Jeff Horn(et) takes Sting out of Manny Pacquiao

Written by: WillyDWaffle

What was looked at as a mismatch and showcase fight for a legend of the sport turned into the complete opposite. We had a competitive and entertaining fight which eventually had something that’s always been synonymous with boxing “controversy”. Jeff Horn not only shocked the boxing world, but the world in general when judges gave him the unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao.

When you have prominent personalities like, Kobe Bryant, Aaron Rodgers, and Samuel L. Jackson go on social media and speak out about the decision of a fight, you know this fight had the world’s attention.

From early on in the fight you can see something was off with Pacquiao. He was more flat footed than I’ve ever seen him before. He didn’t have the bounce in his legs and more slower than I ever seen him. At that moment I said to myself, “this is gonna be a a lot closer than I and many people think”. Horn surpsingly, came out aggressive early. I thought it was a very smart tactic to jump on the older Pacquiao early but, he would later gas himself out at the pace he was going at. Horn’s style which was akward and physcial seem to give Pacquaio some problems. Horn came into this fight not to lay down, but to win. He played dirty, roughed Pacquiao up and even came in with his head to cut Pacquiao on his hairline.

Around the ninth round, it look like Pacquiao was gonna put Horn away when he had him hurt but, Horn eventually made it out of the around by a mixture of moving and holding Pacquiao. Pacquiao spent a lot of energy trying to get Horn out of there. Rounds ten through twelve were vital and competitive as well but Pacquiao didn’t close the show like many thought he would have. Pacquiao clearly, without looking at the Compubox landed the cleaner and better shots throughout the fight.
Even though there was controversey in the decision of the fight, it was a success. 51,052 fans were in attendance at the SunCorp Stadium. Being that the fight was broadcasted on ESPN and ESPN deportes, the combined overnight nielsen peaked at 4.4 million viewers in the final half hour of the fight. Top Rank did a great job of promoting this fight which, felt like a Pay-Per-View fight. This was a great lead in for the Top Rank boxing series on ESPN.

As entertaining of a fight we had this past weekend, I honestly don’t want to see a rematch. I would like to see Horn just move on a fight other welterweights in the division. As for the legend Manny Pacquiao, like he always does, he put on a courageous performance for a 38 year old. Even if his hands were raised, it still wasn’t a great performance. If Pacquiao were fighting, the top guys of the division like, Errol Spence, Keith Thurman, Danny Garicia or Shawn Porter, it would have gotten a lot uglier for him. I actually wouldn’t mind if he had one more fight then called it quits. He’s made over nine figures over his career, transcended from boxing to the mainstream and won championships in multiple weight classes. There’s nothing for him to prove in this sport anymore.

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