Wonder Woman Review

Written by: Norman R. Colson

Rated 8.5 out of 10 stars…

So, where do I begin, this Wonder Woman movie was really good. One thing I can positively say is going in I had lowered expectations but I was really shocked at how good the story was. The characters were likeable and well rounded. The choreography was decent and the film style well paced and nicely set.

This is a fine film to make a splash from Warner Bros in the greater DCU universe. Wonder Woman suffers no drawbacks unlike Batman v Superman because that movie’s original cut and the horribly miscast Lex Luthor failed to live up to the hype.

In Wonder Woman, we follow the story of a little girl named Princess Diana who lives on a mythical island called Themyscira. Diana was raised among a group of legendary warrior women named the Amazons, who were considered to be the best warriors in fighting history. Diana is trained in battle for years by her aunt played by the ferocious Robin Wright. One day her idyllic life and Amazon society is altered when a man crash lands on their little island. His name is Steve Trevor played by the funny Chris Pine. But Steve Trevor is followed by a band of angry Germans chasing him and they breach the hidden invisible walls of Themyscira. A battle ensues on the beach and Steve’s presence on the island drives Diana to follow him because it’s an Amazon’s duty to protect humanity and stop the war.

This film takes place in Diana’s life during the First World War and the entire story is told in a beautiful flashback. Diana is hilariously a fish out of water in our world as she tries to walk around with her sword drawn while exiting a revolving door. The story does show Diana the true ugliness of war and shows her how futile it is to believe a war will end people’s suffering. But her belief that a mythical outside driving force that is causing the war drives her to fight against the German’s no matter the cost. Steve realizes that Diana puts herself into more danger than he can handle. But it makes the little blossoming love story between the two more fruitful.

Director Patty Jenkins did an excellent job with the action, highlighted Diana’s super strength, fighting skills and durability, but also did a good job showing her vulnerability, emotions, and her funny side. And what more can I say about Gal Gadot other than she is drop dead gorgeous. Granted she’s a bit on the lightweight side to me but with that beautiful smile I could see why she was casted as Diana. Kudos goes also to Chris Pine with his witty comedic timing and repartee with Diana which brings laughs to the film.

Wonder Woman deserves the praise it gets for not falling into the subtextual feminist girl power cliches that comes with the territory. It showed that even though Chris Pine was an ordinary soldier he could hold his own. I also feel that things are turning around for DC and Warner Bros. Next up on their film slate is The Justice League set for release in September. If DC & Warner Bros can keep this momentum going forward creating good story after good story, instead of trying to replicate marvel’s phase blueprint, they could end up with a satisfying universe of their own.

Time will tell if they have learned their lesson and built off this solid hit. The sequel has already been green-lit. 

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