Conor Mcgregor bashes Vasyl Lomachenko

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Last week when Conor McGregor had a media day to talk about getting ready to fight the best boxer of this generation “Floyd Mayweather”. The media of all genres, showtime, espn, sportscenter, fight hype, UFC and more came to see the mma champ workout for his upcoming fight.this was more than a spectacle, it was an event. But that wasn’t the biggest part of the day; the biggest part was a boxer who wasn’t even in the corridor, Vasyl Lomachenko.



Vasyl Lomachenko came off a stunning win in early August. Tweeting he wants to spar Conor McGregor the next day. Vasyl Lomachenko is a lightweight world champion that has a Amateur boxing pedigree of 300 fights. Some call him the next willie pep. Now back to Conor McGregor, Conor didn’t take Vasyl’s request lightly, McGregor stated Vasyl Lomachenko should stop running from Guillermo Rigondeaux (A undefeated world champion). The fact that Conor knew this situation actually impressed me with his boxing knowledge. Although I still feel Floyd will knock him out, I will talk about that another day.


Some of you may still be lost on who Vasyl Lomachenko is and what’s so special about amateur boxing fights. For one Amateur boxing fights are judged more on skill rather than power and brawling. It is well respected world wide and your wearing a head guard which would obliterate any brawlers chances of getting a knockout.

Although, there are some knockouts in the amateurs the gold medal winners usually get there by ring iq, boxing technique, stamina , head movement and footwork. For Vasyl Lomachenko to come out on top more than once and to have more than 200 amateur fights is stunning. Your facing fighters from all over the world from Korea all the way to Australia.  

Check this video of Vasyl Lomachenko doing work on amateur boxer:


Vasyl Lomachenko is a very good boxer I’ll give him that. He doesn’t make mistakes and never gets tired. He beat tough opponents like Roman Rocky Gonzalez and Gary Russel Jr  to champions like Nicholas Walters and Jason Sosa. Not just beating them but embarrassing them. I never even thought he would be able to defeat Nicholas Walters. A slugger and heavy handed knockout artist.

Look at Lomachenko just toys with Walters. In this video he makes Nicholas Walters look like an amateur boxer


Vasyl Lomachenko isn’t perfect, he did lose to Orlando Salido. Although it was early in his pro career, a loss is still a loss. With only 8 pro fights , Vasyl should not be calling himself pound for pound. For some reason white fighters that are above average usually get put on the pound for pound list. It’s embarrassing that hbo put Vasyl who has a record of 8-1 in the pound for pound list over champions such as Terrence Crawford, Keith Thurman, Errol Spence and Guillermo Rigondeaux

Speaking of Guillermo Rigondeaux, it’s a known fact in the boxing world that Vasyl Lomachenko doesn’t want to fight Guillermo Rigondeaux. Vasyl has been running from him for a year now. Vasyl made excuses saying Guillermo isn’t a fan attraction but Vasyl Lomachenko just fought Steven Marriaga, a guy that never even fought on national tv. Steven Marriaga is even coming off a loss to Oscar Valdez.



Vasyl Lomachenko is a good fighter but should not be considered a top 10 fighter. Maybe if he fights and beats Guillermo Rigondeaux, Terrence Crawford or Mikey Garcia then we can consider him for the pound for pound list.

Last week’s media day wasn’t about Conor’s cool moves, his Lamborghini but about him calling out a boxer trying to fool the public that he is the real deal


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