WWE Raw 3/07/2017 Recap

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Raw opens up tonight with a brief recap of Fastlane’s main event between Kevin Owens and Bill Goldberg, Chris Jericho’s interference with Goldberg hitting a spear and a Jackhammer becoming the new Universal Champion. Goldberg will now face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the Universal Title.

Show’s first segment has Jericho getting a massive pop from Chicago, IL where Raw is being broadcast from tonight. also the birthplace of Y2J and the rebirth of Chris Jericho. Chris goes onto state how Bill Goldberg had it coming his way as Kevin Owens betrayed him at the Festival of Friends and he wants to know why and demands Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring now. Kevin gets pretty good reception from the crowd and states that after what happened at Fastlane he thinks Chris Jericho deserves an answer as to why he was betrayed. Kevin after being prodded states that Chris Jericho was never his best friend with some boos and that Sami Zayn was his best friend and that Chris Jericho was just a tool. Triple H told Owens needed someone to have his back and Kevin Owens found that in Chris Jericho who outlasted his usefulness and became a tool. Kevin Owens states as a fact that he would have beaten Bill Goldberg and that it’s a fact had it not been for Chris Jericho, goes on to say he spared Chris Jericho the beat down he received because he’s a good person and because of his family but that was his biggest mistake. Owens tells Jericho that that’ll never happen again but Chris Jericho’s biggest mistake was that trusting him was his and he should have listened to Sami Zayn, Chris says he’s got a lot of friends in Chicago and he’s got the ‘Friends of Jericho’. Jericho states that what he did to Kevin Owens is just the beginning and it is far from over and it all leads to Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Owens is fine with the match if Chris Jericho puts the US title on the line. Chris Jericho says it’s still a few weeks away and why don’t they work out some of their difference right now with Kevin obliging and they start brawling in the ring until Samoa Joe jumps Jericho from the back. Sami Zayn runs down with a steelchair to get some payback going into a commercial

During the commercial Mick Foley made a match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn barring Y2J and Samoa Joe from ringside. Zayn and Owens went at it outside and once they made it into the ring Kevin Owens landed a cannonball, Zayn managed to toss Owens outside and hits him with a suicide dive. Owens manages to hit a pop-up powerbomb inside the ring but can’t make a pin, Owens beats Sami down further landing a second pop-up powerbomb for the win. Later on tonight we’ll see Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe

Winner: Samoa Joe

The next match will be a rematch of Rich Swann vs Neville for the Cruserweight Championship. Austin Aries makes his way back to commentary and introduces the crowd once again to his…package. Rich Swann makes his way down the ring first with a slight pop for him, Neville makes his may to the ring next and immediately once the match starts the crowd is making those ridiculous “CM Punk” chants (it is Chicago after all). Match picks up pretty quickly with Neville outside the ring and Rich Swann landing a 450 splash, Neville slams Swann headfirst and tosses him back in the ring. Swann hits a Michinoku Driver with a near 3 count. After a Superplex Neville rolls outside with Swann chasing him outside but quickly catching a beating in front of commentary and they both make their way back into the ring with Swann hitting a suplex and a Superkick for a two count. Swann lands another Superkick and goes for a Phoenix Splash with Neville moving out of the way and places Swann in the Rings of Saturn getting the win by submission
Austin Aries comes down to the ring to interview Neville about his Victory over Rich Swann with the crowd chanting for Aries. Neville states there’s nobody in the Cruiserweight’s who can hold a candle to him. Aries asks Neville if he’s sure there’s no one at his level, and the crowd chants “Austin Aries” again. Aries tells Neville that the Universe disagrees. Neville orders Aries to get out of the ring and berates him for being just a commentator with Aries says he’s just trying to do his job but has one more question. Aries smashes Neville with the mic and follows up with a running elbow to the face that sends Neville rolling outside and escapes up the ramp while Aries holds the Cruiserweight Title in the ring.

Winner: Neville and still Cruiserweight Champion

Goldberg makes his way down to the Ring as the new Universal Champion and wants to thank the fans for supporting him and is interrupted by the crowd with “CM Punk” chants (once again), Goldberg acknowledges the crowd. Paul Heyman interupts both Goldberg and the crowd and asks that he not be mistaken for somebody that would be foolish enough to make his way down to the ring to congratulate Bill Goldberg on his championship win. Heyman tells Goldberg that the man who should be shaking the hand of Goldberg but that he’s not alone, he has the challenger and his client BROCK LESNAR with him. Pretty big pop for Lesnar which also ended the “CM Punk” chants from the crowd which the WWE was worried about. Heyman states that his client is here to shake his hand and that his client is happier than Goldberg would be for his Universal Championship win. On April 2nd both will be entering the ring but only one will be leaving the loser and one the new Universal Reigning, Defending Universal Champion and that his name is BROCK LESNAR. Heyman goes onto say after Wrestlemania that there will be only one thing that they will be calling Bill Goldberg and that’s “Brock Lesnar’s bitch”

