Album Review: Migos — Culture

Written by: Danish Z

Culture is Migos’ second major release, and their first #1 album. The North Atlanta trio (Quavo, Offset and Takeoff) rap creatively about sex, money, drugs and success against the odds. They use autotune, but not constantly or excessively; this is still very much a rap album. Their ad-lib game is high level. There’s even the occasional lyrical gem in the sea of catchy rhythms and melodies. Let’s take a walk through:

  1. Culture — DJ Khaled kicks things off, for some reason. He is really unnecessary here. Migos get right into their mode. Khaled’s grating presence underlines just how smooth these guys are. Maybe that was the point.
  2. T-Shirt — If you haven’t seen the Revenant-inspired video for this song, click here. Takeoff gets points for using the word “kemosabe”. Shoutout to Tonto (not Johnny Depp). Great hook work by Quavo.
  3. Call Casting — Migos float over an organ-and-piano combo. Not a standout track, but still solid.
  4. Bad and Boujee — The #1 hit that made Migos a household name and earned a shoutout from Donald Glover at the Golden Globe Awards. It could do without Lil Uzi Vert’s feature, but the hypnotic beat and hook are the stars here.
  5. Get Right Witcha — This beat sounds like it sampled a Nintendo game about a cartoon ninja. But it works. Migos are good at using pauses to create rhythm and they do it all over this track.
  6. Slippery — Wonderfully catchy. This might be my favorite song on the album. Gucci Mane features and tells us “I’m a murderer, n***a, but I don’t promote violence”.
  7. Big On Big — Migos emphasizes just how big they do things. The word “big” is uttered 78 times. That this isn’t a numbingly repetitive listen is a testament to the Migos’ creativity.
  8. What The Price — Another simple but catchy song. The distorted guitar is a nice touch. A great cruising track.
  9. Brown Paper Bag — Weakest song on the album. Less catchy and varied than the other tracks, it gets stale fast. Became a skip.
  10. Deadz — Back on track talking about waking up and immediately counting money. Has a military chant kind of vibe to it. 2 Chainz features.
  11. All Ass — Stripper song. The Migos are ass men. Not one of the strongest cuts on the album, but nice enough.
  12. Kelly Price — Migos & Travis Scott complement each other perfectly. “You probably think I couldn’t make it / It’s all good, God saved me” is a nice dose of humility and mercy for the haters from Quavo.
  13. Out Yo Way — The closer is a smooth ode to ladies that go the extra mile. They still manage to refer to them as bitches a few times….you can only expect so much tenderness from the Migos!

Overall a very good album. There are definitely openings to criticize the Migos from a content perspective, but for what they actually try to bring to the table they did their job here.

4 out of 5.

Author: FTESWL

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