WWE Raw 03/04: Raw After Mania

Written by: Nvcky

The show opens up with highlights of Wrestlemania 33’s Main Event between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns(which reportedly was the Undertaker’s last match) and seeing the WWE become Roman Reigns yard. Live shot of the crowd chanting the Undertaker with a lot of crowd shots and a dual “Roman Sucks” joining in about 2 minutes in. Roman Reigns music hits with a huge response of boo’s as he makes his way to the ring. Before Reigns spoke on the mic he was probably met with every negative chant i’ve heard on a show(this was 12 minutes into the show). Roman hit the crowd with a “This is my Yard now” to a huge boo reaction and drop’s the mic & exit’s the ring.

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves on commentary tonight, they announce the Club will face the Hardyz in a tag title rematch. Gallows & Anderson make their way to the ring.
After the commercial break Gallows & Anderson are announced and the new Raw Tag Team Champions are announced a returning Hardy Boyz, during their match the crowd started a “Fuck That Owl” referring to TNA who has claimed ownership of the ‘Broken Matt’ character Matt Hardy. Early in the match Matt hit ‘the side effect’ pretty early on, good back and forth and you got the see Jeff Hardy outside the ring off the steps land a ‘Poetry in Motion’ on Gallows against the barricade and inside the ring Gallows & Anderson hit ‘The Boot of Doom’ on Jeff. Matt landed a ‘Twist of Fate’ on Gallows and Jeff finished the match with a Swanton Bomb for the 1–2–3. Your Raw Tag Team Champions are still Matt & Jeff Hardy.

Good match and it got to show the Universe that the Hardyz can still go and hold their own after being absent from the WWE for 7 years.

After the commercial break ‘King of the Cruiserweights’ Neville got on the mic celebrating his win at Wrestlemania against Austin Aries and how Aries is a better talker than a fighter. Mustafa Ali interrupts with his music and makes his way to the ring. Strong offensive start by Neville but Ali hit a spinning heel kick knocking Neville outside the ring. Back inside the ring two go back at it in a good back and forth until Ali lands a reverse hurricarana and followed up with a tornado DDT going for the pin with a near fall until Neville got his foot on the rope, Ali attempts to go for an inverted 450 but Neville got out of the way. Neville ascending to the top rope looks like he’s about to hit a ‘Red Arrow’ rather than doing so he climbed off the turnbuckle and placed Ali in ‘The Rings of Saturn’ for the win.

Solid match by the Cruiserweights with Ali getting some nice maneuvers in and continuing to push Neville as a great heel, interesting to see what they do next with him.

Cut to the back and we see a limousine pull up, Vince McMahon is in the limo and on his way to the ring.

After the commercial Vince McMahon’s music “No Chance in Hell” hits with the crowd chanting along and giving Vince a huge return reaction, Vince states next Monday on Raw they will be ‘shaking things up’ which I imagine will be some trades between Raw & Smackdown. Vince speaks on the crowd being blood thirsty and insensitive when mentioning Stephanie being sent through a table and how she’ll be off Raw for a while with her injury. Vince states that they’ll be needing a new General Manager with Mick Foley being fired and that their new GM was just inducted into the Hall of Fame of 2017, Teddy Long’s music hits and Vince sends him backstage saying he’s mistaken, Vince tries to introduce the new GM once again and finally to a huge pop Kurt Angle’s music hits. Kurt Angle say’s it’s good to be back on Monday Night Raw ‘ oh it’s true, it’s damn true’.

Probably one of the best moments of the night and we get to see Kurt Angle back on tv regularly.

The New Day make their way to the ring and how honored that they were to host Wrestlemania and that they are now making an Open Challenge to anyone in the back, ‘The Revival’s music hits to a huge reaction.

Xavier and Big E will be facing Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, The Revival corners Xavier working on his arm, Dash attempts to go for a superplex but Xavier fights out and lands a missile dropkick, Xavier finally gets to tag in Big E who hits a couple belly-to-belly suplexes, mid-match Big E tried to spear Dawson through the ropes but misses and inside the ring The Revival hit Xavier with ‘The Shatter Machine’ for the win. After the match they start to beat down Kofi who remained at ringside working on his ankle.

The Revival’s first match against former tag team champions the New Day and it showed their skills and built them as future contenders for the Raw Tag Titles.

Backstage promo with Kurt Angle and Enzo & Cass, Enzo & Cass state they deserve a shot at the tag team titles, Kurt decides that they’ll be facing Sheamus and Cesaro for a #1 Contenders match.

Bayley makes her way to the ring where Dana Brooke is already waiting for her tag partners. Sasha’s music hits to a huge pop. Emma’s music hits and she makes her Raw return, Nia Jax next up and Charlotte. Emma, Nia and Charlotte got a lot of offence in on Bayley before Sasha made the tag in and took everybody out, Sasha hits Charlotte with a spinning headscissors followed with running knee strikes in the corner. Dana and Sasha took out Nia with a double drop kick and Bayley follows up with a cross body. Inside the ring Charlotte tried to go for ‘Natural Selection’ on Sasha but Sasha dodged and counters with ‘The Bank Statement’ for the win. After the match Charlotte blamed Nia and Emma for their loss, Nia proceeded to beat down Charlotte.

