The Raw Recap: 4/17

Written by: Nvcky 

Tonight’s show was the first since the Raw Shake-up show last week at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

The show began tonight with a recap of last weeks attack on Roman Reigns during his interview speaking on his match against the Undertaker by Braun Strowman which got a huge pop from the crowd. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle made his way to the ring, announced that at Payback he’ll have a match against Roman Reigns and that tonight he has the night off. Braun states that he wants more competition and he’ll get it or else and exits the ring.

Seth Rollins music had hit to a huge pop by the crowd who made his way to commentary in the first match of the night featuring Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe, Jericho managed to hit a Lion Sault and attempted to place Joe in the Walls of Jericho but Joe used his strength to break free. Samoa Joe managed to lock Jericho in the Coquina Clutch for the win.

After the match Samoa Joe grab a microphone and stated that at Payback he’ll make Seth Rollins pay for what he did to Stephanie McMahon.

Good build to Seth vs Joe at Payback and made both Jericho and Joe look good throughout the match.

Backstage we see Goldust and R-Truth backstage making their way to the ring before Braun Strowman attacked both sending Goldust through a barricade and taking out R-Truth.
After the commercial break The Club is seen in the ring and they cut a promo stating since ‘Golden Truth’ were taken out by Strowman that they need Kurt Angle to send out some more nerds for them to beat up.

Gallows & Anderson of the Club will be facing Enzo and Cass tonight in tag team action, Big Cass booted Gallows outside of the ring knocking himself outside with him. Enzo dived from the middle rope but he was caught in mid-air by Anderson who slung him back into the turnbuckle and pinned him for the win.

Good match and the finishing manuever by Anderson looked kind of dangerous.

Next up is the return of “Miz TV” featuring the Miz and his wife Maryse, Dean Ambrose’s music hit almost immediately and made his way to the ring interrupting the Miz making fun of the Miz’s suit and shoes but the Miz states that Ambrose is a disgrace and doesn’t dress like a champion. After a brief back and forth Dean takes his jacket off and the two get into it with Dean attempted to hit Dirty Deeds on the Miz who escapes and makes his way up the ramp ending the segment.

After a commercial break we return backstage where we see Kalisto being dragged by Braun Strowman who states that Roman Reigns is garbage and now Kalisto is too tossing him in a dumpster and walking off, the Big Show tackled Braun asking why doesn’t take on someone his own size. Tonight’s main event will be Braun Strowman vs the Big Show.

Next up TJ Perkins faces Jack Gallagher in a Cruiserweight Divison Match, ‘The King of the Cruiserweights’ Neville made his way to the ring after it was announced he will be making a “Special Appearance” and Austin Aries also decided to make his way down to the ring also for the next match. Gallagher had got some good offense in during the match and after Perkins was knocked outside the ring Gallagher grabbed his umbrella with a splash on Perkins. Perkins hit Gallagher with a Soccer Kick to the head, then landed his finisher the Detonation Kick for the win.

Good Cruiserweight match and I think it’s good for Raw to get some variation in these matches since 205 Lives after Smackdown on Tuesdays.

Backstage Apollo Crews is approached by Titus O’Neil who spoke to him about joining him and building the “Titus Brand”.

Jeff and Matt Hardy are interviewed backstage to talk about returning to the WWE at Wrestlemania but are interrupted by Sheamus and Cesaro who welcome them back and wish Jeff good luck in his singles match against Cesaro later on.

The next match is a #1 Contender’s match for the Raw Women’s Championship between Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Mickie James. Early in the match Nia Jax tried to get a pin but was broken up by Alexa Bliss who would then slap Nia Jax across the face. Nia Jax dominated most of the other women involved in the match. She looked to win after hitting Sasha with a Samoan Drop but Alexa hit Nia with a dropkick and quickly covered Banks for the Win. With that she becomes the Number 1 Contender.

Good match and the E seems to be invested in Alexa Bliss and it looks like it may lead to a feud between Bliss and Nia Jax later on.

Backstage the Big Show cuts a promo stating that Braun Strowman needs to learn what it feels like to be bullied.

Back in the Ring Curt Hawkins cuts a promo with an Open Challenge to those backstage, former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor’s music hits accepting the challenge. Pretty quick match with Finn Balor hitting the Sling Blade early on and after a running drop kick Balor made his way to the top turnbuckle and landed with a Coup De Gras and pinned Hawkins for the Win.

Pretty quick match and with Balor receiving a concussion last week in his match against Jinder Mahal. I figure this was their way of keeping him on tv and in a light match.

Backstage Chris Jericho cuts a promo regarding his loss to Samoa Joe who Jericho states is some of the best competition he’s faced. The Drifter interrupted the segment by walking past playing his guitar and Jericho added him to the list which got a huge crowd reaction.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about his upcoming title match at Payback in a “House of Horrors” match against Randy Orton stating “It always burns down here” and telling Orton to run.
Backstage Emma approached Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox and caused some friction between the two which lead to Fox getting in Dana’s face before storming off.

The next match of the night is between Cesaro and Jeff Hardy who is having his first singles match in the WWE in 8 years, pretty solid match between the two and after Hardy reversed Cesaro’s Neutralizer with a Twist of Fate, Hardy climbed the top rope and hit Cesaro with a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Good match by the two and the crowd was into it and Jeff Hardy could have a good future single run if they decided to go with that.

Backstage Heath Slater and Rhyno were interviewed before we see Braun Strowman who quickly make both back off, elsewhere we see The Big Show making his way to the ring backstage.
In the Main Event tonight The Big Show faces off against Braun Strowman, before the match could even start Strowman attacked the Big Show as he was making his way to the ring, once inside the ring the Big Show attempted a Chokeslam but Strowman escaped. Strowman attempted a running powerslam with the Big Show escaping knocking him into the turnbuckle. Strowman was caught after diving off the second rope by the Big Show who hit a Chokeslam for a near fall. At the turnbuckle Braun Strowman hit The Big Show with a Superplex breaking the ring and knocking the ref out of the ring. Braun Strowman got back on his feet and the crowd gave him a huge pop with a “Yes” chant ending the show. The match finished with no clear winner.

Entertaining match and it had the crowd entertained throughout. The cap off to a pretty good show and made Strowman look more impressive than he has looked the past couple of weeks.

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