Here is a good way to promote your music: A PR Campaign

Written by: D.A. the Adovcate

So you’re a struggling artist, trying to figure out the best way to make it big in the music game in 2017. Do you take your money and spend it on big time studios? Maybe get a top notch DJ to host your next mixtape? Get a beat from DJ Mustard? Or maybe a feature from an A list rapper…
While all of these can get your one song or mixtape that temporary exposure you want, it’s not a sustainable plan. You will end up spending thousands of dollars to prop up a song or tape that will be pushed to the back the very next week. Yes a DJ Drama mixtape sounds like the answer to all your problems. But in a few days, established artists with a machine behind them, will have pushed your project off most mixtape sites first pages. You can keep pushing that song you have with Jadakiss, but he’s not going to be there when you need to perform it. How will you promote yourself while not being able to perform the one song you are known for?

The best plan for new artists, looking to get a buzz, is to invest in the same things that platinum artists and billion dollar record companies invest in… PR companies. You may think you are not ready for this yet, but be assured, a good PR company will do exactly what the name says. Promote you (and your brand) to every one of their connections and establish you as someone to know. The job of a PR company is to get your name, and product, promoted to the world. They will take a mixtape with no big names, and send it off to their list of industry contacts. They will get you placements in prominent radio stations, blogs and websites. They will get you interviews in magazines, television and internet sites. They will get your music reviewed by reputable critics. They will make sure that you are promoted to the public in a much better fashion than you could do on your own. For a fee of course.
And that is where you should be spending your time and research. Instead of paying to perform in some artist showcase, being 1 of 30 artists to perform that night, for a crowd of other artists, spend that money on a PR company. Instead of paying thousands to open for a big star, performing at 8pm, when they don’t come on until 12:30am, spend that money on a PR company. Take that money and spend it with a good PR company. Make sure you do your research on the topic. You do not want to spend money and find out you have wasted your hard earned cash with some guy with 20k fake followers on Twitter. Utilize the web, other major artists, and people you want to follow and check and see who they use. This can all be found with a simple Google search. Then find a budget that is good for you and go from there.

You will quickly find that, this is a much better method to reaching people, than the old school methods that have been passed by. But you have to make sure the music and your output, match up. Continue to make great music. You don’t want the music that is being spread to be trash that people stop listening to after 30 seconds. Continue your social media presence. Don’t rely solely on your PR firm. Engage your fans, post up hourly, shoot live blogs, film music videos and promote them youself. Having a PR firm is the pretty house that you see in Beverly Hills. But it wouldn’t stand for a day without being built on a solid foundation. Your product will be seen and heard by everyone. Make sure that it is of top notch quality and that you are personally speaking well of it, to the world.

Once you see your presence growing, take that press and use it to your advantage. Posting your new articles and reviews and interviews. Taking those new numbers and press to the local clubs and promoters and gaining free slots on shows. Maybe even taking it a step farther and get paid to perform. All in hopes that you can visit a label with actual numbers and facts about how big you are becoming in your market. Instead of them seeing right through your numbers that are standing on the back of others names.

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