Ward vs Kovalev Wrap Up

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S.O.G. remains K.I.N.G. at light-heavyweight with surprise finish

On November, 19, 2016, many disagreed with Andre Ward being the “Pound 4 Pound” after a controversial decision against Sergey Kovalev. The uproar from fans, the name calling “Son of Judges” and words from Kovalev and his camp must have put a chip on the shoulder of Ward. Last night, there was no need for the judges. Ward did what most thought wasn’t capable when he stopped Sergey Kovalev in the eight round from body shots.

In the first four rounds which Kovalev probably all won, he was using his jab, and boxing well. What some probably didn’t see, was Ward was putting money in the bank. In other words, Ward was going to Kovalev body and going into the sixth round we cold see Kovalev starting to slow down. In the eighth round, Ward threw a left hook to the body that was on belt line. Some will argue that the hook was low thereafter, Ward followed up his attack with huge right hook to the chin of Kovalev. From that moment that would be the beginning of the end of the so called “Krusher” Sergey Kovalev. Ward followed that right hook with hooks to the body, that some did look boderline in terms of being low. Kovalev was on the ropes slouched and didn’t defend himself which, lead to Tony Weeks stopping the fight. Watching it live for the first time the stoppage did look questionable. When you really sit there and look at it, Kovalev either in pain from a so called low blow or body shot could’ve taken a knee. I get the notion, that 10, 20, 30 and years to come this fight will be talked about because of the questionable body shots from Ward.

When we ask ourselves who’s the “Pound 4 Pound” fighter today in boxing? Names that immediately pop up, Lomachenko, Golovkin, Crawford and Chocolito. Those fighters a deserve the mention but, there’s no way in hell you can sit there with a straight face and say Andre Ward isn’t “Pound 4 Pound” the best fighter in boxing after this win. This just might be not only Ward’s best win but best performance as well. He did what most thought he couldn’t do and no one saw coming, and that was stop Kovalev. Any talks for a third fight should be put to rest.

Where does Kovalev go after taking two loses from Andre Ward? Who knows, they may not be big money fights but, there still are fights for him at light-heavyweight. Kovalev didn’t lose anything in the two loses to Ward. The best is supposed to fight the best but let’s see where Kovalev is mentally from this point on in his career. If Ward retired today, he would without a doubt be a hall of famer. It looks as if, he and his trainer Virgil Hunter are optimistic about what’s next for him. Cruiser-weight, even Heavyweight is a option for Ward. We haven’t had anyone jump from light-heavyweight to heavyweight since 2003 when, Roy Jones Jr took on John Ruiz for the WBA title. If “Greatness” and being in that elite company of fighters is something Ward is looking for then, Heavyweight and not Cruiser-weight should be the direction he should be looking at. I wouldn’t mind either if, Ward went to Cruiser-weight first to capture a title then, move up to Heavyweight next. What ever Wards next’s move is, it will be interesting being that he’s still undefeated and looking to add to his legacy.

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