WWE Raw Recap 07/03/2017

Written by: ZiggyZag

Welcome to this weeks RAW recap ladies and gentleman. Set for tonight’s show live from Phoenix, AZ and final stop before Sunday’s ppv, Great Balls of Fire is Universal Champion Brock Lesnar looking to gain some advantage against his opponent Sunday, Samoa Joe. Before the show starts, we get a recap of the feud so far between Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Speaking of Enzo, he’s out first with a great reaction from the crowd to kick off our show. As he makes his way to the ring, commentary makes note that Enzo and Cass will face each other this Sunday apart of the Great Balls of Fire ppv. After embracing the positive reaction from the crowd, Enzo gets on the mic and starts trash talking his former partner. He throws some shade at UFC’s own Conor McGregor for a quick sec before going back on talking about Cass. He says that he’s one of the toughest to step in a WWE ring even though he isn’t the biggest. He tells the crowd that he’s confident and more than grateful due to the support. He tells Cass that he’s nothing but a catchphrase that he wrote and when those merchandise checks roll in, they’re gonna say “zero dimes” Enzo then throws the mic down as his theme plays and looks to leave the ring but turns around and picks the mic back up. He tells the audience that he isn’t alone and says that him and Cass were ride or die brothers. He says that the big boot Big Cass layed him out with was like CPR and ends his promo by saying “it’s all about Enzo now.”

As Enzo leaves the ring, the camera cuts backstage to see Big Cass watching what his former partner had done. The lovely Charly Caruso walks up to him and wants his thoughts on what Enzo said. Cass says he’s never heard someone talk so much without saying anything and that Enzo won’t be able to walk after Sunday. He trash talks Enzo some more till Enzo attacks him from behind. They both fight back and forth till referees and officials break things up.

Camera cuts to the commentary table as they talk about what just happened. Sasha Banks theme hits as she makes her way out to the ring but stops at the top of the entrance ramp signaling to the back and out comes Bayley. Both women head down to the ring getting set for tag team action as we go to our first commercial break of the night.

*commercial cut*
Back with Sasha and Bayley in the ring showing the crowd some love as they wait for their opponents. Nia Jax’s theme hits followed by RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. First match of the night

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nia Jax and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss 

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley after Alexa taps out to the Banks Statement. Match grade: C

*Bayley got taken out the match early due to Nia Jax throwing her into the barricade and attacking her even more afterwards.

Camera cuts backstage to RAW general manager Kurt Angle’s office and we see Kurt on his phone till Braun Strowman interrupts him. Kurt asks Braun what he wants and Braun wants to know what Kurt is going to do about Roman Reigns not being able to compete in their Ambulance Match this Sunday. Kurt says he heard Roman will be ready for the match Sunday but Braun tells Kurt he heard wrong. Braun says he wants competition but Kurt says he isn’t sure if anyone wants to face Braun. Braun doesn’t care one bit and tells Kurt he’s going to the ring for competition later and that Kurt better figure something out.

*2 commercial cuts*

Reminder to catch the return of John Cena tomorrow on Smackdown.

RAW comes back with a special look at the rivalry between Samoa Joe and Brock Lensar before another commercial break.

Back with our next match as Cedric Alexander makes his way to the ring. We get a quick look at what happened on 205 Live last week between Cedric and his opponent Noam Dar. Before the match starts, Cedric gets on the mic and says he’s starting to feel like a broken record due to having to address himself,Noam and Alicia Fox. He talks down on Noam till his theme hits and out he comes as we get set for Cruiserweight action.

Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar

Winner: Cedric Alexander via Lumbar Check. Match grade: C

After the match, Cedric celebrates his win as Alicia Fox throws a fit.

We get a look at media coverage of last week’s MizTV segment featuring LaVar, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball. A new edition of MizTV is up next as Intercontinental Champion The Miz looks to address what went down last week.

