Only in America, Mayweather vs McGregor

Written by: WillyDWaffle

The circus is in town! When we think of the circus, we think of magic tricks, tigers jumping through fire rings, acrobats on trampeze and anything else to amaze or humor us. What we have here is not a fight, but a “spectacle”. Only in America can something like this be sanctioned and bought by millions. We have Conor Mcgregor who’s a Mixed Martial Artist but has never boxed professionally in his life, going against arguably the greatest boxer of all time, in a boxing ring. Floyd Mayweather has been professionally boxing for 20 years, has won every fight to an astounding 49-0 record. Even at 40 years old and coming off a 2 year layoff, some will still consider him the best in the sport. Conor McGregor a Mixed Martial Artist, can’t bring any wrestling, kicks and submissions inside the ring. McGregor is someone with the “gift of gab”, a entertaining fighter in his world so, he has no problem selling a fight. Mayweather is somewhat the opposite, not the most entertaining fighter, a decent talker but is probably the most hated athlete in all of sports. People buy his pay-per-views to just watch him lose but it never happens.

The press conferences for this fight have been what everyone expected them to be, just pure buffoonery and insults from both fighters. All lines were crossed in the press conferences to the point where you ask, what more can be said? You have McGregor dropping F-Bombs, and doing his usual sticking his middle finger and called himself black from the waist down. A comment which literally had me say, “What the f**k?” Then you have braggadocious Mayweather, who’s always carrying a bag of money showing us how he’s worth millions and how everyone else is broke. Mayweather took a verbal assault the first two press conferences. That all changed when when he became the aggressor and called McGregor a derogatory term for homosexuals.

What’s even more shocking is that, each and everyone of these press conferences have been jammed packed. Boxing and even Mixed Martial Arts purists even know, this isn’t a competitive fight. Mayweather in a boxing ring, is going to wipe the floor with McGregor and it’s not even up for debate. No one had seen McGregor box prior to the whole Paulie Malignaggi debacle. Malignaggi, a retired and former 2 division boxing champ was brought in to get McGregor ready for this fight. Malignaggi was furious and left camp as a photo was leaked of him supposedly getting knockdown in a sparring session. When a short clip of the video finally leaked, we could see McGregor landing some hard left hands which staggered Malignaggi. What was photo as a knockdown was really McGregor pushing Malignaggi down in the video. Just a week ago, many got the chance to see McGregor’s live media day workout on television. There were moments in the workout where I questioned whether viewers were being “trolled” by McGregor. The strange warmup routine where, his arms were “rubber” like flopping back and forth went viral. Fighters mocked him and recorded themselves doing this so called “#McGregorChallenge” on social media. Then, there was McGregor hitting the punching bag throwing pitty pat punches and going into different stances. This was all laughable and seem like McGregor was doing his best impression as a boxer. After all of this, we still ask why do we still want to see this fight?

Here in America, when we turn on the television, we see the most outlandish and unbelievable things. Only on one channel, within a 2-hour span can we see a TV show of teenage transexual, the struggles in the life of 400 pound person and cameras inside of a jail monitoring what criminals are going to do next. Here in the good ol’ U, S of A, we’re addicted to foolishness and we just don’t get tired of it. Financially, this fight makes sense to both fighters. Even though this fight has the possibility of breaking the 4.6 million pay-per-view buys by Mayweather and Pacquiao, this fight doesn’t carry any real merit or value to the sport or fans.

This is America, the land of capitalism which, we value dollar for dollar, and the market determines your worth. I have no problem with Mayweather making another nine figure payday and McGregor making his eight figures as well. I think it’s beautiful only in the sport of boxing, fighters can get paid this amount of money in, “one night”. It just hilarious, maybe even scary when you put it into perspective that people are willing to pay $100 to watch this exhibition .

I don’t see how McGregor can win this fight personally. Even if the gloves, for the fight are 8 ounces. There’s a better chance of it snowing in Miami and winning the Powerball in the same day than, McGregor beating Mayweather. What can we expect in the fight itself? I expect Mayweather to do whatever it is he wants to do with McGregor. Right hand leads, counter right hand, left hooks, lead left hooks, Check Hooks, jab to the body, I fully expect Mayweather to land anyone or everyone of these signature punches in his arsenal in this glorfied sparring session. This is Mayweather’s fiftieth fight and there will be no other way of him getting his fiftieth win than, a showcase knockout of Connor McGregor.

Author: FTESWL

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