WWE Raw 06/5/2017 Recap

Written by: ZiggyZag

RAW recap post Extreme Rules 6/5/2017

Welcome to this weeks RAW recap live from Wilkes-Barre, PA. Tonight’s show will be surrounded by the aftermath of last nights Extreme Rules ppv and the road towards Great Balls of Fire. Later on tonight we’ll hear from the winner of the Fatal Five Way match last night Samoa Joe addressing Universal Champion Brock Lesnar but first and kicking off our show is Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns. 

Bray makes his way out first with a little pre match promo. He says that he had a chance to slay the beast but they (Roman, Joe, Seth, and Finn) put his own sword into his eye. He tells them that he’s still here and that they are all guilty. He promises that they all will pay one by one starting with Roman. Roman’s theme hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Him and Wyatt stare each other down before Roman says that this is why he’s “the guy” and what happens when you talk trash in “his yard”. He deck Wyatt in the face sending him out the ring but Wyatt quickly comes back into the ring only to dodge a Superman Punch as we go to our first commercial break of the night.

Roman Reigns wins via Superman Punch and spear after countering the Sister Abigail. We get a quick look at the replays as Roman celebrates while the ref checks on Bray. Still to come tonight, a look at the Kendo Stick on a Pole match for the RAW Women’s Championship and a word from the number one contender for the Universal Championship, Samoa Joe.

*commercial cut*

Back with Charly Caruso interviewing Enzo Amore and Big Cass about the recent attacks that have been going on. Enzo says he doesn’t know who’s attacking him but he’s gonna catch a charge when he finds out. Enzo tries to flirt with Charly but Cass steps in and says that it’s insulting that people are thinking that he’s attacking Enzo and that he’s gonna watch Enzo’s back from now on. 

Moving on now to commentary showing highlights of the Kendo Stick on a Pole match between Alexa Bliss and Bayley. Michael Cole informs us that Bayley isn’t there tonight.

Backstage once again as we see RAW GM Kurt Angle looking at his phone until Alexa Bliss walks in. She waits for Kurt to congratulate her on her victory over Bayley last night and wants another “This is your life” segment but this time about her. Kurt quickly shuts the idea down due to how horrible last weeks segment was(indeed it was) Kurt reminds her that she promised Nia Jax a championship match and that it will happen tonight. We cut to Dean Ambrose walking backstage getting prepped up for his match next as we go to another commercial break.

*commercial cut*

Back with ring announcer JoJo introducing Elias Samson before leading us in a song taking a shot at the crowd. Out comes Dean Ambrose looking to take his frustrations out after losing the Intercontinental Championship last night to The Miz.

Elias Samson vs Dean Ambrose

Ambrose gets in the ring and takes the mic away from Elias looking like he’s about to say something but attacks him instead. Figuring he’s done with Elias, Dean gets on the mic and demands Miz give him a rematch tonight. Miz appears on the big screen and tells him that there will be no rematch tonight due to his “Intercontinental Title Comeback Tour” celebration. While he’s still focused on Miz, Samson attacks Ambrose from behind and lays him out with the Swinging Neckbreaker. 

*commercial cut*

Back with Dean Ambrose walking backstage and ruining into Kurt Angle. Kurt orders Dean to leave the building tonight so that The Miz can have his celebration in peace. Ambrose tries to plead but eventrally leaves the facility. 

We cut back to the ring as we are joined by Universal Championship number one contender, Samoa Joe. Joe makes it known right off the bat that he doesn’t fear Brock. He wants everything Brock has from his schedule, Paul Heyman to run errands for him, and most importantly his Universal Championship. Speaking of Paul Heyman, he interrupts Joe as he makes his way to the ring. 

He gives Joe his props on last night’s win and says while he doesn’t fear his client, Brock doesn’t fear Joe either. He knows Joe wants to go to war with Brock but notes that Brock will not leave the same person due to Joe talking a piece of Brock with him. He talks on and tells Joe that if he wants Brock, he has him and they shake hands. Paul looks to be leaving but Joe stops him and backs him into the corner. Joe tells Paul that he’s disappointed that Brock didn’t show up and that something bad is going to happen. He threatens Heyman by telling him he’s gonna put him in the Coquina Clutch and ends up doing so. He holds the hold as officials attempt to break it up. He finally lets go as the crowd boos and officials check on Paul. 

*commercial cut*

Back with the aftermath on what just happened between Samoa Joe and Paul Heyman. Backstage with a furious Kurt Angle confronting Joe till Seth Rollins steps in. He talks down on Joe and Kurt makes him vs Rollins for tonight. Joe says Seth made a big mistake and walks off.

Tag team action now featuring Rhyno and Heath Slater vs new RAW Tag Team Champs Sheamus and Cesaro

Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro via Brogue Kick on Slater.

After the match, they take shots at The Hardys celebrate on being two time RAW Tag Team Champions. 

Backstage now with TJP prepping for his match till he runs into Cruiserweight Champ Neville. TJP wants to know where his title match is since he’s been helping Neville out against Austin Aries. Neville tells him to be patient but TJ doesn’t want to hear it. Neville comes around telling him that he’s right and if he can beat Mustafa Ali tonight, he’ll see what he can do about making sure he gets a title match. TJP walks off as we go to commercial.

*commercial cut*

Back now with Cruiserweight action as TJP faces Mustafa Ali. 

Winner: TJP via Detonation Kick. After the match as TJP celebrates, Cruiserweight Champ Neville makes his way out to greet TJ after his win. He tells him that he has bad news from Kurt Angle about his title shot. TJP doesn’t listen and leaves to go talk to Kurt himself but is attacked from behind by Neville. He informs him that he’ll get his shot tomorrow on 205Live. 

