Jon Jones & Adrien Broner: Fighters Redemption

Written by: Kosher

This weekend, both Jon Jones and Adrien Broner will fight. No, not against each other. For Jon Jones it will be a rematch two years in the making against his biggest foe yet Daniel Cormier the UFC light heavywight champion of the world. For Adrien Broner he will be facing the undefeated Mikey Garcia the WBC lightweight champion. Two different sports, same stakes are on the line. This is the biggest fight for both Jones and Broner and I'll tell you why.

Jon Jones arguably the greatest talent the octagon has ever seen has virtually an undefeated record in the octagon. He has one loss due to a disqualification but besides that he hasn't been beaten. Even with that, since he didn't lose his light heavyweight title due to competition, people still see him as the rightful champ of the 205 division. Outside of the octagon though, he hasn't had the most stellar record as of recently. Recent run ins with the law and testing positive for a banned substance according to USADA, has sidelined him for the better part of three years. His fans have splintered because of the media crucifixion of his wrong actions which are openly publicized. What's so frustrating about Jon Jones career as of late is that nobody would have suspected this is who he was. He came out to the scene, young, hungry, and a man of faith who always said and did the right thing in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, it's what the person that you didn't see when the cameras were off that he has had to deal with.

Adrien Broner a 4 time division champ. The youngest to ever pull that off. The flashy, confident, some would say cocky, fighter who shows promising talent is also facing the biggest fight of his life. Within the last two years he has also had face trouble with the law and people question his commitment to boxing. You'll see viral pictures of him over weight and partying and people use that against him. Has he put himself in the public's eye? Yes. Do we have the right to judge him? No. It's the way he carries himself that's why people can't wait to see him fail.

These two fighters both have fights on July 29th in the midst of all the drama surrounding their outside lives. On July 29th though we get to see what they are known for. As cliche as it sounds this is the most important fight for their career for their life. People aren't counting on Broner to win. He is an underdog. Jones has been out of the octagon for over a year and has been in there about twice in the last 3 years. He's facing a surging red hot fighter who is his mere enemy in Daniel Cormier. Broner is facing a hungry Mikey Garcia who is looking to conquer a new weight class and take out one of the biggest names in that division, in the sport. If Jones wins I believe he will see this as a victory for the two years he's suffered outside of the octagon. What he's learned throughout the tribulations. For Broner if he wins, he will see this as a statement he's dedicated, when he's focused he's a top fighter and he can back up the talk. What we all know is both these fighters will will be put to the test July 29th. Let's see if they both will find their redemption.

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