Berto-Porter Aftermath

Written by: WillyDWaffleman

 Porter, Charlo show dominate performances

 The next eight weeks on Showtime will be a feast for all boxing fans. This past weekend fights is the appetizer to what will be in store for us next week when, Anthony Joshua takes on Wladmir Klitschko. Let’s start off with the co-main event fight which showcased, Jermell Charlo defending his WBC title against Charles Hatley. Going into this fight, I didn’t know what to expect from either fight since both were coming off long layoffs. After a feeling out in the first round, Jermell Charlo just took over from there on. Charlo clearly showed he was the bigger and stronger fighter in the ring. There seemed to be a love connection between, Charlo’s right hand and Hatley’s head. Hatley was dropped in the second and third round from the right hand of Charlo. Charlo was very composed, patient, as he was methodically breaking down Hatley.      

 The sixth round is where this fight officially came to an end. There was an exchange between the two where once again, Charlo showed that he was the bigger and stronger fighter. It was all over when, a right hand sent Hatley to the canvas. This time, Hatley would not get up and was out unconscious. According to the Compubox numbers, Charlo landed 52% of his power shots. Even without looking at those numbers, you can tell Hatley was just target pratice for Charlo in this fight. These power shots were all setup from the jab of Charlo which, was nonexistent in his last fight against Julian Jackson Jr. This Charlo looked night and day from the one that fought Jackson. If this is the Jermell Charlo we get from this point on then, the whole Super Welterweight division better take notice.

 Now on to the main event of Andre Berto versus Shawn Porter. This fight as well was one sided but, also a very physcial fight from start to finish. In the second round, Porter had Berto pressed on the ropes and had him in trouble from a barrage of punches. This was actually one of many times in the fight where Porter had Berto in this position, just unloading vicious body punches and headshots. A little after Berto got free from Porter on the ropes in the second, there was an exchange where Berto landed his left then, Porter threw a right hand which sent Berto to the canvas.

 Third and fourth round both fighters showed cuts under the eye. Referee Mark Nelson called accidental headbutt for the cut under Berto’s left eye. For whatever the reason, he didn’t acknoweledge the cuts under both of the eyes Porter. Nelson would throughout the fight, stop the action and ask for a doctor to look at Berto’s cut. The body language of Berto’s showed he was being agiated from this and wasn’t looking for the doctor to stop this fight. There was moments in the fight Berto landed some nice uppercuts on Porter. Porter was just unfazed by anything Berto threw at him and just kept pressing Berto. The seventh round was interesting where, there was a change of scenery. The fight was being fought at long range and Berto had a decent showing. That was short lived as Berto complained about a headbutt in the ninth round and Porter jumped all over Berto which led to referee Mark Nelson ending the fight. Very impressive and dominating performance Porter.

 From the fighters, doctors, to the referee, all parties involved earned their paycheck in this fight. Shawn Porter didn’t look anything rusty with from his year layoff. He looked very conditioned, commited to his gameplan and most of all determined to get rid of Berto and get his much anticipated rematch with WBC titleholder Keith Thurman. As for Andre Berto, what’s really next for the guy? It was reported he was taken to the hospital after the punishment he received from Porter. Berto has made a lot of money in this sport and been in some wars. He doesn’t look like he has anything left to offer after his performance. It just might be that time for the 33 year old to hang it up. Berto gave fans a 2011 Fight of the Year classic when he fought Victor Ortiz. He’s won titles, made his money, still have his health, is there anything else he need’s to accomplish in this grueling sport of boxing.

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