WWE Smackdown Recap 06/6/2017

Written by: The Immortal KB


Tonight’s SmackDown is live from Rochester, New York, USA in the Blue Cross Arena which holds 10,000 people.

Before the show began a video showing what happened with the women’s division last week with Shane McMahon creating the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank Match. 

The show started with McMahon coming out to the ring inside the ring already were the five women in the MITB match-Charlotte,Becky Lynch, Natalya, Tamina, and Carmella flanked by James Ellsworth. When Shane finally made it inside the ring he introduced each of the women with requisite compliments. He then asked for a drum roll because he had a reveal. He then showed off the new Women’s MITB briefcase after it was lowered from the rafters. He said the winner will be guaranteed a Women’s Title shot anytime, anyplace that she wants. He said history shows that it’s almost a guarantee because people who win MITB usually go on to become champion. Each person talked their trash with Ellsworth being the best then the Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi came out to her full entrance to the ring. After she spoke a few words Lana, who was making her Smackdown Debut came out in a blue glittery night gown. Shane told Lana that this is the land of opportunity, but this is not the time. “This is not working for me right now,” he said. Lana said suggestively, “I promise you what work for me, I’ll make work for you.” He said Naomi can’t compete in this match, but she can. Naomi, Natalya, and Becky snorted with laughter. Naomi lost it and shrieked. Lana asked Naomi what’s so funny. “Girl, why are you coming out here with this foolishness?” she said. “Do you really think you can hang in a ladder match. You haven’t even had a singles match yet.” She asked who she has ever beaten. She sang the Jeopardy! theme song while she waited. Lana said, “I can beat you.” Shane stepped between them. Shane said Lana has to earn a Smackdown Women’s Championship match. Lana pitched a fit and fans were booing that she wasn’t put in the match. 

In my opinion Naomi should not have come out to ring because she won’t be in the MITB match and Lana should have been just put in the match right there because typically the MITB match has an even amount of participants. That briefcase was beautiful a gold handle with the rest of it a metallic like white.

The first match of night was Naomi, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte vs Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina. It was a typical heels vs babyfaces match until Lana then walked out to ringside and got some cheers. Naomi noticed Lana and mouthed off to her. Lana tripped her on the ring apron after she turned her back then Tamina superkicked Naomi to get the pinfall victory for her team.

Once again Naomi looked like a idiot. What person turns their back to an enemy? A stupid idiot that’s who.

I would give this match a grade of C. The women’s division is full of chaos that takes up too much tv time. 

Up next was a backstage segment Shane was walking towards the Andre the Giant Battle Royal trophy backstage. Mojo Rawley walked and told him that when he won it, it was the greatest moment in his entire life. He said he thought winning it would open a lot of doors and springboard his career, but he’s been riding the bench the last two months. “I’ve been a ghost around here on Smackdown.” He said he doesn’t want a favor from Shane, he just wants an opportunity. He said he probably has his reasons to leave him out of the MITB ladder match. He said if it was to motivate him, he accepts that, but if it’s because he forgot about him, he wants to remind him that there’s only one person who has defeated the current World Champion Jinder Mahal since he came to Smackdown. Shane then set up a match between Jinder Mahal and Mojo with the caveat if Mojo was victorious he would be in the MITB match. 

The second match of the night was AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler in a rematch from last week. Styles hit a Styles Clash as the crowd counted the 1-2-3 for the win. AJ is the most loved superstar on Smackdown. The match was seven minutes which felt longer because Dolph seemed clunky.

I would give the match a B+. Dolph Ziggler gave AJ one of his worse matches this week and last week.

Up next was the latest edition of The Fashion Files. In the office was pictures of Billy Kidman, The Usos, The Colon Brothers,and Michael Hayes. It was taken up another notch when the New Day came.

The Fashion Police are batting a thousand.

It was announced that John Cena would return on the fourth of July edition of Smackdown in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Jinder Mahal vs Mojo Rawley started off the second hour. When Mahal came out he really looked like a champion. He had a carpet roll out for him on the video screen the match with Mojo was horrible good thing it was only four minutes long with Jinder hitting the Cobra Clutch Slam for the pinfall. 

I would give this match a F grade. Mojo is a terrible wrestler and he wore some bright neon green shorts which in combination of his pasty white skin hurt my eyes.

After the match, Mahal asked the crowd to be silent while the Modern Day Maharaja is speaking. He said he is the WWE Champion. A “USA” chant started. He said he just dismantled the dreams of Rawley just like he’ll dismantle the dreams of Randy Orton becoming WWE Champion again in his hometown of St. Louis. Jinder slipped going up the turnbuckle before holding up the WWE Championship.

Orton was interviewed backstage by Renee Young and it was exactly like his last three promos.

The New Day squashed The Colons in seven minutes. It was great to see them in action they haven’t missed a step.

I would give the match a grade of B. Xavier could go on a nice singles run.

After the match The Usos said they’re old news. Jey told them to keep doing what they’re doing, and they’ll keep doing what they’re doing, which is keeping the tag division on lock. “Welcome to the Smackdown Penitentiary.” They asked Big E if the E is his middle initial or his bra size. Jeesh. Jey told Xavier to look up and then down and then ask, “What are those!” That was a reference to his boots. They said if they feel someone is coming up behind them, it’s not paranoia, it’s the Usos.

Baron Corbin beat up Sami Zayn backstage badly.


Naomi walked in and told Shane he wants to ace Lana at MITB. Shane said he doesn’t have to do just because she challenged her. Naomi said she wants to, and she’ll put her title on the line. Shane said that’s fine with him if that’s what she wants. She told Shane to tell Lana to invest in one of those Russian fur hats “because I plan on snatching her bald.”


Naomi really going to lose to Lana who hasn’t wrestled three matches in all her years in the WWE then she’s going to lose it to Tamina who will win the Women’s MITB match.

The main event of the evening was Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens. The match was a back and forth but once Nakamura hit an exploder suplex he had the upper hand leading to a KINSHASAAA for a clean victory. 

I would give the match a C+.

After the match Corbin hit an End of Days on Nakamura in the dead center of the ring.

Overall this was a solid smackdown on the slow summer march to Summerslam in August. Two people came back from a hiatus and only one will make a serious immediate impact. Money In The Bank is the the week after next and the card is pretty much set.

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