Smackdown Recap 6/20/2017

Written by: The Immortal KB

The Smackdown recap tonight’s edition of Smackdown is live from Wright State University Nutter Center, in Fairborn, Ohio, USA.

The show opened with a video package addressing the controversy of how Carmella won the Money in the Bank match on Sunday. After the opening intro backstage Natalya was telling Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Tamina that this is an injustice. They all talked over each other. Daniel Bryan walked in and said he hears what they’re saying, but they should calm down. He said he wants to first listen to what Carmella and Ellsworth have to say first. Natalya asked why he’d bother doing that. Bryan excused himself. The women, especially Natalya, went back to talking. Charlotte finally told her to stop talking.

Carmella and Ellsworth made their way to the ring to a loud pop of boos. Ellsworth asked the fans what’s wrong with them because they should be cheering louder for Carmella. Carmella welcomed fans to the fabulous era of Carmella. She said the name “Carmella” has been trending worldwide for the last 48 hours. She said it wasn’t trending because she won the first-ever Women’s MITB match, but because of how she won. She said the fans are saying she disrespected a historic moment or made a mockery of the women’s division or she needed Ellsworth’s help to win the match for her. She said: “You know what I say to that? Who cares?” She held up the briefcase. She said she has been under established since she was the last pick in the WWE draft. She said she’s not here for Girl Power. She said everyone is talking about the various strengths of the various women in the division, but nobody talks about her. She said at the end of the day, none of that mattered because she is just that intelligent. She said the others in the match were making plans to make history, but she was making plans for her future. She said the fact of the matter is she won the match “fair and square.” She said back in 2014 Kane came down and helped Seth Rollins win. She said two years ago, Bray Wyatt – who wasn’t even in the damn match – prevent Roman Reigns from winning and so Sheamus was the winner. She said the “Internet trolls” had to Tweet to Daniel Bryan about publicly addressing the issue. She said they’ve embarrassed themselves. She called the situation pathetic. She said she earned the contract because there are no rules. “How can you break the rule if there are none?” she asked. She said when Bryan comes out later, he’ll have to man up and agree with and affirm what she just said and declare her Miss Money in the Bank. “And there’s not a damn thing any of you can do about it.”

Backstage Bryan told Charlotte that he talked to the medical team about her neck, she interrupted and said he doesn’t need to worry about her neck. She said he just heard what Carmella “and her toad” Ellsworth said, and now it’s his time to act. Bryan said the match was technically a no DQ match. Charlotte said that should only apply to the five Superstars who are licensed to be in the match. “We were all excited to make history on Sunday, and unfortunately I guess we did,” she said “Now do the right thing!” Now unfortunately it seemed like every woman who lost in the MITB match ended up alone with Bryan to complain.

New Day came out and said the Usos staged a prison break out of their own prison. Xavier threw to freeze-frames of the end of the match. Kofi introduced Big E. as “the warden.” “He’s big, he’s handsome, he got a big nightstick and he ain’t afraid to use it,” he said. “I give to you, Big E.!” Big E said in their jurisdiction, there’s no easy way out and no shortcut home because “New… Day Rocks!”

The first match of the night was Big E vs Jimmy Uso this match went back and forth until Big E came back with some power moves to start his comeback when he set up a Big Ending, Jimmy rolled to the floor to regroup with Jey. They decided to try to walk out, but Kofi dove onto Jey. Then Xavier blocked Jimmy from leaving. Big E grabbed him from behind. Jimmy turned around and slapped him. He entered the ring, but Big E ducked an enzuigiri and then gave him a Big Endings for the win.

This match was refreshing with the dynamic of the two teams pulling tricks gives this match a B+ grade. I believe Big E is a future world champion.

In another backstage segment Bryan was talking with Shane McMahon on his cell phone. In walked Natalya and Tamina. Natalya said she is proud of Bryan for being a first-time dad. She said she can relate to sleepless nights because her cat doesn’t sleep through the night. Tamina interrupted Natalya’s rambling and asked Bryan if he’s going to do the right thing. Bryan said he will have a decision soon.

