WWE Raw Recap 3/13/2017

Written by: Nvcky

Show opened up with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman tonight showing Brock F-5’ing Goldberg last week. Heyman states that at Wrestlemania it’ll be Lesnar goes up, down goes Goldberg. Good segment and the crowd was cheering for Goldberg and boo’s for Lesnar/Heyman. Heyman continued to push the feud between the two for their match at Wrestlemania.

Afterward Stephanie praised General Manager Mick Foley but would leave him with the job of firing one employee of the Raw brand by the end of the night.

In the first match of the night Sasha Banks faced Dana Brooke, quick win by Sasha which lead to Charlotte entering the ring and berating Dana and stating she doesn’t deserve to be alongside her and after a few weeks of dismissing Dana, Dana striked at Charlotte. Looks like a face turn by Dana, which levels out the Raw show given the amount of face/heels for the Women’s division.

Next Match was a Cruiserweight Tag match between TJ Perkins & Akira Tozawa vs the Brian Kendrick & The Premier Athlete Tony Nese. Pretty quick but solid match. Match gave us a chance to see Tony Nese aside from the weekly one on one match featured on Raw of the Cruiseweights.

Backstage Anderson and Gallows were interviewed stating that they’ve beaten both Sheamus/Cesaro and Enzo/Cass so they don’t need to be interviewed for anything.

Kevin Owens shot a promo in the ring stating that he was never Chris Jericho’s friend and he only stabbed Y2J in the back before he would be stabbed in the back by him, states “Who needs best friends when you got a destroyer”, Samoa Joe made his way to the ring. Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe faced Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn. Jericho was taken out early which lead to basically a 2 on 1 handicap match and the ref stopped the match, Y2J made the save but quickly attacked by both leading to a pop up powerbomb by Owens. Looking like it’ll be Samoa Joe and Zayn facing each other at WM, Y2J and Owens might have MOTN in my opinion at WM.
Backstage segment with Stephanie asking Mick what choice he’s going to make as to who’s getting fired tonight.

Nia Jax interuppted by stating that she deserves a spot in the Raw Women’s Title match at Wrestlemania. Stephanie Gives Nia a match against Women’s Champion Bayley tonight in a non-title match. Mick states he needs to take a walk, Jinder stops Mick and says he wants a chance to prove himself in a match, match grants him a match against Roman Reigns. Most figured that either Mick would be firing himself or possibly Sami Zayn (who even Stephanie mentioned)

The next match was a number one contender’s match for the Raw Tag Titles between Enzo/Cass and Sheamus/Cesaro. Standard match against Enzo & Cass with Enzo not being able to make a tag to Cass eventually leading to Cass making the save, Gallows & Anderson interferred in the match attacking both Enzo/Cass and Sheamus/Cesaro. Lead to a backstage promo, Mick made a triple threat match at WM which anyone could have seen would be the case.

Jinder Mahal and Roman Reigns was next, pop for Roman and Jinder got a few decent jabs in. The Undetaker’s signature Bell ringed during the match distracting Reigns and Jinder took advantage hitting a couple of knees, Roman hit a Superman Punch. Crowd wanted Jinder to win after taking advantage, kind of thought that’s the way it should have happened to show how distracted Roman was by the Undertaker.

Roman called out The Undertaker to face him like a man.. quick pause and Shawn Michaels music hit. HBK wanted to give Roman some advice, Roman said he doesn’t need advice from the man who was retired by the Undertaker cause he would retire the Undetaker. Roman made his way up the ramp but was knocked right off the ramp by Braun Strowman. Good segment, kind of figured it’d be more Shawn giving his old man advice to Roman, the Braun stike was pretty impressive and unexpected too 

Austin Aries made his in-ring debut on Raw against Ariya Daivari. Good offensive maneauvers by both, Aries hit some pretty stiff moves near the end and finished with a running left forearm for the win.

Big Show faced Titus O’Neil, pretty quick match with the Big Show chokeslamming Titus twice, and finally a third to finish the match up. Don’t  see the point of this one.

Backstage segment with Y2J stating next week he’d show the Universe the real Kevin Owens

Next match up Raw Women’s Champion Bayley facing Nia Jax, Nia threw Bayley around with Bayley getting little offensive in given to the size and strength difference. Ref had to call the match off after Nia wouldn’t stop stomping her in the corner, segment ended with Nia throwing Bayley into the barricade. I don’t know why Nia Jax isn’t in the main event or even in a match as of right now given she’s been beating down everybody since making it to Raw.

FInal Segment of the night in which Stephanie brought Mick down to the ring in order to announce who he would be firing from the Raw Brand, Mick states after careful deliberation who he’d be giving those future endeavors to that it’d be his boss and the Commissioner of Raw, Stephanie McMahon. Mick goes on to say she’s the one who deserves to go because of the verbal and physical punishment she’s given the Raw superstars, Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring, mentions Foley’s tired cheap pops to the crowd, states his wife has a big heart and if it were up to him Mick wouldn’t even have a job. Mick states he doesn’t need to pretend that he likes Triple H like those in the back need to pretend to, Triple H tells him that for the security of his kids future he needs to make his way to the back. Good Heat on Stephanie and Triple H, Mick pulls out Mr. Socko and hits Triple H with it, Stephanie hits a low blow on Mick, after regaining his composure Triple H starts beating Mick down.

Seth’s music hits during the beat down, Seth crutches his way down to the ring but just before getting into the ring he drops the crutch and run into the ring and starts beating down Triple H, Seth and Triple H get into it with a huge pop from the crowd, Triple H recovers and nails Seth with his crutch and starts beating down Seth to his injured knee. Good way to end the show and it looks like it’ll be Seth Rollins vs Triple H at Wrestlemania as planned.

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