Stack your Money

Written by: Kevm3

Rainy days are destined to come, so at times in life, you will get wet. In other words, just because things are sunny and beautiful today doesn’t mean that will be the same tomorrow. That’s why it makes sense to have some money stashed away. This might sound like common-sense advice, but many people simply ignore this because they are too preoccupied with trying to look fresh or just buying frivolous things.

The main reason to save your money is to avoid putting yourself in situations of desperation. When you are in a position of desperation is when you are compromised. When you are in a situation of desperation, you have to sell your possessions for much less than you bought them for, or would have been able to sell them for if you didn’t need to raise money immediately. You have to take jobs you really don’t like. You are simply put in an unpleasant situation because you didn’t take time to consider your future. What’s so cold about it is that you never know when you’ll be stuck.

For example, you might be feeling very comfortable at your job, you think everything is great and that the money you made a month ago, you will make this month. Your spending habits are so, that you rarely put anything away because you believe you are in such a stable situation that money will always be coming in. Then, all of a sudden, your boss pulls you aside and fires you.

Now, what will happen? If you had a solid amount of savings, you would be able to sit back a little bit and relax while putting in applications for a new job. On the other hand, if you didn’t have anything stashed away and all of those bills started coming due, you’re going to be extremely stressed. Having money saved can keep you from being in situations of desperation.

On a side note, never get too comfortable with where you are at and never expect what you earned yesterday to come in tomorrow. It’s never yours until it’s in your hand. In other words, you have to avoid putting yourself financially in positions where you need tomorrow’s income to survive. Avoid debt as much as possible and always make yourself employable. These few tips will eliminate a lot of stress down the line.

Peace and God bless.

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