MONDAY NIGHT RAW 2/6/17 – Good, Bad & Ugly Recap

Written by: Derek

Samoa Joe has already broken one young WWE superstar as his attack on Seth Rollins has put Seth on the shelf for a while, and now he has his sights on the rest of the roster. Who is Joe gonna kill next? My money is on Roman Reigns.


She’s A Monster


Nia Jax continues to be the best booked monster heel in the company with a win over Bayley. Sure, it came courtesy of some perfectly timed interference by Charlotte Flair but I say it was deserved interference because Bayley was trying to get a cheap count-out win on Nia and when you are the most babyfaced babyface in wrestling you are not supposed to be OK with getting cheap wins by count-out. So Bayley’s loss was her own fault for trying to get a cheap win. Karma exists, people!

Save The Best Friends Forever


WWE cannot break up Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens so soon. Sure, I find Owens as Universal champion to be absolutely ridiculous and he needed to drop that belt months ago (and is more than likely to lose it to Goldberg pretty soon) but the tandem of Jericho and Owens as BFFs is pure gold and I really need to see them get a nice run as a full-time tag team. The feud between them and The New Day alone would be all sorts of fun especially if it were over the tag team belts.



I miss the old days of pro wrestling TV where top stars would have squash matches against woefully overmatched preliminary wrestlers. You got to see the stars do all of their moves and look super strong which was cool. But even better you got to know specific jobbers who became just as much a part of ones wrestling viewing as the big stars were. Guys like The Mulkey Brothers, Steve O, Barry Horowitz and S.D. Jones were all welcome sights on my TV screen every week. So I give major kudos to Braun Strowman for not only having a squash match but for doing it against 4 inept jobbers. Braun is for the people.

Samoan on Samoan Violence


This Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns match was a hard-hitting, physical brawl that I really enjoyed. Both men put in work and it was amazing to see that Joe’s heelish antics were actually getting Roman some pretty loud and consistent cheers (at least until Roman did his version of the “Hulk Up”). Be nice to see how a long-term program between these two would go.

Those “Thank You Strowman” chants after the match when Strowman was beating up Roman were weak though. At some point the neckbeards are going to have get over their Roman hate. Reigns doesn’t write this stuff, he just does what he’s told. It isn’t his fault Vince McMahon is hellbent on making Roman Reigns into the new John Cena. Its not like Reigns doesn’t work his ass off every time he goes out there.


I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins


So Samoa Joe comes out to start Raw (and sign his new contract) in his Sears “Husky Boy” suit and trying to make the “Destroyer” nickname happen for him since WWE couldn’t make it stick as HHH’s new nickname over Royal Rumble weekend. Joe gave a pretty intense and convincing promo as to just how big a bad ass he is. And his confrontation with Roman Reigns was OK. The problem was that the entire thing was staged and forced by having Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon out there and having Mick book a match between Reigns and Joe. Aside from rushing a Reigns/Joe match, the whole Authority Figure thing is old and tired and no show makes that more evident than Raw does by having two people who suck all the energy out of every second they are on TV like Mick and Steph. What should have been an intense face-off between the new bad guy on Raw and Vince’s de facto sheriff instead came off flat.

Are Not Entertained?


Akira Tozawa is a favorite of mine. He wrestles in the Japanese Strong Style, his kicks are hellaciously stiff, he is intense as hell and (to their credit) WWE put together a nice intro video for him featuring clips of his awesome wrestling style as well as Cesaro hyping him up. And yet he still ended up wrestling his heart out in a Cruiserweight match in front of a mildly interested Raw crowd who has proven that they don’t really give a damn about cruiserweights. The amount of loud grunts Tozawa had to keep doing to try and get this dead ass crowd to wake up was kind of a bummer.


Then you had that dismal parade of Vanilla Midgets come out to challenge Neville in anticipation of their 5 Man elimination match to decide the #1 contender to Neville’s belt. And it was painful because aside form Jack Galagher none of these guys has any comfort on a microphone. And I don’t even know what that garbled nonsense was that Noam Dar was talking about. Even when they all went into flippity floppity mode it felt so lame.

Maybe the Cruiserwight Division would work better on Smackdown where there is less star power and maybe more chances for these guys to get over since they wouldn’t be seen as an unwanted add-on that is keeping fans from lustily booing the hell out of Roman Reigns. Because fans should have been going nuts for Tozawa not being as interested in him as they are for Jinder Mahal vs Big Cass match.

Bathroom Break


The Raw tag team picture is, for lack of a better term, boring as hell. Cesaro & Sheamus seemed like a good idea when it first started but they are just not doing it for me at all. Anderson & Gallows have been mediocrity personified since the day they first showed up in WWE and now adding the awfulness of Enzo & Cass to the mix just makes it official that I won’t be giving a rat’s ass about those tag titles for quite a while.

I’m Sick Of Waiting


I am calling it right now…the reveal of Emmalina (after what has seemed like eons) is going to be one of the lamest reveals in WWE history. I’m talking Mae Young giving birth to a hand levels of lame. I’m talking Hornswoggle as Vince McMahon’s long lost son levels of lame. I am talking the debut of the Gobbledy Gooker levels of lame.


Y’know There Is Black History In Wrestling


So WWE celebrates Black History Month by honoring Jackie Robinson? Robinson is an important figure in American history but this is a wrestling show after all. Why focus on a baseball player? Instead howzabout featuring some of the black wrestlers from yesteryear that don’t get nearly the props they deserve? A little starfucking would help WWE stop looking so desperate for mainstream attention. School these whippersnappers on rasslin’ history like Bobo Brazil…the actual first black world champ (even though the NWA’s racist ass retroactively invalidated the win) or Big Cat Ernie Ladd.

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