*commercial cut*

Back with The Miz, his wife Maryse, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

Miz wastes no time ripping The Ball Family. He says Lonzo Ball will the biggest NBA flop in history. He moves on to talk about Dean Ambrose and says he’ll be known as the biggest joke of all. Ambrose’s theme hits and out he comes. Dean tells Miz that he wants a rematch tonight against him. Heath Slater interrupts both men and tells Dean that he doesn’t mean to be rude but he was the last one to beat The Miz. He talks about not having a singles championship win and speaks about doing this for his family. Dean says he loves Heath but he was to wait and get in the back of the line. Miz tells both of them to shut up and Dean will get his shot when he says so. Slater on the other hand won’t be getting a shot tonight due to him and Maryse having a 4th of July party to attend. Kurt Angle comes out and sets the record straight. He says The Miz doesn’t decide when and where he fights,he does. He says Miz will defend the Intercontinental Champion Sunday but against who? He books Slater vs Miz for the Intercontinental Champion right away. Miz throws a fit as we take a commercial break.

*commercial cut*

Back with championship actions.

Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz vs Heath Slater

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, The Miz via Skull Crushing Finale after Heath got distracted due to Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel attacking Rhyno. Match grade: C

After the match, Miz,Bo and Axel look to attack Heath but Dean Ambrose runs down for the save. He attempts the Dirty Deeds on The Miz but he escapes. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas attack Dean from behind causing Miz to join in. Miz lays Dean out with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz celebrates and kisses Maryse as the crowd boos.
We get a quick look at Braun Strowman’s attack on Roman Reigns last week. Afterwards, commentary plugs Braun’s “roar” (mayhem) coming later on tonight but up next, Goldust premieres “The Shattered Truth”

*commercial cut*

Back with Apollo Crews and Titus O’neil discussing “Titus Worldwide” and Titus talks Apollo into taking on Braun Strowman tonight.

Back in the ring with Goldust.

He cuts a brief promo on the crowd as well as R-Truth before presenting “The Shattered Truth” After the video airs, R-Truth who was standing behind Goldust with a bucket of popcorn attacks Goldust the second he turns around. Goldust gets away as R-Truth talks smack and stands tall.

Backstage now with Kurt Angle being joined by RAW Tag Team Champs, Cesaro and Sheamus. Kurt tells them that their tag team championship match Sunday will be a 30-minute Iron Man match. Both guys are pleased but Cesaro wants a match tonight. Kurt says he can face Braun Strowman but Cesaro wants Finn Balor. Kurt approves but has to cut to conversation short due to him getting a phone call. We cut to Seth Rollins walking backstage and get word that he’s up next in action.

*commercial cut*

Back with Seth Rollins making his way out to the ring as his opponent Curt Hawkins awaits in the ring. Curt grabs the mic and says he should be facing Braun Strowman tonight. He says the L.A crowd last week had the wrong idea and hurt his feelings. He calls the Phoenix crowd dummies and wants to know if they can get the match winner right tonight between him and Seth. Before he can ask,Seth takes the mic and wants to know who thinks Curt should shut up? Crowd cheers and Seth decks him with a right hand kicking off the match.

Seth Rollins vs Curt Hawkins

Winner: Seth Rollins in a quick sqaush match via jumping knee strike to the face. Match grade: C-

After the match,Seth cuts a promo on Bray Wyatt. He says Sunday he’ll prove Bray isn’t a God and that there’s just one question,is Bray a man or coward? Seth drops the mic as he leaves the ring. We cut backstage to see Samoa Joe and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar along with Paul Heyman getting ready for their interview.

*commercial cut*

Back with Michael Cole giving an interview from the commentary table to Samoa Joe and Brock who are both backstage. Cole asks both guys a few questions before things get heated. Joe threatens Brock while Brock and Paul Heyman just laugh. They exchange a few more words till Joe takes off his mic and goes searching for Brock. Brock doesn’t move at all but Samoa Joe is on the pursuit. Officials try to hold Joe back but he doesn’t listen. Kurt Angle sees what’s going on and tries to reason with Joe but he ignores him. Samoa Joe finally finds the room Brock is in and opens the door ready to rush Lesnar but more officials and security pull Joe away. Brock comes out of the room smirking at Joe while he’s being pulled away yelling. Camera cuts away to a return promo on John Cena before we get to our next match.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs Mustafa Ali

Winner: Neville via Rings of Saturn submission. Match grade: C

Neville keeps the hold on Ali for a little longer after the match is over but finally lets go.

