times, but Owens headbutted him down in response. They showed a girl in the crowd holding her hands to her mouth in shock. There were some boos. Shane crawled toward Owens, but Owens stared down at him and stepped back. He seemed a little surprised by Shane, but then delivered a Pop-up Powerbomb. He kneeled by Shane and stared at him, then got up. Owens walked to the back as the announcers talked about the match at HIAC. Phillips said it seems like an inevitably the Owens will powerbomb Shane until he forgets the names of his kids.

The ending was fire A+ all the way. This has become the most interesting match to me.

Overall this Smackdown felt it was on a fast forward. It wasn’t that great of a go-home show until the last twenty minutes. Storylines progressed but they aren’t likely to end on Sunday also with only two matches actually being in a cell on Sunday it is actually a major letdown the PPV is called Hell In A Cell. This was a C- grade Smackdown.

Hell In A Cell Predictions

In the kickoff show tag team match between Young Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs

The Hype Bros I am picking the team of Young Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin to win.

In the Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler match my pick to win is Bobby Roode.

In the Randy Orton vs Rusev match my pick to win is Rusev.

In the Smackdown Women’s championship match between the champion Natalya against the challenger Charlotte Flair my pick to take home the gold is Charlotte Flair.

In the Smackdown Tag Team Championship match inside of Hell in A Cell between the champs the New Day against the challengers the Usos my pick is for the New Day to retain the titles.

In the United States Championship match between the champion AJ Styles against the challenger Baron Corbin my pick is for Corbin to steal the championship.

In the WWE Championship match against champion Jinder Mahal against challenger Shinsuke Nakamura my pick to win is Shinsuke Nakamura if he doesn’t win Mahal will be in one of the Wrestlemania “main events” as WWE Champion.

In the main event Hell In A Cell Falls Count Anywhere match between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens my pick to win is Shane McMahon.

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