SmackDown Live Recap 5/24/2017

Written by: The Immortal KB

This edition of SmackDown was live at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio, USA. This area is small it only holds 8,000.

The show began with photos of Jinder Mahal beating Randy Orton to capture the WWE Championship at Backlash. In Addition to that they flashed headlines from news outlets Bleacher Report, ESPN, USA Today and the Hindustan Times to give the impression that Mahal’s victory broke mainstream news worldwide which it did.

The show cut outside where a black SUV and a white limo pulled up. Out came the Singh brothers who unrolled one of the finest middle eastern rugs in front of the white limo. After cleaning the rug by hand the new WWE Champion Jinder Mahal came out looking fresh to death in a very expensive suit. He put the title over his shoulder and smiled his now trademark smirk. I loved it Jinder Mahal looks like a champion, talks like a champion, walks like a champion and the WWE is making him feel like a champion. Mahal is the 50th ever WWE Champion. I didn’t know maharajah meant until I googled it but it means Indian prince.

Shane McMahon came out and said that Randy Orton instituted his rematch clause at Money In The Bank which happens to take place in St.Louis his hometown. McMahon introduced five competitors for the Money In The Bank ladder match AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn and before the fifth man could come out the naked beer belly hamster humanoid Kevin Owens. Shane asked the production people to cut the music he told Owens he wasn’t in the match and he knew that. Then my favorite to win the match the King Of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura came out so at this point it was obvious that the six men in the ring would be in the match. In my opinion Dolph should not be in the match he ruined Backlash for me. Baron Corbin should also not be in the match because he’s not as good as the other guys in the match. Kevin Owens should not be in the match because he’s still the United States Champion and he should defend the championship against someone like Kofi Kingston or Rusev. Since after Wrestlemania Kevin Owens looks fatter and isn’t wrestling to the best of his abilities. Maybe he needs to go away for a few months also his face of America gimmick is just boring in my opinion he should be a lackey to someone like he was on Raw to Jericho. Each man had mic time and it was different levels to each guys promo game. AJ was the best, Corbin was the worst, Ziggler was slightly better and for some reason Nakamura continued to talk with the mouth guard in his mouth. Shinsuke was the most over. He had the most over entrance with the crowd “owwing” to his theme and screaming his name the whole time he was in the ring.

The first match of the night was a Women’s tag match between Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs Natalya and Carmella. This match was formulaic and boring. There is a rumor that there will be a Women’s Money in the Bank Match and I think that’s a terrible idea in my opinion there is only five women that could be champion. Raw should have gotten the women and Smackdown should have gotten all the Tag Teams. This match was seven minutes wasted. 

The second match of the night was Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin it was literally under thirty seconds. Zayn rolled up Corbin for a surprise three count. In my opinion Sami Zayn is a Smackdown version of Cesaro but like a much weaker one. After the match Corbin beatdown Sami.

There was another Fashion Files vignette. Words won’t do it justice watch the video. I believe that the Fashion Police will win the titles to lose them back to the Usos who will lose it to the New Day. Shane McMahon came into a room observing a bulletin board with a picture of Chris Jericho, The Usos, Freddie Blassie, Tony Chimmel, and Mean Street Posse. The Post-It note on Blassie said, “Genius.” Shane wondered who did that. In walked Fandango who said Shane must’ve shaved his mustache. Shane said he never had a mustache. Shane said he didn’t invite them. Breezango said they know he invited them to his office to turn in their badges because they lost on Sunday night. Breeze offered to turn in their guns. Shane flinched as they reached behind them to pull out their guns, but they were light-blue squirt gun toys. They began handing over other props and their belts. When Breeze pulled his pants down, Shane told them to stop. He booked Breeze vs. Jey Uso and Fandango vs. Jimmy Uso later. Breeze said that means they’re back on the case. Breeze put their tear in a box and walked away. Fandango took a donut with him. Shane shot the squirt gut a couple times and seemed to get a thrill out of it. 

Next was the celebration for Jinder. The Singh Brothers came out then came Jinder Mahal on his way to the ring he walked through a parade of people dancing for him. He said the fans boo him because he looks different and talks different. Mahal had an excellent promo and said the fans can shower him with his hatred, but that doesn’t change that 1.3 billion people in India are celebrating his victory,now they boo him because he exposed them for the fools that they are, and he said at Backlash he enlightened the fools and became WWE Champion. He continued on to say Orton is just like America on the decline, he said he is on the rise and he is already the greatest WWE Champion of all-time. His dancers applauded and smiled and saluted him at ringside. He told the fans they will not hijack his crowning because this night is about him and celebrating for his people. He spoke in Punjabi, to close out the segment. I expected Orton to come out but I guess not. Jinder Mahal is a better WWE Champion than Rey Mysterio.

Tyler Breeze faced off against Jey Uso Fandango sprayed Jey with a squirt gun and Breeze rolled up Jey for the three count in thirty seconds. Then Fandango took on Jimmy Uso during the match Breeze put on a wig at ringside and taunted Jey with handcuffs. They sprinted around the ring two laps and the distraction led to Fandango scoring a schoolboy three count in under thirty seconds.

After the two matches the Fashion Police challenged the Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship but the Usos beat up on them the whole match. Fandango was the hot-tag towards the end. Fandango climbed to the top rope, but Jey distracted him. Jimmy then went for a superplex. Jey tagged in. Fandango headbutted Jimmy and hit a top rope legdrop, but Jey then surprised Fandango with a top rope splash for the win. It was about a seven minute match that was solid. In my opinion these two teams have great chemistry.

There was a backstage segment with the ladies except Naomi. Shane set up a Fatal Five-Way match with the winner going against Naomi at the Money In The Bank PPV. I think that the match between  Natalya, Carmella, Becky, Charlotte, and Tamina will end in a DQ leading to a ladder match with the five plus Naomi at Money In The Bank.

The main event was next for some reason we didn’t get an entrance from AJ Styles and one from Shinsuke Nakamura but Kevin Owens and Dolph had theirs. This match was the longest match I can remember this match was thirty minutes. Each man got their licks in but the thing is I believe that Shinsuke should be treated more special like he should take very little offense and dish out way more Strong Style. I loved the ending as Owens stopped Nakamura’s Kinshasa Kick against Ziggler then Styles set up a Styles Clash on Owens then Ziggler broke it up with a super kick then Nakamura came back and took Owens out with the Kinshasa Kick for the win. Nakamura and Styles congratulated each other. Nakamura danced as Styles watched to close out the show. 

I feel like Shinsuke should be the #1 contender to Jinder Mahal beat him then at Summerslam a triple threat at Summerslam AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship. Cena has to come back soon for his yearly big L at Summerslam. This was a solid Smackdown but Smackdown really has depth issues it would be great to have maybe Seth Rollins come to Smackdown to have more star power.

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