Written by: C.Holla

Records are meant to be broken. However, as you see in the clip below some records have bigger meaning than others. Hank Aaron’s record compared to Barry Bonds. Dan Marino’s compared to Peyton Manning. As you can see in the Hank Aaron clip the record seem to mean more back in the day. The 2 fans accompanying Aaron wanted to be apart of the moment. Now in this day and age, a fan can only hope to buy a ticket to have the same experience.

All of the players I have mentioned are in the Hall of Fame or headed there soon. Mainly because of their consistency and great talent. Peyton Manning touchdown passes and yards. Hank Aaron home runs/rbi’s. Dan Marino stellar career touchdown passes/yards. Wilt/Kobe’s scoring.Wilt career scoring average was 30 points a game. Kobe mainly for scoring because his assists won’t get him to the Hall of Fame. On the flip side there are records no player in their respective sport wants. For example, James Harden 464 turnovers in the 2016-2017 NBA season. No player will ever break it but James Harden. Harden broke a 42 year old record by George McGinnis 422 turnovers in 1974-1975. Brett Favre has most career interceptions with 336. That stat alone is the reason why most quarterback strive to cut down on their interceptions! No player strives to mess up. Favre and Harden show the other side of records. Safe to say they are one of a generation talent. The best record in sports to me isn’t Bill Russell 11 championships or Wilt’s 100. It is Jackie Robinson’s, being the 1st athlete to have his jersey retired across all sports. The #42 impact, influence can’t be topped. Although, he doesn’t have the home run record. Being the 1st to break a color barrier in sports is pretty good enough.

In conclusion, in an age and era where records have seem to be inflated. The casual baseball fan may recognize Aaron’s record as more monumental than Bonds due to the alleged steroid era in baseball. A football fan may recognize Peyton’s record even though he has broke a 6 year old record at time Dan Marino’s 1984 season may not be a record but it was the original record. In sports records are meant to be broken but they also must be remembered for their time and era alike.

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