Enzo and Cass make their way to the ring with Enzo cutting his usual promo with Corey Graves giving them the award for “Best Panderers on Earth” goes to Enzo and Cass from Commentary. Gallows & Anderson make their way to the ring. Pretty much the same type of match last night which was mediocre at best but Sheamus and Cesaro make their way to the ring, outside the ring Enzo accidently spills Cesaro’s coffee on both Cesaro and Sheamus which leads to a brawl. Enzo gets knocked out by Sheamus while he had Cesaro in a sleeper hold.
We cut to the backstage area in which we see Cesaro/Sheamus arguing with Enzo and Cass and Mick Foley interupts and states that they will have a #1 Contenders match to decide who faces Gallows & Anderson at Wrestlemania. Likely turning out to be a triple threat tag match.

Winners: No Contest, Sheamus and Cesaro vs Enzo/Cass to determine #1 Contenders at Wrestlemania

The next match lined up is a Cruiserweight match between Akira vs Daivari, pretty quick match that saw Tozawa knocking Daivari with an impressive Suicide Dive and getting Daivari back in the ring and hitting him with a German Suplex for the win. Tozara gets on the mic and demands a match with Brian Kendrick, Kendrick tells Tozara to be careful what he wishes for and he will have a match at 205 Live and ends the segment going backstage.

Winner: Akira Tozara

New day make their way to the ring and introduces the Universe to the New Day Pops bicycle and states it’s a “mouthful of magic, I gotta have it”, and that it represents the WWE Universe and their Ice Cream Dreams and that they need to keep making their voices heard and their ice cream dreams will come true. Pretty quick match with the Shining Stars with Kingston hitting both Shining Stars with a Suicide Dive and Big E hits The Big Ending to get the W.

Winner: The New Day

Mick Foley brings out Bayley to have her decide who she’ll be facing at Wrestlemania between Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Bayley says that her victory at Fastlane doesn’t feel right because Sasha Banks interferred bringing out Sasha and Charlotte quickly interrupts both and says that she was cheated because of Sasha’s interferrence in the match. Stephanie makes her to the ring and states that Sasha isn’t The Boss but that SHE is the Boss. Stephanie tells Bayley she would not be Champion if it weren’t for Sasha. A match is made by Sasha vs Bayley and that if Sasha wins she’ll be in a Triple Threat at Wrestlemania.

Sasha and Bayley start a non-title match to determine the match for Wrestlemania with Charlotte on commentary. Pretty balanced match with Dana and Charlotte making their way to the ring, Sasha hits a backstagger on Bayley and locks Bayley in the Banks Statement, Charlotte tried to intefere with Sasha kicking Charlotte off the apron and quickly re-applied the Banks Statement on Bayley and wins by submission

Winner: Sasha Banks

The Universe gets to take a look at Seth Rollins and his Rehabilation and wanting to get back in shape before Wrestlemania, next “Via Satellite” Triple H states that the WWE has some of the best medical experts in the world and that Seth Rollins should take their advice.

Next we have a match between Samoa Joe vs Chris Jericho which was a pretty decent match with a back and forth at the beginning but turning things around for Jericho when he hits a senton drop from the second rope but Jericho starts getting hit with submission maneuvers by Joe, Jericho struggles to get Joe into the Walls of Jericho but can’t lock it in. Jericho knocks Samoa Joe outside the ring and follows behind but Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch outside the ring and Jericho is choked out. Samoa Joe makes it back to the ring and wins via count out.

After the match Joe throws Jericho back into the ring but is hit with a Codebreaker sending Joe out the ring ending the segment.

Winner: Samoa Joe by Count out

The segment begins with Braun Strowman calling out Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns music hits for a second before his music is cut off by the Undertakers music which gets a Huge Pop from the crowd as the lights dim out and his signature smokey entrance is made, The Undertaker and Braun Strowman face off before Strowman decides to back off and exits the ring. Roman Reigns music hits and he says that “with all due respect that “This is My Yard now”

The crowd starts chanting “Roman Sucks” and Roman Reigns is met with a chokeslam by the Undertaker and the Undertaker exits. Either this will lead to the initial idea of Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker or Strowman may actually make this a Triple Threat Match.

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