Power Rangers The Movie Review

Written by: Kosher

It has to be about 23 years since I first remember seeing Power Ranger debut on my box tv, as my parents used to dress me to get ready for pre school. I remember seeing the commercials and I knew this show was going to be great. Fast forward many years later, another Power Rangers movie comes out not the first of its kind but the first for this current generation.

This new school Power Rangers movie with the origins of Zordon and Alpha shows a little backstory of what happen millions of years ago against Zordon and his Power Ranger crew vs Rita who was once a Power Ranger herself but decided to turned evil to have all the power to herself. Zordon can’t defeat Rita so he ends up having Alpha to bomb the whole land where the fight was and it basically becomes a stalement. With everyone presumed dead the Power Ranger crystals become hidden till the right people find them and are able to become the Power Rangers. Insert these misfits/outcasts of Angel Grove who end up finding the crystals. 

In the movie you see the teenagers, Billy (blue ranger), Jason (red ranger), Zack (black ranger), Kim (pink ranger) and Trini (yellow ranger) with Billy who is the pioneer of finding the crystals in a mine. You see the teenagers struggle with the training to become a Power Ranger but fairly quickly get the hang of it and turn around from getting beat up 10 minutes earlier to already thinking they are tough enough to fight Rita and the monster she’s trying to create Goldar.

The build up is very rushed. It is unfortunate because the movie production is beautiful but the movie lacks pace. If you know the history of the Power Rangers you will be left disappointed. Knowing there is at least one more Power Rangers in the works with the teaser of the green ranger coming in the sequel, I feel like they should have built up the movie. They should have taken the Batman Begins approach in my opinion. I wanted so much more for this movie as a fan of the franchise but it doesn’t deliver. Between the forced agenda and the made up origins I felt robbed of my childhood.

The bright side is if you aren’t familiar with the franchise I think it’s a good movie.


Author: FTESWL

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