Logan Movie Review

Written by: Brandon B

I haven’t had this feeling about a CBM since 08 when the The Dark Knight dropped and i’m still in awe hours later. That feeling where a movie was so great and exceeded your expectations to the point where you sit in silence on the ride home. I had been on an emotional rise and my brain was still processing everything
Bleak, determined, excellent…way too many words to describe Logan. Jackman and Stewart both give their best performances as the characters (Stewart somehow combines James Mcavoy’s take on Professor X with his own) Keen is superb and otherworldly as X-23, the violence is suitably hard hitting. 
Out of all the positives the only thing I can think of as the achilles heel of the film are the villains. The Reavers overall are forgettable and could have been replaced by any random, non-powered group and no real difference would be made to the film. Richard E. Grant (Dr. Rice) gives a good performance with very little screen time and it’s a shame his character wasn’t explored more. Boyd Holbrook (Pierce) gave a performance with some personality, but didn’t have much to work with.
Action is pretty good for the most part, but Logan is older and slower and because of a certain subplot his ability to fight is impeded more as the story progresses and the fights suffer to an extent, but are still pretty violent. Keen (X-23) is silent but deadly and gives her best Hit-Girl impression to near perfection. Would like to see her again in the role later down the line, maybe in her own movie. The chemistry between her and Logan are very similar to Joel and Ellie from the video game The Last Of Us which makes for an hard hitting end. Patrick Stewart (Prof X.) gives one of his best performances in a while and will set you up for a tearjerker, guaranteed. 
I can honestly say Logan is not only the best X-men movie, it will go down as one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. It was like within the first 5 mins I knew this was the Wolverine we’d all been waiting for since he’d debuted. Make no mistake, this is an R-rated CBM through and through and the film is unapologetic about it. From there on in what unfolds is a character film about fathers, sons, and daughters. It many ways it’s a simple story with few notable settings or set pieces, but it’s the characters that make the journey special. 

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