Canelo vs Chavez Jr Review

Written by: WillyDWaffleman

What was advertised to many boxing fans as this mega-fight between two of Mexico’s biggest attractions became, nothing more than a glorified exhibiton. Canelo Alvarez won a dominating unanimous decision over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. What we knew before the fight was, Chavez Jr. was the bigger and stronger fighter coming into this fight but, that didn’t look that way in the ring. It was Canelo who was the aggressor and getting his way his Chavez Jr. You have to question what was the gameplan for Chavez Jr.? It defeintely wasn’t to pressure Canelo and make this a close fight. There was moments where Chavez Jr. had the fight in the middle of the ring and tried to box with Canelo which, was laughable. Chavez Jr. trainer, Nacho Beristain really tried to turn him a boxer over night for the biggest fight of his career.

There’s the saying, “it takes two to tango” unfourtuantely, Canelo was in there dancing by himself. There was a moment in the 7th round where, Canelo was on the ropes and Chavez threw a 3 punch combo. Canelo countered back with a stunning 7 punch combo he strung together. Canelo was never in trouble in the fight and was still comfortable when he sat on the ropes and invited Chavez in. One thing that really stood out from Canelo was his jab. I thought it was the best I’ve ever seen him throw it. To quote the great Floyd Mayweather Jr, this was “easy work” for Canelo.

Let’s be honest, the real victory for Chavez Jr. came when he made the catchweight of 164.5lbs. If not, Chavez Jr. was to pay $1 mllion dollars per pound as a penalty. At the age of 31, Chavez Jr. looked shot and showed nothing in the fight. I wouldn’t mind if this was the last I saw of him. If you can’t let your hands go or even try to compete in a fight of this magnitude then, it might be time for you to hang it up.

The post fight interview which was better than the fight itself, was the moment all boxing fans have been waiting for. The video presentation revealed that on September 16th, Canelo Alvarez next opponent will be middleweight kingpin, Gennady Golovkin. A respectable, verbal exchange happened between the two ending with a memorable sequence. Golovkin said, “Good luck in September.” Canelo responded, “Luck is for mediocre people.” I thought that was beautiful way to end the night. One thing is for sure, Canelo versus Golovkin won’t be anything like the nonsense we saw here.

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