Carmelo vs Phil Jackson: Can’t we all just get along?

Written by: Flo

Being an avid a New York Knick fan for the majority of my life and a Carmelo Anthony fan since he was in high school, it pains me that it has come to this. Since Melo has been traded to the Knicks almost 6 years ago, his time here and has been nothing short of a disaster. To the players that has been put around him that he’s supposed to carry to the playoffs (I’m looking at every roster sans the 2013 Knicks Roster,) to the management and coaches that has been put in place in front of him. Now, we all know Carmelo is not a perfect player by any means. One of the best scorers in NBA history, albeit he doesn’t play much defense or “make his teammates better” (Another discussion for another time). But still, you put the right pieces around this guy, I think majority of the sane Knick fans believe he could lead us to the playoffs in the god forsaken Eastern Conference. 

Now enters Phil Jackson. One of the best coaches of all time. Winning 11 championship rings with two different franchises, and coaching some of the greatest talent the NBA has ever seen. James Dolan hired Phil Jackson thinking that he could bring some type of championship pedigree, to a desperate Knick franchise who struggles to make the playoffs constantly. Even though Phil has no executive experience, and he’s about 90 years old. He probably still really wants to coach but his body doesn’t allow him to. Let’s just get down to the nitty gritty here, his time as a Knick executive has been the worst since Scott Layden (Not even going to count the Isiah years.) From the trading of young draft prospects to signing old washed up veteran players who don’t fit the triangle scheme that you are persistent on running even though the league has become more of a free flowing game. The only silver lining in this Phil Jackson hire is that he “drafted” Porzingis even though I give more credit to the Knicks scouting department ( who are very underrated btw.) 

The past two years Phil has been bashing the current superstar of the Knicks Melo. He is not very fond of his game but still gave him a huge contract with a no trade clause. Phil has been trying to shun Melo out of New York. He has tried make everyone turn their back on him but only the opposite has happened. Phil needs to realize that you can’t bash your superstar player in the media and then expect to get a decent return on his trade value. 

I believe this tandem could still work but it seems like Phil has gone too far in trying to make Melo waive his NTC (no trade clause). Maybe its just best if both figures leave and then we can just start fresh. Thing is seeing how this is the Knicks we are talking about, I see about 3 or 4 more years of Phil Jackson being our highly “sought out executive.”

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