Sausage Party Review

Written by: Kosher

Grab on to your seats!

Sausage Party the movie is definitely Seth “Roganesque”. The first ever CGI rated r movie in America is rated r for a reason. Whether it is the lewd humor, the homoerotic food scenes, or the obscenity of it all, it definitely delivers with the title of the movie. It is not a movie to take your kids to-don’t even think about it! There were kids at the premiere, and I am sure they were scarred for life now because of it.

The movie is about a sausage and a bun who can not wait to meet each other in the great beyond and become a hot dog. Of course, there are many jokes involving intercourse surrounding them meeting each other, and they play onto that very well. To get to the great beyond, which is outside of the supermarket, you have to be chosen by the gods, who are the humans in the store. All the foods in the store relish this idea and even sing about it hoping to get chosen, except for a small few. These small few are called the non perishables, and they know the truth. The humans are not gods, and there is no great beyond for any of the foods, just death and destruction. Sausage ends up finding the truth about what is really outside the supermarket doors and tries to warn all the other foods. Of course, none of them believe him until other types of foods come back from the great beyond to co sign what sausage is saying.

The movie to me definitely plays on the audience watching it and can easily offend you if you are not amused by the humor. I wanted to walk out several times, especially towards the end, but I stayed because I really wanted to see how far down the rabbit hole this movie would go. Many people that I know want to watch this movie, so I am curious to know the numbers it is going to generate. The more I talk to people about it, the more they seem to understand and they tell me they are expecting it to be extremely raunchy and funny. They do not even heed my warning-they are welcoming it. The movie touches on several topics, gays, racism, religion etc. The movie will not disappoint if you are a Seth Rogan fan, and I guess at the end of the day, what should I expect from a movie called “Sausage Party”? It had the warning signs right in front of me. It delivers and maybe over delivers to an extent. 

Rating 4/5 not because I like the movie. I just totally understand the concept and so will you.

I was watching the movie while having these facial expressions.

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