3 Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor Can Win

3 unorthodox reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on Conor McGregor knocking out Floyd Mayweather

Vs 3 unorthodox reasons why Floyd will take Conor to school



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What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, on Saturday, August 26 in Las Vegas we find out. There may be many sceptics who will doubt that paradoxical statement stating this is a ‘circus’, how can an 0-0 fighter compete against a 49-0, 5 division world champion. But to those unfamiliar, whilst Mayweather is an immovable object, undefeated for 20 years, highest PPV and the biggest draw, Conor is no doubt an unstoppable force. Unstoppable not in his fighting record as he has suffered defeats (you can hear Mayweather stating plural) but an unstoppable ‘force’ as a metaphorical statement as no other UFC fighter or combat athlete has done what he has done in his timespan; the only fighter to hold the featherweight and lightweight title simultaneously, highest UFC PPV and gate record all within four years.


While this fight is strangely odd from the start to possibly the end result each competitor’s fans are passionate their fighter will make it look easy. The Mayweather supporters state ‘this is an embarrassment, a total mismatch and Conor will be schooled’ and the Conor supporters state ‘Conor has a unique movement Floyd has never seen before; he is now dealing with a younger beast that will knock him out. While each statement is valid there is more to it, below I have constructed unorthodox reasons for each.



3 unorthodox reasons Conor will knock out Floyd Mayweather



Number oneEvolution


“The doubters said, “man cannot fly,” the doers said, “maybe, but we will try,” and finally soared in the morning glow, while non-believers watched from below.”

Bruce lee




Sometimes habits, science and rules cause us to think and react to situations which can become predictable. The exploitation of predictability is what makes a good fighter great, knowing what punch to throw is better than throwing any punch and knowing when to throw the correct punch is better than knowing what punch to throw. Conor is looking to disrupt ‘traditional boxing’ what Floyd is used to. Why fight Floyd as a boxer when 49 professionals have failed. Einstein said ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Floyd has been doing boxing since he was 5 years old, he has seen and faced them all, power punchers, southpaws pressure fighters you name it they were all unsuccessful. Conor will approach this differently from the boxing way of thinking, trying boxing dogmas and unusual movement which will create something Floyd has not seen before.



Number two: Mental warfare/ Confidence




In the past boxing was known as the tough man sport, if you could box you was not to be trifled with. From a psychological stand point what happens when you have beaten all of your opponents and made some of the best in the world look ordinary, well, the next opponent automatically feels the pressure to perform and not be embarrassed by this unbeaten figure. More to this, when you are competing in boxing you are playing second fiddle to Mayweather no matter who you are, you don’t have better skills, better fighting IQ or ring generalship so you are less of a boxer, and if you are less of a boxer, for 36 minutes all over the world you are less of a man compared to Floyd as he toys at you.


However, what happens when that doesn’t matter? What happens when you get a champion who fights in a cage with 4 oz gloves with a narrow rule set; suddenly you are no longer the alpha male. Enter the younger, taller, stronger man who in Conor’s words ‘just don’t give a fook’. Conor is a master at mental warfare along with his brass personality his huge following and immense confidence. Mayweather’s opponents in the past I am sure have felt the magnitude of the fight showing respect to his craft but Conor is coming from the view he is used to fighting bigger men in full unarmed combat and believes this man won’t be able to keep up with his ferocity.


Number threeLaw of attraction/ Mystic Mac (‘I predict deez tings yeh’)



I will never forget UFC 194, Conor vs Aldo, as Conor walked to his biggest challenge at the time and smiled as if he knew something the whole world didn’t. Many doubted him against the featherweight GOAT Jose Aldo, they mocked/ridiculed him stating that he would get destroyed to which Conor said he was going to ‘maul him and make it look easy.’ The fight was over in 13 seconds. Conor has made some incredible predictions in the past and knocking out Floyd would be his pièce de résistance. While this is an unconventional theory Conor has claimed many times through hard work and a positive mind-set the law of attraction has helped him achieve.


Left image of Conor in his locker room before the fight practising the one punch that would sleep Jose Aldo (picture on the right)



3 unorthodox reasons why Floyd will school Conor


Number one: He is not a master, he is a wizard.


Have you ever been called up to the front in school to answer a question, get it wrong and have the teacher laugh at you? Imagine that, but imagine training your whole life for boxing and when fighting Mayweather you cannot even touch him, all you see is him smiling from your peripheral vision.


Andre Berto (last fighter to face Floyd) tells Brendan Schaub:


“He is very much aware of everything that is going on…his awareness sense was just so much more…he is very precise on what he wants to do


…preparing for him, I’ve been watching him for so long, I kind of knew his punch patterns already ya know, I’ve seen fights before and I’ve thought hmm ok there has to be something to this. Canelo is a very aggressive fighter action packed, Pacquiao is action packed, I’ve seen him fight action packed fighters before but why when they fight him they look so different or look like they are not trying or looks like they are very hesitant ordinary…..


I was just trying to be in his face … he is so slick and defensive, you start to throw these punches but out of your peripheral vision you see him just look at you”



Number two: Patience


Floyd is the type of fighter to be happy with jab and not get touched even if only two punches are thrown during that round. He is a master of patience and slowing the pace of the fight down. The more Conor will get frustrated the more Conor will miss.




Number three: Criticism from his last fights


Floyd says it’s about winning first and looking good second but with so much on the line against a 0-0 fighter I think if Floyd doesn’t put on a masterclass many will say it was a moral victory for Conor. Before he retires and takes a bow for good he will want to leave the sport of boxing in the best light possible, a stoppage would be ideal. This would put Conor, MMA fans and the best record debates to rest.


Skepticism or not 26 August history will be made. Either the first man to beat Floyd or Floyd will beat rock Rocky Marciano boxing record of 49-0.

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