Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire & M65 Pro RGB Review

Written by: iceberg_is_on_fire

Hello all, talking today about keyboards and mice. The need for a new setup wasn’t a necessity for me but having heard of the technical superiority of mechanical keyboards by fellow techies, I figured that I’d make the plunge. Going with a brand that I’ve placed purchases within the past, I settled for two of Corsair’s latest.

On top, the Corsair offerings, on bottom, my customary wireless assortment of Logitech gaming. Nothing fancy, just enough to do the job. However, I wanted to jump into this mechanical world with a splash, so, I settled on the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Gaming Keyboard and the Corsair M65 Pro RGB Mouse $169.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Given my inclination to tech, it didn’t take long to get up and running. Corsair sends the customer to their website to download the Corsair Utility Engine. There, the user can control settings for both devices.

Something of note, see the ‘MX’ icon underneath the K70 RGB Rapidfire Keyboard in the screen? That indicates that the keys on this keyboard have Cherry MX Speed keys, the fastest mechanical switches to date. To educate yourself more about mechanical keyboards and the types of switches they offer, please go.

So, this is top of the line quality here. The impressive packaging does not stop there. The K70 has a sturdy but lightweight aluminum chassis while the M65 feels very firm in the user’s hands.

Performance is also a stand out on both. Typing is a breeze on the K70, all keys that we expect are where they are supposed to be. In regard to the M65, it offers tremendous precision in relationship to the pointer on the screen. Even my trusty Logitech trackball mouse gives off slight response issues. Here, near perfection as these devices are built for gamers so the weekend work warrior will be more than satisfied here. Usage of software is where Corsair begins to take flight though.Within the K70 setup, one can create macros of your choosing, especially nice if go gaming. Set up the lighting effects, demonstration to come later as well as some other performance things like other bindings. Some of the same options here for the M65, creation of macros, setup any input of the mouse to perform any action. A lot of great stuff under the hood software and hardware.

For many, especially where demanding bleeding edge performance, what has been shown would be enough. However, Corsair was thoughtful enough to include dynamic lighting for both the K70 and M65. It’s some really cool stuff. Check the video.

The verdict, as explained in the video, if you demand the latest and greatest and cost is not a main concern, you won’t do better than this. Computing is seamless when using this, as if it ultimately becomes an extension of yourself as one continues to tinker and customize the devices to their likings. Even without taking full advantage of what devices offer, I still conclude this review with a fully-fledged endorsement of these devices. They are brilliant.


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