Young Thug – Beautiful Thugger Girls Review

Written by: TC

Young Thug is Lil Wayne’s final form and this album is his Rebirth.

From the very beginning of his career, Young Thug has been compared to Lil Wayne, post Carter 3 Wayne to be exact. He has taken the woozy, narcotic slur of mixtape Wayne and has elevated into a different level of artistry. Thug uses his voice as an instrument to twist words, sounds and tones to his liking. Young Thug’s music isn’t to be viewed through the lens of classic hip-hop. While he is not a good lyricist by any measure, his strength is his versatility and ear for melodies. Admittedly, I was not a fan of his at all when he first broke onto the scene. To me, he was just another mumble rapper spouting gibberish. Even then, I had to admit his songs were catchy as hell. Over time, I was able to get over my hip-hop purism and realize Thug is an one of a kind artist. His gift of creating memorable melodies and different flows are something truly unique whether you are a fan or not.
Thugger’s versatility is evident right off the bat with the opening track “Family Don’t Matter”. The track starts with some acoustic guitars and a vaguely country music inspired feel…hell Thug even let loose a yeehaw within the first thirty seconds. To be honest, the track toes the line between being a jokey spoof of country and being an earnest attempt to combine trap music with country. It’s hard to say whether he succeeds or fails but it is pretty damn interesting. The next few tracks are more in his established wheelhouse. “She Wanna Party” is extremely catchy with its light keys, deep 808s and very pleasing backup vocals from the previously unknown Millie Go Lightly. I could definitely hear this getting a lot of radio play over the summer. “Do U Love Me” is another standout track. This is a nice dancehall inspired produced by up and coming producer London on the Track. The track has a nice vibe that helps showcase a super duper earworm hook from Young Thug. Thug brings out a different flow for each verse, you never know what you’re going to get and that’s what made his songs grow on me over time. There are a few filler tracks here and there that are pretty skippable until Snoop Dogg and Lil Durk make an appearance on the smoker’s anthem “Get High”. Both Snoop and Durk definitely do their thing on their features and fit into the overall feel of the track seamlessly. It’s always nice to hear veterans like Snoop get on tracks with newer artists without having to try and fit in with current trends.

As far as being a debut album, this record is a pretty strong effort for Young Thug. He shows enough versatility without this sounding un-cohesive. There are some tracks on here that may make someone who is on the fence about Thug maybe consider checking out his catalog. As long as you’re willing to let go of tradition and be willing to enjoy catchy music instead of holding on to what hip-hop is supposed to be, there’s no reason anyone into hip-hop can’t get into this album

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