Backstage once again in another segment Naomi said she knows how hard the women worked, and Ellsworth being the determining factor is a disappointment, but Bryan will make the right decision. She said she’s ready for whatever the result is. In walked Lana and asked, “What about me?” She sneered at Naomi’s neon glow. Lana asked for a rematch. Naomi said, “You are so thirsty!” She said she already felt her glow. She offered her another chance, though, next week because she wants to be known as a fighting champion. She told her to get out of her face before she slaps her back to Russia.

It’s very weird that Naomi since winning the championship back at Wrestlemania hasn’t been able to really have any of her feuds finish. She’s held the title for three months and has only defended it about six times twice a month average. This is the longest reign of the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Next was a fake interview with Randy Orton looking washed. Randy Orton aged 25 years since MITB. Orton can’t even do the original Orton pose because his body so messed up. In the interview he stated he refuses to deal with is anyone disrespecting his family. He said Jinder accomplished his mission of making it personal. He said it’s not just about winning his 14th WWE World Title. He is now going to hurt Jinder bad and he doesn’t care if he ends his career. He said since he’s disrespected his family, maybe he’ll travel to India and rain down RKO’s on his extended family. He said there is no turning back now. The camera zoomed in on Orton to show how intense he was.

The second match of the night was Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura this match was much better than their match at Backlash. It was a PPV main event quality match. Nakamura made a comeback with a series of kicks then Nakamura rallied and hit Ziggler with a running knee in the corner and as Nakamura charged Ziggler side-stepped him and kicked his knee, then hit a Fameasser for a near fall. Nakamura countered a schoolboy attempt by Ziggler into a cross arm breaker. Ziggler raked Nakamura’s eyes, and the ref didn’t see it as Ziggler was distracting him. Nakamura escaped a Ziggler sleeper and then nailed Ziggler with his KINSHASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for the pinfall.

Grade for this match is A+ Nakamura should have gotten the briefcase Baron Corbin is aight but he’s no Shinsuke. The WWE has never had a asian get this amazing of a reaction from the crowd.

In another backstage segment Bryan told Sami Zayn backstage that his sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder was incredible. Sami smiled and thanked him. Bryan said he booked him against Corbin next week. Sami liked that. Becky Lynch walked up behind them. Sami said she went through hell and he feels she got robbed. He said he was rooting for her. He left. Becky said she knows everyone is coming to Bryan today. She said she physically had it in her hands and Ellsworth slithered in and toppled over the ladder and handed it to Carmella. She said they keep talking about Smackdown is the land of opportunity, but it doesn’t feel that way. She was distraught and said it doesn’t seem to matter how hard she trains, how hard she works, and how good she is, there is always somebody willing to take a shortcut and weasel their way to the top. She said she knows it’s going to happen, yet there’s still nothing she can do. Bryan apologized. “It’s complicated,” he said. She said, “Is doing the right thing really that complicated?” She walked away.

Becky Lynch’s promo was whiny as hell.

Kevin Owens made his way to the ring and when he got inside he said the other MITB competitors ganged up on him because they knew he was the most dangerous man in the match “and they tried to end my career.” He said that was an absolute injustice. He said what happened to him on Sunday night wasn’t fair, but he’s still in the ring tonight, unbroken, still the new Face of America, and still the United States Champion. He said Shane likes to say Smackdown Live is the land of opportunity. He said the original land of opportunity was the United States of America, which is why it’s his duty as U.S. Champion to make Smackdown Live the land of opportunity. He said he’s going to give one lucky individual from Dayton, Ohio a chance at his title. He asked anyone in the back from Dayton to step out. Instead, A.J. Styles’s music played.

Styles said he’ll accept Owens’ open challenge. “It’s go time!” he said. Owens said he’s a typical American sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. He asked Styles if he was listening, because this is open only to people from Dayton. American Alpha’s music played and out walked Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Owens said they’re not from Dayton, so what are they doing there. Gable said he just moved to Dayton. Owens asked, “When?” Gable said, “This morning.” He smiled. Owens asked him for his address. 3640 Colonial Glen Highway, Dayton, Ohio. Styles said he knows that place. He asked the ref to ring the bell. The ref did.

The third match was literally Chad Gable vs Kevin Owens for the US Championship. Gable was solid in the first few minutes hitting KO with two amateur style takedowns and an ankle lock. Owens won with a Pop-Up Powerbomb about eight minutes later for the victory.