*commercial cut*

Back with a new promo from Goldust on how the “Golden Age” is back.

We cut to see Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke in the lockeroom talking till RAW Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss pops up. Before she can say anything,Sasha Banks leaves the room obviously wanting nothing to do with her. Mickie and Dana start to leave also but Alexa stops them. She tries to get on their good side by stating facts on how they should be upset that Nia got a title match over them. Dana tells her that Nia is Alexa’s own problem and Mickie notes that she will be at ringside to see Alexa deal with Nia by herself. 

Kalisto vs. Titus O’Neil

Before the match can begin, Kurt Angle comes to the announcers table and calls Corey Graves over. He shows him another message on his phone before going to the back as Kalisto makes his entrance. Kurt ends up leaving for the rest of the night causing Dean Ambrose to sneak back in shortly afterwards.

Kalisto wins via roll-up 

Backstage now with the new Intercontinental Champion The Miz and his wife Maryse heading out to the ring but stop when they spot someone laid out from an attack. That someone is Big Cass as a ref runs over to check on him. Enzo Amore runs over now asking what happened while more refs try to help Cass up. Still wondering what happened, Cass hands over a gold chain which appears to be Enzo’s. He takes it and tries to reason with the refs to let Cass wrestle their tag team match but it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to do it, One ref tells Enzo to find another partner as they carry Big Cass away.
Back in the ring with Maryse welcoming everyone to the “Intercontinental Title Comeback Tour” celebration. 

She introduces her husband and out comes the new Intercontinental champ, The Miz. The crowd tells Miz that his deserves the victory but Miz shuts them up by saying those chants would mean more if they didn’t do it for everyone. He goes on to trash talk Dean Ambrose and thanks Maryse for the celebration decorations including a dancing bear. She’s appreciates the thank yous but tells him that she didn’t hire the bear. Confused about it, The Miz attacks the bear thinking the bear is Ambrose but it isn’t. He throws the random guy out the ring who was dressed as the bear as we see another gift in a big box being rolled down to the ring. Miz goes crazy and destroys the box as Maryse tells him to stop. He finally does but the gift is done for as Maryse tells him that the gift was from her which is shown to be a grandfather clock. She tells Miz that it’s timeless just like him as she runs off in disappointment. Miz calls for her to come back but she ignores him. Miz blames Ambrose for this disaster and calls him out. Disguised as a camera man, Ambrose attacks The Miz and lays him out with the Dirty Deeds. He talks a drink of some champagne as we cut to commercial. 

Quick reminder that Shinsuke Nakamura will face Kevin Owens on Smackdown this week. Be sure to check that out. 

Back with some more tag team action with Enzo Amore and a partner of his choosing vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

After Gallows and Anderson make their entrance, Enzo is out next making his way to the ring. He tells everyone that his partner is another 7-footer and out comes The Big Show.

Big Show looks annoyed to be teaming with Enzo but ends up cutting a pre-match promo just like Big Cass as we get set for the match.

Winners: Enzo and Big Show after Enzo pins Anderson following a double team assist from Big Show. 

Still to come, RAW Women’s Championship match with Nia Jax challenging Alexa Bliss and Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins. 

*commercial cut*

Backstage and we see Enzo and Big Show walking as they spot Big Cass. Cass gets the suspension that Big Show is behind the attacks but Big Show says he isn’t. Enzo tries to calm both men down and invites Show to come hang out with them. Big Show declines as he waks off.
Promo from R-Truth sending more warning to Goldust.

Quick interview with RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss on her match with Nia Jax which is next. She says she isn’t happy and that people need to treat her better before storming off.

Back out to the ring as Nia Jax makes her way to the ring before another commercial break.

*commercial cut*

Out now is RAW Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss as she prepares to take on Nia Jax and hopefully walk out still champion.

RAW Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax

Winner: Alexa Bliss by DQ after attacking both Mickie James and Dana Brooke who came down to ringside.

After the match, Dana and Mickie go after Alexa but Nia ends up pulling them away instead and says that she wants Alexa by herself. Alexa tries to escape and does so as Nia looks on from the ring. Dana and Mickie join her but are attacked once again by Nia as Alexa looks on. 

Backstage one last time as we see Paul Heyman getting checked on from the attack earlier by Samoa Joe. His phone goes off and he asks the trainer to leave the room. The call is from non other that Brock Lesnar. Paul tellsBrock before hanging up not only does he want him to show up next week, he wants him to unleash the beast. 

*commercial cut*

Main Event time as Seth Rollins takes on Samoa Joe.

Great main event with hard hitting blows from both guys as Samoa Joe picks up the win via Coquina Clutch following a distraction from Bray Wyatt’s creepy graphic that caught Seth off guard. 

Joe celebrates his win as Michael Cole hypes next weeks RAW with the return of Brock Lesnar as tonight’s RAW comes to an end.

What a RAW, much better from last week. I’ll have to give the matches of the night to Roman vs Bray and Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins. Action in both matches were on fire regardless of the outcomes. Great Balls of Fire looks like a promising PPV so far just based off that segment between Samoa Joe and Paul Heyman. Didn’t expect Joe to lock Paul in the Coquina Clutch but I’m glad he did. Can’t wait to see Brock cause havoc next week or at least try to cause I know Samoa Joe ain’t gonna stand down to nobody that gets in his way. RAW rating- A.

Once again, be sure to catch Smackdown and 205 Live tomorrow and NXT Wednesday. Till next week folks.


Picture and video credits: WWE 

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