The Fate of the Furious Review

Written by: Brandon B

What can I say about “The Fate Of The Ridiculous & Unbelievable”? Just that, it is ridiculous and unbelievable. A series that started from illegal street races is now a series that stars superheroes who can probably rival the Avengers and beat them. 15 mins in and you already know that you’re in for a rollercoaster that never really stops. Dom establishes this by driving a car on fire for at least 5 mins, then backwards even faster. He completes it with the mandatory explosion and jump out the car at the last minute finish with the neighborhood kids surrounding him like a God. It only gets more ridiculous from there action wise so i’ll spare you the details. Story wise, it’s your typical “Good guy goes bad movie”. You’ll see everything coming, even the “twist” that they telegraph a mile away like one of their numerous stunts. Like the majority of viewers, we don’t come for the story, we just come to see explosions, physics defied and well placed humor. Speaking of humor, it’s one of the strongest aspects of the movie.

Hobbs and Deckard have a banter that basically carries the whole movie . Every time they’re on the screen, it’s a highlight (wait for the prison scene) and I can see why there’s rumors of a spin-off involving them. They set the bar higher than the rest of the cast to the point where it’s almost overshadowing. Don’t get me wrong, Tyrese does a great job with the humor like always while Ludacris, Nathalie, & Michelle play their parts. The newcomer, Scott Eastwood felt kinda forced in my opinion mostly due to the fact that he really wasn’t needed. You can tell they used him to fill Brian’s spot but it didn’t work. Charlize’s ‘Cipher’ was the definition a cliche’ villain. Her Oscar winning acting chops weren’t needed here nor was it necessary. She basically got a pay check filming on one set for the whole movie. She was only “face to face” with the Fast Team probably about once if I remembered correctly. Lastly, there’s Vin Diesel aka Dom, the leader of the crew who goes “Rogue”. Out of the entire cast, I don’t think even think Vin really “brought it” even though he was the lead role. He seemed like a mindless drone at times and was just trying to get through his scenes. Maybe it’s because he didn’t really play his “bad guy” part convincingly.

To sum it all up, this movie is the equivalent to a “Summer Action Flick” in the spring. It’s not going to change the world, nor will you have it on you wanting the ride to end. With each movie trying to out do the next in terms of insane stuff. It definitely feels like this franchise has already reached it’s peak and is starting to slowly come down.


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