This match was very competitive I give it a grade of B+. I really believe that Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are the future in about three years both will be top of the card.

The Hype Bros. made their case to Daniel Bryan for a title shot. They showed footage of their win last year earning the title shot, but Ryder’s injury happened and they didn’t get that shot. Mojo Rawley said they feel there is no statute of limitations on that title shot. He said they’re red hot and ready to go. Bryan said the tag division has changed a lot since then, but he’ll give them a shot at earning a title shot next week against the Usos. The Hype Bros. were okay with it. Ryder said they just need a chance.

Bryan made his full ring entrance and said it’s great to be back. He said he wished it was under better circumstances. He said he has been talking with Shane McMahon and other WWE officials about this the last 48 hours and they told him he has to take his emotions out of it and stick strictly to the WWE rule book, he called all of the women out, conceded Carmella made some valid points, He said MITB matches are no DQ matches and the rulebook doesn’t say specifically you can’t have someone else climb the ladder and unhook the briefcase. It just says the first woman to hold the briefcase is the winner of the match. Bryan said there has been interference in other MITB ladder matches before. He said, that said, there has never ever been somebody who climbed the ladder and unhooked the briefcases and handed it to someone else. Carmella and Ellsworth went from cocky and elated to concerned. Bryan said they are now in uncharted territory.

Ellsworth asked Bryan what’s gotten into him. He said “becoming a daddy to a little vegan hippy baby has gotten him all soft.” He asked Bryan to get this over with. Bryan got in Ellsworth’s face and told him to shut up. He said if he talks about his baby girl one more time, he’ll punch him in the face so hard he won’t be able to breath and he will fire him. Wow! The crowd erupted into “Yes!” chants. Carmella said they have the cards, so he can’t talk to them like that. Becky interrupted. Natalya told Becky to stop sucking up to Bryan. She said just because she almost touched the briefcase doesn’t mean she won anything. Charlotte interjected and said she is here for a decision. Tamina told Charlotte that she needs to be quiet or she’ll start looking like Ellsworth. That felt weak.

Bryan told everyone to calm down. He said on Sunday they all competed in a historic match, and Carmella has chance for a first-time-ever moment because she’ll be the first women to hand over the MITB briefcase. The crowd cheered. Bryan said he won’t let somebody like Ellsworth interrupt one of the most important moments in WWE women’s history. He said next week they’ll relive that historic moment “right here on Smackdown Live.” He said there will be a Women’s MITB Ladder Match with the same five competitors. After Bryan left the women all brawled with Becky standing tall.

The main event of the evening was Jinder Mahal vs Luke Harper. Harper scored a near-fall very early but Jinder took over and hit a superplex. Baron Corbin’s music played and he walked out to the ring. He teased cashing in the briefcase, then circled ringside and told Jinder that he is in his head. Jinder watched him circle the ring and return to the back. Harper rolled-up a distracted Jinder for a near fall. The Singh Brothers distracted Harper, and Jinder delivered his finisher for the win. After the match, Orton came out and attacked Mahal. It went on a couple minutes and included a hanging DDT off the ringside barrier onto the ringside mat (the one he does by hanging an opponent off the middle rope) he then threw Jinder into the ring and signaled for the RKO. The Singh Brothers jumped Orton. Orton fought back and gave them RKOs as Jinder retreated with the championship into the crowd.

The match was decent for being so quick and late in the show it was a B+ match but pretty much just filler to do two things prove that Corbin could cash in anytime on Jinder and that Orton is not finished with Jinder. Jinder is looking more and more like a legit champion.

Overall this Smackdown was solid but not amazing. So I will give it a B-. 

If I Was in WWE creative Carmella would have cashed in Money In The Bank on Naomi to garner even more heat imagine that happening twenty minutes before Bryan came out to the ring because even though the Money in the Bank briefcase is a good macguffin the SmackDown Women’s Championship is a greater one. SmackDown is usually four matches so it’s next week is set up with Zayn vs Corbin,The Hype Bros vs The Usos,The woman’s MITB match, and the SmackDown Women’s Championship match where Lana challenges the champ Naomi. The next SmackDown exclusive PPV is WWE BATTLEGROUND on July 23rd.

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