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WWE Raw hosted Fastlane last night as their final Network PPV before Wrestlemania last night, The card featured matches between former Raw Women’s Champion who has been Undefeated on Pay-Per-View for two years against Bayley who pinned her for the title two weeks ago. Roman Reigns was taking on an undefeated Braun Stroman who has been focusing on Roman since the Royal Rumble. The card was headlined by WWE Raw Universal Champion against a Bill Goldberg who has been undefeated since his return in October.

The opening match of the night featured Sami Zayn taking on “The Destroyer” Samoa Joe with segments being shown of Joe attacking Zayn multiple times and demanding that he respect his name. Crowd definitely was cheering for both involved in the match in Joe’s PPV debut. Michael Cole mentioned how agitated Samoa Joe has been when Triple H is mentioned and whether or not he’s working as a ‘hit man for hire’ under Triple H. Sami Zayn got some offense in that had the crowd cheering for him, Sami landed a Blue Thunderbomb that lead to a two-count and got the crowd back into the match. Zayn was hit with two enziguri’s in the match with the 2nd being from the top ropes and after fighting out of a Superplex, Sami tried for a sunset flip/powerbomb with Joe Fighting out of it. Sami tried to go for the Helluva Kick with Joe stopping it and going for the Coquina Clutch forcing Sami to submit. 

Winner: Samoe Joe

We next saw a backstage segment with Charley interviewing Bayley about her match tonight against Charlotte with Bayley suggesting that in order to see who the better woman is Charlotte should leave Dana Brooke backstage.

Next match is Anderson & Gallows vs Cass and Enzo for the tag team titles with Enzo and Cass opening up with their face promos and getting crowd pops with Milwaukee references and Cass spelling out their opponents being ‘S-A-W-F-T’ with Anderson & Gallows next making their way to the ring. Crowd was pretty into the match after Enzo and Cass’ promo but Enzo was soon cornered by the tag champions and the crowd was hyped when Cass finally got the tag and hit Anderson with a Stinger Splash and a fall away slam then another stinger splash and a side walk splash. Looked like we had new Raw Tag Team Champions when Enzo & Cass hit the Bada boom shaka a laka with Gallows making the save. Gallows took out Cass outside the ring and Anderson hit Enzo with a boot to the face and making the pin with Enzo’s foot on the ropes but Gallows pushed off his foot.

Winners: Still Raw Tag Team Champions Anderson & Gallows

Looks like this will lead to a tag title rematch in the next which is likely at Wrestlemania

Next up we have a segment with Mick Foley backstage on the phone with Stephanie who is unable to make it to the arena as she was dealing with plane issues but instructed Mick that the Women’s Raw title and Universal Title matches need to go off without any issues and Mick picked up the phone and the segment ended.

We have the first women’s match of the night featuring ‘IG angles Nia Jax’ vs Sasha Banks ‘I get injured reportedly’ and Nia Jax claiming she’s the real Boss and that #ESPN needs to do a 30 for 30 on the Demise of Sasha Banks. The match made Nia Jax look like a real threat with how flexible Sasha Banks is and #Twitter commentary screaming for Sasha to lose her hairpiece during the match. Nia Jax had her in a Torture Rack and Banks hit a few great moves and applied the Bank statement with Nia Jax breaking the hold. The match finished with Nia going for a Samoan Drop with Banks slipping out and rolling up Nia Jax for the pin. 

Jinder Mahal and Rusev (with Lana) both made their way to the ring who earlier in the ring broke up as a team both blaming the other for their consistent L’s, Rusev is sporting a new haitcut :obama: Jinder and Rusev attacked each other before their opponents could make it to the ring. Rusev learned you don’t hinder Jinder after being laid out outside the ring from catching a knee to the face. 
Cesaro makes his way to the ring (with Sheamus) who will be Jinder’s oppenent for the night, good back and forths but without much reasoning for the match the fans didn’t really get into it outside of Cesaro’s offensive maneuvers such as his one handed suplex and his kind of awkward Swiss-1-9 the match was fairly short to no complaint. Rusev attacked Jinder punching him multiple times in the corner ending the beating with a running kick to the head of Jinder.

Winner: Cesaro

Rusev’s opponent made his way to ring and it turned out to be The Big Show who’s no longer facing Shaq at #Wrestlemania so this match also features two guys who currently have no opponents lined up outside of possibly a small feud for Rusev against Jinder Mahal. Big Show is currently in the best shape he’s been in probably about 15 years which has probably been the main focus of having Big Show in matches over the past few weeks. Big Show landed three chokeslams in the match and ended it with Big Show hit Rusev with a KO Punch in the corner of the ring which about 8 minutes before Rusev was doing to Jinder. 

Winner: Big Show

Next up was a segment with the Universal Champion Kevin Owens by Charly Caruso in which Owens questioned why this was the biggest match of his career when this is only Goldberg’s second match in the past ten years. Kevin Owens stated it’s his show, Monday Night Raw is the Kevin Owens show and it will be for as long as he wants it to be.

