Don’t Dream About Getting Paid

Written by: Kevm3

Does the lawn cut itself? Do the blades of grass fall in half if you merely sit around and reflect upon cutting it all day? No. If you want the yard to look beautiful, you have to get up and go cut the yard. You have to get up and put in your work. The same is true with improving yourself. Many people stay looking for some kind of quick scheme to get results without having to put in the work. You won’t get far with that kind of mentality. On the other hand, if you love the process of work and of improving yourself, the results and rewards will come on their own. You have to love getting to work on whatever it is you are trying to improve on. If you want something, you have to go get up and go get it. Things are much simpler than you were led to believe. It only becomes complex when we devise 1000 different schemes to avoid getting up and working hard.

If you want to be a better artist, take your pen/pencil out and draw a ton and constantly look for small improvements to make. The cumulative effect of all of this will make you highly skilled over time. All of these weird things like chanting or repeating slogans in your head or whatever strange nonsense these new age books have you doing isn’t going to get you anything but mediocrity and wasted time. You want to lose weight? Get up and get your butt in the gym. The improvements come in DOING and not merely REFLECTING. So today, if you were thinking about getting something done, whether it is learning a new skill for a future career, stop putting it on the backburner and get at it. God bless.

Author: FTESWL

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