FIFA 18 Beta Review

Written by: Kosher

The FIFA 18 beta dropped on Friday and although it is a beta, EA went to extreme lengths to keep their project under wraps. As soon as the game plays you’ll see a floating watermark with your screen name around the screen to ensure if you upload videos or images they can trace it back to you. I’ve been playing FIFA faithfully for the past 3 years and I’ve seen unexplainable soccer going down in the franchise. This game though, I think has the most fluid offense/touch to any of the FIFA’s I have played.

Pace Kills

The game has a slower tempo than FIFA 17 but it makes up for it with players speeds. Certain players like Ronaldo, Aubameyang, Neymar, Bale let them see green ahead and they will torch the defense. Place a half decent through ball in between the defense and watch your pace player do work.


How many times has FIFA screwed over your passing? You know you passed it to a certain player or in a certain spot. Looks like FIFA has added some sort of mechanic where every time you’re about to pass this bar pops out and a target to where you want to pass it. You can either pass in space or directly to a player and it works pretty well. There is a slight delay trying to size up the pass but it usually goes through.


The celebrations in this game just keep getting better. Looks like they added certain things to even amp up celebrations depending on the situation. I scored a clutch late tying goal and the cameras started snapping as started to celebrate. The camera will pan to the stadium or fans in the stadium and you’ll see people cheer. You’ll even see some fans disappointed if they aren’t rooting for your team. It just adds to more of the dynamic like you’re in the game.


My only negative so far about this game is the defense is pretty soft. It is easy to get around them if you have a fast player. It is easy to pass through them if you know what you’re doing. They have moments of solid play but if you want to score it’s almost like you can score at will.

Overall, the beta is fun I even like the fact that you can customize a home and finally an away kit in pro clubs. In FIFA 17 there was only home kits. I guess in 19 they will add alternate kits? Right now in 18 make sure to play with teams that have fast players and if you play FUT expect the players with pace to be fairly expensive.


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