The next title match is for the Cruiserweight title with Austin Aries joining the announce team and showing the audience their package, his returning video package. Jack Gallagher makes his way to the ring and then the King of the Cruiserweights Neville. Match started off with Gallagher knocking Neville outside the ring with a dropkick and followed him outside with Neville tossing him into the barricade. Crowd was into the match pretty decently after Jack Gallagher hit a Super Backplex landing only a two count, Neville and Gallagher went back and forth & Gallagher got a couple of near falls. After a few kicks Jack Gallagher landed a pretty tough looking headbutt and Neville came back at him with a kick and Gallagher with another headbutt. Crowd definitely was into the match at this point chanting ‘This is Awesome’ Jack placed Neville on the top rope and hit him with another headbutt and tried to go for a Superplex from the top rope but Neville knocked him down and hit the Red Arrow off the top for the Win.

Paul Heyman cut a promo backstage with Charly stating that Brock Lesnar could be there but he wouldn’t let the Universe to know that, he goes onto say that whether it’s Brock Lesnar or Kevin Owens that wins tonight that the Raw Title is in his sights.

The New Day who will be the hosts of Wrestlemania came out riding the bike containing their New Day Pops which may or may not be a future item available. No match lined up for them once again tonight but the Crowd were entertained even with the possibility of Big E sippin’ something and getting away with having Skeet Skeet Skeet used in their promo, though whoever ok’d this probably no idea the meaning of that so it’s a win/win right? pouring booty’s O’s in kids mouths and outdated references that most of them wouldn’t even know

Roman Reigns vs Braun Stroman is next up with Roman entering the ring first in some new white boots that was a slight switch up on from the same ring gear he’s been rocking since the Shield broke up. The crowd was mixed on his entrance with cheers and boos and I think Vince would get the hint that the Universe really doesn’t want to see Roman succeed in any way. Braun entered next but received boos and scattered cheers. Good back and forth match, mid way through the match Braun sent Roman through the table and had the crowd more into this match chanting out ‘Holy Sh-t! Holy Sh-t! Holy Sh-t!’. After taking the match back into the ring Braun looked to have injured his leg somehow and Roman hit a spear leading to a two count. Braun still looked pretty dazed and Roman hit a Superman Punch and a second for good measure. Roman looked to be going for a third but Braun hit him with a forearm shot. Braun decided to go to the top rope and hit Roman with a splash, Roman hits a spear for the 1-2-3

Winner: Roman Reigns

Segment followed with Mick confronting Samoa Joe backstage stating that Stephanie doesn’t want him backstage nor does he and that since Joe has wrestled already tonight he could go home

Next up is the Undefeated Charlotte of PPV’s in her rematch(16-0) clause vs Bayley with Charlotte entering first with Dana Brooke who Charlotte hit with a ‘Get off my stage’ sending her back stage immediately. Bayley entered next with her inflatable huggers who should have also been left backstage and she goes onto hug little girls and neckbeards alike. Match starts with both talking sh-t and Bayley saying she’s the one going to Wrestlemania with the title and a lock up and some quick mat wrestling, a fan from the crowd could be heard stating Bayley looks like a foot :ohhh:, the match quickly lands outside and Bayley lands a hurricara from the apron and tosses her back in the ring to hit a cross body from the top rope. Charlotte goes into the offense and continues trash talking Bayley stating she’s just a fan, Bayley is sent to the corner but comes back with a clothesline. Back and forths and Charlotte ends up hanging upside down from the top rope and Bayley tries for two awful looking springboard elbow’s. Half decent back and forths with Charlotte knocking Bayley off the apron and looking to head for the top rope with Sasha running down to the ring and Charlotte ran her off. Bayley hits a Bayley to Belly for a 3 count inside the ring. Match possibly leading to tension between Sasha and Bayley as Charlotte will likely state that Sasha helped her cheat once again. 

Winner: Bayley

The final match of the night is the Universal Title Match with Bill Goldberg making his way to the ring with security guards at his side and a loud “Goldberg” chant from the audience on his way out. Kevin gets a pretty good response from the crowd when he makes his way to the ring as well. Jojo introduces both contenders and Goldberg trash talks Kevin Owens and states he can kiss the title goodbye tonight. Before the bell rings Owens ducks out of the ring for about three minutes, the match has yet to officially start so Owens gets into the ring and as soon as the bell rings he jumps out of the ring again. Owens yells at the ref to ring the bell but soon as he says this Chris Jericho’s music hits and when he turns around he got hit with a spear by Goldberg, Goldberg lifts him up for the Jackhammer for the 1-2-3 and becomes your new Universal Champion. Jericho is seen smiling from the ramp. Goldberg celebrates with his title win in the ring and goes to meet with his family out in the crowd and the Raw title match at Wrestlemania will be Brock Lesnar challenging Bill Goldberg.

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