Bray Wyatt’s graphic flashes across the screen and we see Bray somewhere in the desert. We’ll be hearing from him as RAW goes to another commercial break.

*commercial cut*

Back with Bray Wyatt still out in the desert. He starts his promo by saying his fire has burnt out of control since coming to RAW. He says that he’s everywhere ans wants to know if Seth Rollins can hear him. He warns Seth about Sunday and says when Seth looks into his eyes, he’ll be looking at a God but will not go blind. Instead it will burn.

Backstage now with RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Charly Caruso walks up to her and wants her thoughts on if she’s worried about her match Sunday due to Sasha Banks picking up a win over her earlier. Alexa says she isn’t worried and that she let Sasha win tonight as a false sense of security. Charly thinks she’s lying but Alexa says nobody cares what she thinks since she’s holding a microphone while she’s holding a championship. Alexa promises to walk out champion Sunday and walks off.

Back out to the ring for our next match as Finn Balor makes his way to the ring before we go to commercial.

*commercial cut*

Back with 1/2 of the RAW Tag Team Champions Cesaro heading down to the ring with his partner Sheamus by his side. Before the match starts, The Hardys make their way out to the stage and join the commentary team as special guest commentators. Ref calls for the bell and here we go.

Finn Balor vs Cesaro

Winner: Finn Balor via Coup de Grace. Match grade: B+

*Elias Samson came out to distract Balor but Matt and Jeff Hardy fought off him and Sheamus. Finn got involved too and kept the fight going against Cesaro.

Finn and The Hardys celebrate as Sheamus,Cesaro and Elias head back up the ramp looking on.

Commentary hype up Great Balls of Fire before cutting backstage to see Braun Strowman walking out for his match.

*final commercial cut*

Back with Braun making his way to the ring. An ambulance is parked near the edge of the stage as we get a look at the chaos between Braun and Roman. Braun in the ring now with a mic in hand. Braun makes it known that he loves hurting Roman but he’s too stubborn to stay down. Braun warns Roman about showing up Sunday but changes up the discussion. He’s here tonight for competition and wants Kurt to bring out his opponent. Out comes Titus O’Neil who praises his Worldwide brand before introducing Apollo Crews.

Braun Strowman vs Apollo Crews

Winner: Braun Strowman after giving Apollo three running powerslams. Match grade: C

After the match, Braun looks to do some more damage to Apollo but Titus stops him. He then gets in the ring and faces off with Braun before hitting him with a few left and rights. Braun pushes him away and nails him with a clothesline. Braun then sends Titus out the ring and goes after Apollo. He throws him over the barricade and makes his way up to the ambulance. He opens the back doors and throws Apollo in. Braun hits the back of the ambulance as a signal to drive away but it doesn’t Braun hits the back a few more times before going up to the drivers side of the truck. He looks in the window and opens the door. Out pops Roman Reigns taking the attack to him. Braun fights him off but Roman comes back. Both men on the stage now and Braun tries to throw Roman into the LED stage background but Roman counters and sends Braun into them instead.Roman sees that Braun is stunned close to the edge of the stage and runs towards him spearing him off the stage through some boxes. We get replays of the spear and come back to see Braun and Roman getting back on their feet as RAW comes to a close.

Pretty good go home show tonight. Show rating: B+ 

Match of the night to me had to have been Finn Balor vs Cesaro. Loved the final parts of the match on how everyone go involved to protect their allies. Wasn’t too hyped about Sunday’s ppv but in the past two weeks or so, my mind has changed. Almost everything has my interest Sunday from Brock vs Samoa Joe to Braun vs Roman. Don’t really care for Miz vs Ambrose again *:| straight face but it is what it is. Well folks that’ll do it for this week’s RAW review. Be sure to catch Smackdown and 205 Live tomorrow, NXT Wednesday and Great Balls of Fire Sunday. Till next time peeps.

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Video credit: WWE

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