Everybody got their offense in which is good for a 6 woman tag match and Emma returning hopefully builds a feud with Bayley and Nia Jax vs Charlotte next.

Backstage we see Kurt unpacking and Sami Zayn interrupts stating his relationship with the previous Raw General Manager and how he would like to stay on Raw to prove himself, Kurt tells Sami that he has all of the 3 I’s. Jinder interrupts stating he was screwed at Wrestlemania because of Gronk in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Sami gets in Jinder’s face about interrupting him and Kurt tells them both they’ll settle this in the ring.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring to a nice pop, Paul opens up by stating that after sending Bill Goldberg to Suplex City that Goldberg wouldn’t likely be around anymore and that Lesnar is in need of new challengers now, mentioning names like Jeff and Matt Hardy, Seth Rollins or the man who also defeated the Undertaker. Roman Reigns (to a lot of boo’s from the crowd). Braun Strowman’s music hits and he states he’s going to destroy Roman Reigns to get Brock’s attention because Lesnar has his attention with the Universal Title. Lesnar and Strowman get into a stare down with Strowman exiting the ring because he’ll do it on his time.

Good promo by Heyman and the idea that Braun will face Lesnar at some point this year is hype, name drops of The Hardyz got a huge response from the crowd.

Chris Jericho cuts a promo backstage about his match against Kevin Owens in a US Title rematch, Jericho says the night after Wrestlemania is always one of his favorite nights of the year and that in his tag team match with Seth Rollins against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe he’ll get his revenge on Kevin Owens. Y2J says he’ll put ‘The Tip of Kevin Owens Finger’ on the list but is attacked by Owens and Joe, the two powerbomb Y2J through a table in the backstage area.

After a commercial break Kurt Angle is seen exiting the trainer’s office and let’s Seth Rollins know that Jericho can’t wrestle tonight and promises he’ll find him a partner.

Looks like they could possibly be keeping Chris Jericho out of the picture for a while with this injury.

Enzo and Cass are in the ring to face off against Sheamus & Cesaro in a #1 Contender’s match for the Raw Tag Team Titles. The crowd was pro-Sheamus & Cesaro throughout the match. Sheamus hit Cass with a drop kick through the ropes, back inside the ring Enzo hit Sheamus with a Tornado DDT. Sheamus tags in Cesaro and Cesaro hit Enzo with a running uppercut and follows up with ‘The Swing’. Cesaro locks Enzo into ‘The Sharpshooter’ but Cass broke it up with a big boot. Enzo makes a tag in to Cass with Cass landing a couple of splashes on Cesaro and then a sidewalk slam & elbow drop. Enzo & Cass attempt a ‘Bada-boom’ on Cesaro but Sheamus made the save with a boot to Cass, then tosses Enzo into Cesaro,who catches him with a European Uppercut for the victory. Becoming the Number One Contender’s of the Raw Tag Titles.

Sheamus and Cesaro have got really good chemistry and this match looked like it could have gone either way, good tag title division build with the Hardyz being added.

Highlights of Gronk’s Wrestlemania interference in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, during Sami’s entrance he is attacked from behind by Jinder and beats him down on their way to the ring, Jinder tosses him in the ring and the match officially begins. After dodging a splash Sami hits Jinder with a t-bone suplex and tops it with ‘The Heluva Kick’ for the victory.

Still got no real idea what they want to do with Jinder Mahal or Sami Zayn and Zayn’s asskissing continues for at least one more week with the New GM.

Kevin Owens makes his way to a pop from the crowd followed by Samoa Joe, ‘The Kingslayer’ Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring shouting in the ring he’d take on both Joe & Owens. Finn Balor has returned to a huge crowd reaction. Seth and Owens start the match off but Joe makes a quick tag in and starts in on Rollins who tries to fight back with some chops but Joe shuts it down with a pretty rough kick to Rollins. Rollins makes the tag in to Balor who makes a dropkick Owens and follows that with a kick to the face. Outside the ring Balor hits Owens with a running dropkick, Rollins is tagged in and hits Owens and Joe with a suicide 450 dive. Inside the ring Kevin Owens manages to target Rollins injured knee and hits him with a DDT. Samoa Joe is tagged in and drops Seth with multiple strikes in the corner, Joe attempts his ‘Coquina Clutch’ but Seth escapes and hits him with a spinning heel kick. Balor is tagged in and starts working on both Owens and Joe with kicks to the head. After Balor hits a sling blade he attempts a drop kick on Samoa Joe but is caught and put into the ‘Coquina Clutch’, Seth makes the save with a running knee. Owens hits a superkick on Seth and is soon dropped by Balor. Balor climbs to the top rope and lands his diving double foot stomp ‘The Coup De Grace’ on Kevin Owens for the win.

Good finish to ultimately an entertaining show after Wrestlemania, no ring rust from Finn after wrestling for the past couple of weeks in house shows.

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