FTESWL Season 2 Episode 46: Blue Collar Hustle

Blue Collar Hustle Producer Ziggiy and a writer for FTESWL comes on the podcast to talk about his web series Blue Collar Hustle coming out in the winter. Ziggiy gives us his thought process of why he decided to create the show and how he feels it can inspire the African American community. Ziggiy also explains how the title Blue Collar Hustle came about.

You can also check out the website, where the director also is hosting all Blue Collar Hustle related updates as well. 


They have an official Facebook fan page, an official twitter is @blue_hustle and an official Instagram blue_collar_hustle . 

Author: FTESWL

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  1. This interview was amazing!!!! I believed in ziggiy since the first time we met. I can’t wait to see Blue Collar Hustle with the rest of the crew. Ziggiy you deserve all the success you are about to receive. Quan Banneker out!!!! ✌

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