Logic – Everybody Album Review

Written by: Jimmy ValenTime

Logic is one of those artists that is able to capture a lot of my own experience, even though he’s telling his own story. The same way feminist feel Beyoncé expresses their hopes and desires, Eminem did for kids growing up in the trailer park, and what Kendrick Lamar does for the rest of the industry. Logic has that effect on me since listening to his debut album Under Pressure in 2014.

Everybody is not a flawless record, it may not even be described as enjoyable. A man dissecting his racial heritage and the way America treats the discarded does not make exactly for barbecue music. For me all the musical tracks here are incredible and I hope at some point, they released an instrumental version of this album to be able to appreciate the full scope of the music created. Logic’s three albums to me have some of the best production of this era. They are hip-hop, but not dusty or nostalgic for the past.

Still I believe Logic is best when he is showing and not telling. The album is overflowing with speeches and narration both from Logic himself and acclaimed physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and acclaimed rapper Killer Mike. “Take it back” the speech that Logic does would have made for an incredible track and feels like a wasted opportunity considering the beat would work perfectly with what he saying as a rap. Also while I don’t expect Neil to start dropping hot sixteens, I do feel that the Killer Mike feature is wasted on the project.

One of my favorite tracks, is on the outro of “AfricAryan,” J. Cole does a friendly variation on the advice he tried to give Wale on “False Prophets.” He tries to get Logic to see that his desire to get people on his side is making him weaker as a person. Cole wants Bobby to appreciate who he is and make the art that he wants, separate from his neuroses.

This album is very much just about him dealing with his heritage, it’s a concept that for people that are not mixed, might seem redundant or melodramatic. While I think some of the memes that have been made a response to the album are funny. If you actually listen to Logic’s other commercial projects, he only mention being biracial on a song or two.

I wish this album had a strong executive producer to edit out some of the loose ends. Their points where Logic either talks more than he raps, or the album starts to drags to encompass the narrative of the project. I genuinely enjoyed the singles “Everybody”, “Black Spider-Man” and “1-800-273-8255” because the nature of a single forces Logic to focus his message and get his point across clearly. To quote GZA, “Make it brief Son, half as short and twice as strong.”

As somebody who mixed, I appreciate a lot of what he’s saying and coming from. It’s like one of those movies that you would watch once and appreciate the message. But not something that you would watch on a regular basis.


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