SMACKDOWN LIVE 2/1/17 – Good, Bad & Ugly Recap

Written by: Derek 

Now see Smackdown realized how you are supposed to end the go home show before a Royal Rumble PPV…instead of We are on the Road to Wrestlemania, folks! And now that John Cena is once again the “Face That Runs The Place”, things are heating up on the blue show.


The New Millennium Hillbilly Jim

When given the opportunity to show his skills, Luke Harper has shown out and proven that he deserves a push of some kind. So hopefully Harper is allowed to make a run at maybe the Intercontinental Title at some point whether he is still affiliated with Bray Wyatt or not. I personally would rather see a full blown Harper vs Orton/Wyatt feud than be forced to sit through Randy Orton as world champ again. Plus Harper is more than good enough to be a credible singles wrestler that would give Smackdown the much needed depth it is lacking.

I Have Come Around On Chinless


Just as recently as last week I was calling for James Ellsworth’s chinless ass to be wished the best on his next endeavor but my opinion has changed. Watching Ellsworth intro Carmella before her match got me to thinking that this weaselly little tortoise would make a great heel manager. I get total Bill Alfonso vibes from Ellsworth and he could really generate a lot of heel heat just by his mere presence alone for some of the almost heatless wrestlers on the Smackdown roster. So Ellsworth has decent potential if the WWE only decides that managers are a thing again.

Its Glow Time


Good to see Naomi be given a shot at the Women’s Title. She has been floating around the women’s division on both shows for years now without ever really being given any consideration for the top spot despite being the best athlete out of all the ladies on the roster. I also think she and Alexa Bliss could have a really good, sustained rivalry with Bliss playing up her snotty mean girl persona and putting down Naomi as being a nobody.

Hopefully this isn’t one of those filler feuds though and the focus doesn’t immediately return to Becky Lynch vs Bliss.

Miz Has IT

Miz on commentary during the AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose match was solid gold and put the entire 4 man crew that Smackdown has to shame. Then when Baron Corbin came out to sit at the announce booth, Miz completely owned him verbally too. The guy is just a star and really is positioning himself to be the world champ again because he has the total package as far as what a top wrestler needs to be.


Nobody Was Asking For This

Showing yet again that the WWE has gotten very reluctant to allow new stars to shine in the biggest spotlight, the powers that be decided Randy Orton would win the Royal Rumble and get the opportunity to wrestle for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. So what that means is that we get the 700th match between Orton and John Cena instead of Cena against someone new and different. Way to innovate.

I will also never stop harping on the fact that Randy Orton’s coming under the sway of Bray Wyatt has resulted in no visible change in Orton at all is the height of lazy storytelling.

Why Won’t WWE Let Dolph Ziggler Be Great


Dolph Ziggler’s heel turn continues to be lame as hell. He is on his second week of matches against Kallisto (why isn’t Kallisto in the Cruiserweight division where he belongs) for some reason and the brain trust behind Smackdown have saddled him in a feud with the personality deficient block of granite known as Apollo Crews.

At this point they need to either drop the whole heel thing for Ziggler and let him be a face or they need to bring over a face wrestler (with a pulse) from either Raw or NXT that Ziggler can have a decent feud with.

The Steiner Cousins And The Sad State of The Tag Team Division


American Alpha have been tag champs for a while now and I honestly can say I haven’t given a damn about them at all. Just throwing two guys out there who can wrestle isn’t good enough. The guys need to have some kind of personality so I am happy to see some attempts being made to show that Alpha are more than just good workers. It also helps that The Usos are back because they are the best and only option to help Alpha get over since The Usos have really come into their own as thugged out heels. I could live without all of those other mediocre ass tag teams clogging up the works though. Just a dedicated Usos vs American Alpha feud is cool enough.

But every other tag team that came down to the ring was just total ass. The Ascension shouldn’t even be employed in WWE. The Vaudevillains should be the designated prelim bum tag team that everyone else beats up. Breezango should be just a comedy tag team that no one takes seriously. And I really did forget that Slater and Rhyno worked in WWE let alone were still a tag team.

Baron Corbin Wears Jeggings

Yeah, that is pretty much it…the monster heel of Smackdown had the temerity to come strolling out on live TV in a pair of gotdam jeggings like he was a New Jersey Real Housewife on her way to the tanning booth. This cannot be unseen and Corbin’s tough guy score has dropped to damn near zero.


Do You Know Who Still Sucks? Dean Ambrose

Yeah, Ambrose continues to spread his special brand of suckiness all over Smackdown. he sucks so much he almost made AJ Styles have a bad match except AJ is so great that he can overcome even the massive awfulness of Bum Ass Dean Ambrose™.

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