Smackdown Recap 5/31/2017

Written by: The Immortal KB 

This week’s edition is live from Atlanta, Georgia, USA in the Philips Center which holds around 15,000. The Smackdown exclusive Pay-Per View WWE Money In The Bank is June 18th. 

The show opened with Charlotte, saying she is genetically superior to any female in the world so she will win the elimination match tonight to earn a WWE Smackdown Women’s Title match (woo! included). Carmella said she has so much class, they might as well refer to her as the teacher. Natalya said she will prove she is the best there is, was, and ever will be. Then she winked. Becky Lynch said she represents the fighting Irish. Tamina said her opponents have had their chances and it’s her time now. In my opinion it got the job done but this is Tamina’s first time ever talking even when I happen to watch Total Divas when she talks it’s so low with that said, she is my pick for the next Smackdown Woman’s Champion.

After the Smackdown opening aired Kevin Owens came out to host Kevin Owens’ Highlight Reel. After once again calling himself the New Face of America, trashing Chris Jericho, and saying he win the MITB match which means he will be not only United States of America Champion but also the champion and face of the entire WWE. He introduced “one of the people I am going to step on on my way to becoming a double champion.” He introduced WWE’s “resident rock star, the artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura.” Nakamura did his full entrance and as soon as he was about to speak out came Baron Corbin. Corbin showed a highlight of the beating he gave to Sami Zayn and afterwards called Owens “Cartman”. Nakamura retorted they are very forgetful. He said last week he pinned Owens. He turned to Corbin and said he said Sami beat him. Owens and Corbin ambushed Nakamura until Sami made the save, with the numbers even the crowd sang “Olé” for Sami. Sami said he isn’t done with Corbin and then he turned to Owens and said the fight between them is never over. 

The first match of the night was Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn vs.Baron Corbin this match really showed off Nakamura.Sami eventually did hot-tag Nakamura. Nakamura attacked Owens with round kicks and knees. He eventually scored a two count, with Corbin breaking up the cover. Sami charged in and beat up Corbin in the corner. Sami threw a charging Owens into Corbin who then blew his top. Owens shoved him. Corbin punched him. Sami clotheslined Corbin over the top rope to the floor. Nakamura then delivered a Kinshasa Kick to Owens for the win. The match was only about thirteen minutes. The ending was a twist with Corbin and Owens turning on each other. Because of the finish of the match I would not be surprised to see the two go one-on-one next week.

I would give this match a grade of C+. June 18th is a long time from now. A very long time from now.

The Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos were in the ring talked a bit. THEN THE NEW DAY CAME OUT. Xavier entered the ring and yelled, “Your boys are back!” He said, “Hey mom, nice shirt.” When they began gyrating their hips, the Usos asked if they got lost skipping their way up the Yellow Brick Road. Kingston said, it’s most of a skip-skip-clap. He demonstrated. The Usos said they have the tag division on lock. “Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary,” said one of the Usos. Big E said they know what happens in a penitentiary. Big E said they like the tag titles and they want them. Xavier said they can do this the easy way or the hard way. THE NEW DAY GOT AWAY WITH DROPPING THE VERSES OF THE BOOTY WARRIOR FLEECE JOHNSON ON A PG TELEVISION SHOW. 

I was shocked at how all the people in the arena knew where it was from, Xavier said they don’t run the show, but it’s so cute “with your little hats and hoodies.” He said they know the man who does run the show – Shane McMahon. He said they have some special opponents coming up at MITB. “Who? Who? Who?” Kofi said the Usos better be ready for New Day to become the new Smackdown Live WWE World Tag Team Champions.

Up next was the latest edition of the Fashion Files. It was set up like a noir type movie Fandango narrated and entered a room with a sign that said “Fashion Police Dept and when he walked in there was a shadow of a curvaceous woman. He pulled a gun and the camera pulled back and revealed it was Tyler Breeze in a wig. Fandango asked why Breeze was still undercover. Breeze said, “Oh, he thinks I’m still undercover.” They were surprised they could hear each other’s thoughts and stared at each other for a few seconds. Fandango tasted cologne and said it tasted like tree frog excrement. Fandango said the dress looks pretty good on him. They agreed they found their next case. I think that the two men are gay for each other and that’s the joke not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The fatal five way match for the number 1 contendership to the Smackdown Women’s Championship.But chaos broke out a huge giant fight that was the most aggressive women have ever been in the WWE. It kinda ended with everyone laid out outside the ring.The most wild thing was when Charlotte powerbombed Natalya through the announcer’s table.

Shane McMahon came out and said “they’re all so focused on being the no. 1 contender that the match didn’t even begin. He said the solution is to add the “first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match” to the PPV later this month.” The thing is that this still leaves Naomi without a challenger until at least the next PPV WWE Battleground in July with that said my pick to win is Tamina.

The Fashion Police face off against The Colons. Tyler Breeze brought out the janitor costume change then after a few minutes hit an Unprettier for the pinfall victory the match was very short.

I would give the match a grade of C for being average but the comedy I will give it an A+. 

Randy Orton came to the ring spoke about his last at Backlash and his upcoming match at Money In The Bank but the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal appeared on the big screen with the Singh Brothers. He said Randy is just like every other ignorant American who tell stories of the greatness of a bygone era. He said his country is in decay. He said he is a symbol of the past, living on the coattails of what once was. He said he should behold the present and the future, Jinder Mahal. “The Modern Day Maharaj” he said.

The main event of the night was Dolph Ziggler vs AJ Styles this matchup was not highly asked for at all. AJ styles can turn chickenshit into a whole Publix Chicken Tenders Sub. Ziggler raked Styles’s face to break it. Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Ziggler knocked him off balance and then hit a super kick for the three count in fifteen minutes. I did not like the finish to the match it seems like a mistake happened at the end also it’s unbelievable that Dolph could beat AJ Styles. I would give this match a grade of B-. 

Until Summerslam all of the WWE shows will be full of multi-people matches and these combinations are too repetitive. Smackdown does more with less compared to Raw so in a tough week of Raw, Smackdown once again showed its the A-show.

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