Mayweather vs Mcgregor World Tour Recap  

Written by: Kosher 


That’s what you say when combat sports experts believe on August 26th you’ll see a fight that can shatter the 4.1 million home PPV buys. That’s what a fighter says when he looks across the ring and he’s fighting none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. That’s what a fighter would say when he looks across the octagon and he’s fighting Conor Mcgregor. That’s what both those fighters said when they signed to contract to fight each other. Looks like the money is going to be shown August 26th. 

Some people call it the billion dollar fight, others call it a spectacle, a circus, it’s not good for the sport. However people feel, whatever people feel, it’s got them talking and that’s all that matters. On the week of July 10th, Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor set out to do a 4 city world press conference tour in 4 days. They would start in LA and finish off in London with Toronto and Brooklyn in the middle. A lot of combat sports fans felt like this was going to be a walk in the park for Conor. He’s the more active fighter, he’s witty, he’s more popular on social media and he is cocky to boot. With Floyd on the other hand his moniker of being “Money Mayweather” he embraced the heel side and did what he does best show off his money. 

First conference started with Conor making a statement with his fashion sense. His suit had pin stripes and the pin stripes said “F**K YOU” going down his whole suit. His mic also got cut off while Mayweather was talking, which prompted an all out assault on Stephen Espinoza in Toronto, calling him a weasel. Floyd embracing the heel role would come out and yell “Hard work is what? Hard work is what? And the crowd would respond with either boos or say easy work and he would then say point to the easy work…” Conor wasted no time in calling out Floyd for his IRS issues with Floyd responding with showing Conor and the fans a 100 million dollar check that he hasn’t even cashed yet. In Brooklyn, Conor comes with a white mink coat and starts rapping Biggie lyrics. He also gives Floyd a Jay-Z 4:44 album to learn about financial responsibility. Floyd shows off his money and muscle to Conor by having his body guards surround him and isolate Conor on stage. In London, it seemed like it was all business for both these gentleman as they both get ready to gear up for another month of training camp. If you wanted trash talking and bravado and money you definitely got it in the press conference.

With nearly over 50,000 people attending these press conference it’s a no brainer this fight is a fan friendly fight. Conor did what he does best, sold a fight and told Floyd he wouldn’t make it past the 4th round. Floyd answers back and says he’s gonna knock out Conor. Conor fires back and says he hasn’t knocked out anyone in over a decade and he won’t be able to take his power. The fans soak this all up and I feel like mission successful. Congratulations Showtime Boxing, you just sold a $99.95 fight. 

Personally, I was amused by the antics of it all. I have my thoughts and opinions that I will share on my podcast in the near future. I just can’t wait for August 26th to get here. You can see fire in both these guys eyes. Some people say Floyd needs to knock out Conor to prove that boxing is on another level. There is another group of people that say Conor just needs one clean shot and it’s all over. I think that makes ingredients for successful PPV numbers. We will see where this fight lands in PPV history, but if the press conferences had any early indication for its success, it looks promising. 

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