WWE Raw 1/16/2017 Good, Bad, Ugly Recap

Written by: Derek
Another Monday Night Raw has passed and like most weeks there is some good, some bad and man oh man is there some ugly. And with this being a Raw that aired on MLK Day the ugly was more bothersome to me than usual. But that doesn’t mean things were all bad. This show had some highlights that really worked so click onward and see what was what for this week’s 3 hour marathon of grown men rolling around on top of one another in their underpants.

Took a left turn into Suplex City

Brock Lesnar is back! And the WWE Creative team realized that Brock needed to look as strong as possible going into the Royal Rumble since the last time Brock was on a big stage he got beat in record time by Bill Goldberg. So having Brock clear the ring of all the wrestlers who were out there already jawing with one another about the Rumble was smart.
And teasing a Brock vs Braun Strowman encounter at The Royal Rumble is a great way to get fan excitement up because Brock vs Braun is the only real challenge left for Brock in the company unless they want to run back Lesnar/Goldberg and who really thinks Goldberg is going to agree to take the pin?
Dodged that bullet

Thank Jebus for Neville and them big ass ears of his for flying down to the ring and sparing the world from having to watch a Rich Swann vs Tony Nese Cruiserweight title match.
Crazy like A. Fox

I love Crazy Alicia Fox with her cheap Korean corner store weave and bipolar baby momma antics. She is the only thing that could get me to watch this Cedric Alexander vs Brian Kendrick match since the Cruiserweight division was completely mismanaged 5 minutes after that awesome CW tournament ended.
Honestly, Fox is being wasted on this Cruiserweight stuff. She should be involved in a storyline with regular wrestlers because there are a grip of dudes on the Raw roster who desperately need something to make them interesting.
Big mama, no drama

I am a sucker for a monster heel so I love every inch of Nia Jax’s Rubenesque frame especially when she is showing up during off hours to beat down Sasha Banks while Banks is doing rehab on her already injured knee. And the fact that she seems to only wear her wrestling gear 24/7 just makes me like her even more. That chick is dedicated to her cause.
R.I.P., bruddah

The WWE did a nice little tribute to Jimmy Snuka that almost brought a tear to my eye. Snuka was a favorite of mine as a kid and I’ll always remember how geeked I would get when he went to the top rope.
It’s true…it’s damn true

Kurt Angle is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame which I guess is nice but unless it also comes with WWE allowing Kurt to have a series of farewell matches before he hangs up the boots for good then it will be a disappointment. Especially when Angle has made it known that he wants to wrestle AJ Styles again (but for the first time in a WWE ring) before calling it a career. As anyone who saw their matches in TNA knows, Kurt and AJ in the ring together make magic.



Why are Enzo & Cass feuding with Rusev & Jobber Mahal? Why is Rusev slumming it by teaming with Jobber Mahal? Nothing about this feud works. Maybe a one-on-one feud between Cass and Rusev could be interesting but as it stands this whole thing is a mess and poor Rusev deserves better.
Bizarro World version of the Dusty Finish

The definition of the “Dusty Finish” named after the legendary Dusty Rhodes is:
A specific ending to a wrestling match in which one wrestler appears to have scored a win only to have the decision reversed, often on some small technicality.
So having a “Dusty Finish” in the world tag team title match between champions Sheamus & Cesaro vs The Club seemed odd because that type of finish is usually reserved for screwing over the good guy in his or her pursuit of the championship held by a bad guy. Sheamus getting him and Cesaro disqualified by punching the original referee while The Club scores a clean pinfall win counted by a second ref is just stupid. The villains are not supposed to be the wronged party in these situations.
Shuffle and Repeat

There has been some variation of Jericho/Owens/Reigns/Rollins in the Raw main event every week for the last 200 years so yet another go round with those guys was not the business.
Drop the mic, please

Charlotte “Chuck” Flair with a microphone in her hand is an entertainment black hole. Add Bayley’s marble mouth ass to the mix and this segment was just wretched. Building up the Women’s division is cool and all but if these ladies can’t talk they aren’t being done any favors by being tossed out on live TV for 10 minutes stretches like what they did to them on this Raw.
I am curious as to just how Bayley’s dad was able to buy her tickets to WWE shows when she was kid despite him not having any money to pay for the tickets. Was her pops going out and jacking people for their wrestling show tickets? That is a wonderful example of a Hood Father’s Love, man.


Stop all the tap dancing, people

With it being MLK Day it was not lost on me that there is not one black man on the Raw roster who is not a smiley, goofy tap dancing clown. The New Day has been corny for 98% of their existence and the nonsense they do is beyond tired.
Rich Swann is a combo of every cringe-worthy black wrestler from the 1980s.
Titus is being forced to play the oversized moron role solely for making the mistake of touching Vince McMahon’s arm at the wrong time.
Cedric Alexander is the sole exception and that is only because the guy has zero personality at the moment which means in 6 months he’ll probably be a shucking and jiving mess too.
I am all for smiley/happy comedy wrestlers but is it too much to ask for some diversity of representation when it comes to the black men being employed by this company?


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