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On August 19, 2017, Terence Crawford became the most recent undisputed WBC,WBA,WBO,IBF and Ring Magazine champion in the 140 pound division  since the legend Kostya Tszyu by defeating Julius Indongo. As most hardcore fans and casual fans got a glimpse of history they also saw the future in front of their eyes. Terence Crawford may be new to many but in the boxing world he has been a Goliath dominating many of his opponents. While he is still being snubbed for his #1 pound for pound spot and poor management by Bob Arum, he still competes and dominates all his opponents. When I say dominate, I literally mean dominate. Terrence doesn’t have the charismatic voice of Floyd Mayweather to market himself or the European skin of Lomachenko to be network friendly but he does have his fist that do the talking.


 Crawford comes from and still lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He doesn’t live and extravagant life or show off 3 million dollar cars even though he could afford it. He is a people’s champ. He fights, trains and sleeps in Nebraska. The allure of Las Vegas or hustle and bustle of New York doesn’t entice him. The People of Omaha however, treat him like Ali. They nicknamed him “Bud” and you can’t go a mile without finding a person who doesn’t know Bud. Terence Crawford is build his fan base in this rural area, rather than start in the big cities. Some say it may have hurt his career and popularity. Although he fought in Madison Square Garden in New York City, I doubt even 4% of the New York Population know who he is.


It doesn’t negate the fact that in the boxing community he is a boxer’s boxer. If you ask any boxer who is the top boxer right now, with no pause they will say Terence Crawford. They will even say he he is miles ahead of the great Floyd Mayweather. Terence Crawford is a perfectionist. He has mastered the orthodox boxing stance and the south paw boxing stance. He is an amazing body puncher and counter puncher. His jabs are precise and accurate and has a powerful right hand. Not only can he box he can also brawl.  There is nothing he can’t do. Most fighters in his division chicken away from him. He is even considering moving up to welterweight (147 lb) to fight the champions there since he depleted his division.


Terence Crawford caught boxing notoriety after he beat Yuriorkis Gamboa. Gamboa was a big prospect and was looked at as the next Oscar de la Hoya. Gamboa signed a million dollar contract with rapper 50 Cent and was looked at as the favorite to beat Terence Crawford. But on that night Terence proved himself and to the world that he was a champion for a reason. He embarrassed Gamboa, knocking him down more than once and throwing sweet combinations. Shocking the world and boxing fans. This fight was the fight of the year

You can see the video below:


From the Gamboa fight he gained tons of prestige and boxing acclaim but the Victor Postal fight gave him pound for pound status. Viktor Postol was the WBC light welterweight champion and he came of a KO win of Lucas Matthyssee. No one wanted to fight Viktor Postol. He was taller and had more power than everyone in the division. Terence Crawford took the challenge, beat Viktor Postol and took his belt. He beat Postol bad and gained recognition from the boxing commission. Terence completely put outclassed Viktor Postol, knocking him down twice and out boxing him.

You can see the fight below :


At this point I’m still surprised that the casual fans don’t know the next Floyd Mayweather. He may not be as flashy as him or have his mouth, his has his boxing resume. Especially on August 19th, when he beat Julius Indongo on national television, it cemented his #1 pound for pound status. This guy is a true champion and he is one the boxing fans should respect.



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