Conan Exiles Early Access Review

Written by: Delbert Lennox

“Great for survival game fans.”


What IS Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles is a survival game for the PC, and Xbox One early access.

It is a game about survival a very harsh environment set in the world of Conan the Barbarian.

You can pick it up right now on steam for about $40 dollars [CDN] on steam

Is It Worth The Buy?

Conan Exiles is very much an early access game,  and as such its always great to look into it before spending your money.  Early access games are games that are incomplete and unfinished. You experience bugs, glitches and many of the side effects of playing a buggy mess. (So think of a bethesda game) However Conan Exiles is actually quite good. With frequent updates and a good team behind them it looks to being one of the so few successful early access titles.  The game drops you into a world where you have nothing but your fists and you have to scavange to find the materials you need to survive. You need water, shelter, food and clothing as all of this affects your survival rate.  You can die from many things in this wasteland, and one of them can even be players! Conan Exiles does have an online function, where you can play with friends, and potential enemies. You can kill eachother, and take weapons and supplies from other people, and much more. Playing with other people is always a double sided sword. On one side you need to trust someone who could just kill you and take your stuff, or you work on your own and risk the same. However the option to work with a friend is nice when you do get someone you trust to play with because it makes your life a whole lot easier, gathering and farming materials and food goes alot faster with more people. 

Conan Exiles is great for survival fans, as it includes every survival mechanic that we can think of. warmth, cold, food, water, and combat. It also features a MMO like skill tree where as you level up you unlock new skills for building items to help you in your struggle. Build bases, build weapons,   cook food, and so much more. 

Wrapping It All Up

Conan Exiles is a incomplete game, but it could be worse.  The game is very much playable and has many mechanics in the game that some survival games either have a broken system, or down right dont have it implemented.  With the game on sale right now I think its definatly picking up to play with your friends.

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