Hulu Scores With Streaming Rights To Classic TGIF Shows

Written by: Darius Purse

If you were a 90’s kid, there’s a good chance you grew up watching TGIF on ABC. the 1990’s Friday night sitcom block played host to many beloved shows for a generation of kids. Now thanks to Hulu, 8 shows from that era are now available to stream in their entirety.

A partnership with Disney-ABC brings Family Matters, Full House, Perfect Strangers, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, Dinosaurs, and Home Improvement to the streaming platform. This marks the first time the complete series of Home Improvement and Boy Meets World have been available for streaming.

I grew up watching all these shows, with the exception of Perfect Strangers. Hulu has done a great job lately with securing rights to many classic shows. It’s been a while since I watched any TGIF shows, but nostalgia is a powerful factor and I can see myself checking some episodes out to see how they hold up.

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