Extreme Rules 2017 Recap

Written by: JR 

Pre Show-Apollo Crews vs Kalisto: C+

Winner: Kalisto

The duo of Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews has been beneficial to both wrestlers. Especially for Crews who finally found someone who can help build his personality and give him an identity. Titus did a great job of being the overly bossy manager/coach during the match. There were many near falls and great spots from both wrestlers. Crews having a losing streak hopefully won’t lead to separating from O’Neil soon because Crews definitely needs a manager to help find his rhythm. I feel that Crews really needed the win tonight even if it was with interference from Titus. This was one of the better pre-show matches in recent memory.  
Main Show

-Miz vs Dean Ambrose (C) for the Intercontinental Championship: C

Winner: The Miz

The match stipulation of Dean being able to lose his title by DQ was a bad idea and was even more inappropriate for a PPV called “Extreme Rules”. The match went way too long, the ending was convoluted, and the match had a bad false finish teasing a DQ. I hope this is the end of their feud and they give Miz a long title reign to help build the title back up again.

-Alicia Fox & Noam Dar vs Sasha Banks & Rich Swann: C-

Winner: Sasha Banks and Rich Swann

An OK match but this is just a filler feud for everyone involved. I was glad to see Swann get the win in his hometown.

-Elias Samson in ring segment: He got plenty of heat for that segment. Even before he started playing anything, the crowd hated the sight of him holding a guitar in the center of the ring. I feel like there’s a lot of potential with Samson and his gimmick.

-Bayley vs Alexa Bliss (C) for the Raw Women’s Championship in a Kendo Stick On A Pole match: D

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Bayley has zero credibility after this loss. The booking for the match was questionable and was surprisingly one sided. Bayley looked just as timid and tame as she usually does and her character didn’t show much fire. She was not as competitive as one would expect for such a tense feud. It seems like Bliss is the new Charlotte now which is not a good sign at all. 

-Hardy Boyz (C) vs Sheamus & Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Championships in a Cage Match: D

Winner: Sheamus and Cesaro

For some reason they changed the stipulation to no pinfalls and submissions and only allowed winning by escaping the cage. There was a segment at the end where Jeff had already left the cage but came back in to help his brother. When the match was close to finishing, Sheamus and Cesaro were escaping the cage as Matt was dragging his brother towards the door. Sheamus and Cesaro escaped before Matt could drag Jeff to the outside and won the match to become the new Tag Team Champions. It didn’t make much sense since technically Jeff had already escaped the cage so why would it matter for Jeff to escape the cage again? There was the obligatory Jeff Hardy spot off the top of the cage but even that couldn’t save this match which had the potential to be a MOTN candidate.

-Austin Aries vs Neville (C) for the Cruiserweight Championship in a Submission 
Match: B

Winner: Neville

A good match with great storytelling from both competitors. For some reason the ref was counting when the wrestlers were outside the ring. I’m not sure if that was a mistake from the ref or if the booking team forgot how submission matches work. I was surprised that Aries didn’t win but so far Neville has been a great heel champion so I’m not too disappointed with the result.

-Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe in a Fatal 5 Way to determine the #1 Contender for the Universal Title: B+

Winner: Samoa Joe

WWE knows how to deliver with these multi-man main event matches. I was surprised at the Joe victory but unfortunately this means that Brock isn’t losing the title anytime soon and Joe will just be a filler feud. Tonight’s main event saved the show from being a major disappointment.
Overall Grade: C-

There was so much bad booking throughout the night that it took away from the enjoyment of most of the matches. The main event was great, the kickoff match was pretty good, and the Cruiserweight match was solid.  

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