We back at it again!

JC: I’m boycotting the No Fun League

 so I’m winging all my picks. Still will beat Kosher throughout the year. 

Kosher: JC lost last time we did this. He easy work.

JC: Yeah a nigga who quit doing picks 2 weeks into the season won… 

Spread is from ESPN. Scores generated are from A.W. Patterson along with the teams underlined are his model’s picks.

ARZ 23 at DET 24 (ARZ -2)

ATL 29 at CHI 21 (ATL -7)

BAL 16 at CIN 26 (CIN -3)

BUF 23 at NYJ 21 (BUF -9)

CAR 26 at SF 23 (CAR -5.5)

PIT 26 at CLE 20 (PIT -8.5)

NYG 20 at DAL 25 (DAL -4)

LAC 21 at DEN 24 (DEN -3.5)

SEA 22 at GB 23 (GB -3)

JAX 14 at HOU 24 (HOU -5)

IND 20 at LAR 21 (LAR -3.5)

NO 24 at MIN 26 (MIN -3.5)

OAK 22 at TEN 25 (TEN -2.5)

KC 20 at NE 26 (NE -9)

PHI 21 at WSH 24 (PHI -1)

TB at MIA (postponed)


JC: Pats easy unless Goodell calls in bomb threat.

Kosher: Patriots aren’t losing at home.


JC: Houston will be bonded closer than ever by Hurricane Harvey. Jags gon jag aka they trash. 

Kosher: Houston is gonna win this. Gonna be a big game to rally behind after their unfortunate disaster.


JC: Light work for Bucs as they are my team to face Pats in Super Bowl. Jay Cutler still alive.

Kosher: We get to see the debut of an offensive monster with the Bucs. I got them winning.


JC: Jet are in No Limit mode aka they tanking for their new QB draft pick. 

Kosher: I don’t trust the Jets. Buffalo should win at home.


JC: Eagles cuz I trust the youngin over Kirk.

Kosher: I see the Skins pulling this off. Winning at home. Kirk is playing for a big contract.


JC: Big scores so game ends in last minute  and Raiders know how to steal those. 

Kosher: Titans owe Raiders one from last year and we gonna give it to them. Titans are my team. MariGOATa!


JC: Falcunts lose as Demon of Super Bowl Past haunts them all season

Kosher: Look for the Falcons to bounce back from their historic embarrassing loss in the SuperBowl.


JC: Bengals cuz Ravens didn’t sign Kap. 

Kosher: Make or break year for the whole Bengals team I feel. Look for them to start off strong like they usually do.


JC: Browns are cursed until proven otherwise. 

Kosher: Steelers have the easiest match up for week 1.


JC: Shootout with Lions winning. 

Kosher: Look for Matt Stafford to show why he’s worth the big bucks.


JC: Rams because NFL hates draws. 

Kosher: Reports of Luck being out for the start of the NFL season. Got me thinking this could be a struggle game. Look for Rams to win.


JC: Green Bay as the refs owe them one. 

Kosher: Second best game to watch behind Titans and Raiders. Look for Wilson to edge this out against Rogers.


JC: 9ers are cursed 

Kosher: Cam Newton gonna work the Niners.


JC: Zeke playing so expect the NFL to favor the Cowgirls so they can slap the suspension on during a run. 

Kosher: Cowboys lose at home. Eli gonna be slanging.


JC: Get Well Teddy. 

Kosher: Look for Brees to literally throw his way into victory. I don’t trust Bradford but I do trust the Vikings defense.


JC: Broncos cuz Rivers didn’t want to play in LA. 

Kosher: We all know what the Broncos defense can do when they are on. They will be on first game back.

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