Kong Skull Island Movie Review

Written by: Brandon B

The first 20 minutes or so is all build up but once the action kicks in it’s pretty fast paced for the rest of the film. That being said there’s definitely some good moments of suspense in between the actions scenes as the discover new parts and creatures on the island. I really like Roberts’s style but it’s a lot different from Gareth Edwards. Roberts style in this film is more blunt and in your face. He doesn’t hide things using shadows like Edwards did in Godzilla, he prefers to unexpectedly thrust you into the middle of actions scenes, which I like and works well for this film

There’s a lot of characters in the film, about 20 or so, so its hard to give adequate time to each one. Each of the main characters has at least one moment where you learn a little about their past (and there’s a few subtle details if you pay attention) but character development is not a huge part of this film. Not that it’s really necessary here with though. John C Reilly is probably the one who has the most backstory.

Skull Island is a more straight forward creature feature. Tons of action, bullets, and monsters fighting. Also a lot less character development than Jackson’s film. Depends on what your into genre wise I guess.

Kong is pretty well fleshed out but not as much as in Peter Jackson’s film because Skull Island is an hour shorter. But he has a lot of screen time in this

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